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53. నిష్ఠ (Nishta)


If the stage of nirmohamu or non-lust or non covetousness, non attachment does not develop, the seeker has to strengthen his sadhana by being more assiduous called by the name nishta. There is no alternative and Hanuman is a state where the person has got all the qualities of pure mind, kindness, love and also discipline. Nishta is a discipline, a total control on all the sense organs.

Nishta is spiritual discipline. An ex. of Nishta is Garuda who keeps waiting for Lord Vishnu. Nishta means that he will not think about any other person, except that for one. Clarity of goal, practicing only one thing are the qualities of a person having Nishta. A person having Nishta will be non-deviated. Spiritual discipline is what is taught in here.

The story of Sabari depicts the quality of Nishta. She waits for Rama for ages. She doesn't look for anybody else except him. All the time she will be waiting for Rama, for ages, in that direction. Somebody has told her he will be coming from that direction. Without any concern for food or shelter, she will be waiting.

Another less known story, but may be more applicable, but difficult in explaining. Urmila, the wife of Lakshmana, follows Lakshmana through out. She is supposedly laying down, somewhere sleeping in Ayodhya but her astral body travels along with Lakshman through out. She is a yogi of one of the highest types. She was attending to him with Nishta all the time because Lakshmana does not sleep. The sleep of Urmila is known to everyone, but the second part of that is she follows him astrally through out is not well known.