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50. ప్రేమ (Prema)


The inseparable feeling of oneness between the Guru and the disciple is a pillar of spirituality. Here, the lessons can be harsh as in the case of Laila Majnu.

If there is forgivness in daya, in prema there is attachment, love. The inseparable relationship between the guru and the disciple gets established. The attitude of love need not necessarily mean no difficulty for the disciple. The lessons can be harsh also, but still the love is there.

God is ugly, he beats you again and again. He is never kind, inspite of it we love God. That is the same position of Laila - Majnu. Laila was an ugly woman. Inspite of that, this man goes on liking that girl. She goes on beating him, whenever he goes there. He come back feeling happy for the fact that she has beaten him, what more does he want? That is he revels in punishment also. That is the real story. This is not what they showed in movies.

This is the sufi story, that is the real love. Love for God is not when he gives a laddu. When he throws stones at me, I should love him. Repression, ridicule will all come, then respect will come. The concept of respect is not there in case of Laila Majnu story. It is always a question of defeat, disgrace, and defamation. These are Laila's gifts to Majnu. Inspite of it, he was always loving her, that is what real love means. Real love is one which doesn't expect any reward from the other side. It is not like I give a gift to you and you give a gift back. Or that you have given half of the gift back as we do when we go to the temple expecting half the coconut back. It is neither bhakti nor prema. It is complete selfishness