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55. చంచలత్వమ (Chanchalatvamu)


The chanchalatvamu talked about here is not the initial state of disturbed state of mind (kshipta). If the lessons are however not learnt, the mind gets disturbed. If there is any deficiency in the development of nirmoha and not accepting everything as a Divine gift then this problem becomes acute. The nirmalachittamu that is had earlier is also lost and one wanders to many temples, churches, mosques, synagogues and other places of worship. Firming up has not yet taken place.

The person has a viskhipta state of mind, but this not the state of kshipta. It is fickle. Many people suffer from this. Someone might come and say that 'if you visit that Hanuman temple, you will get some advantage', he will go to the temple. If another comes and asks him to go to a Hyagriva temple, he will go to that temple. He will be roaming around, also called chanchalatvam but he is sticking on to one thing. He wants to know about the super natural power, he has that determination. It is not kshipta, definitely he has got a goal in his head, not in the path. So, it's a stage of vikshipta, seeking alternatives and not yet firmed up. So this becomes a possibility

Actually Hanuman is a state where he was fixed but he was not prepared to accept anybody other than Lord Rama. Even if Lord Krishna comes he will not pay his respects. He will say it is of no concern to him. That is a defect at the state of Hanuman because he is not capable of seeing the Lord everywhere, in all forms. He wants a particular form to be there and particular name to be there. However highly evolved a soul he is, this is one problem that he has got. This is no statement against him, even here we have got many people attached to Babuji. They are not prepared to accept anything else, they will not accept.

I would not call it a blemish. That person is having that particular idiosyncrasy. It is an idiosyncrasy, we cannot say anything about it, we have to just keep quiet. Will it be something preventing him from having mukti? that person should decide by the time of going out.

Now, when we do meditation, several thoughts are there. We clear them off, we get into a state of tranquility which means that the dark clouds that were there on the horizon got cleared and there is clear sky during meditation but during the day again all the clouds come back. So, even though we have come to a stabilized state we have fickleness. Majority of sadhakas have got this problem. During meditation, they have got the highest states of purity of mind but when it comes to day to day, they get into a mess. They are not able to translate that experience into an active day to day. So, recurrent attempts of cleaning go on.

We have nirmalachittmanu to some extent. We know in our meditations that divinity is there, but we wander. So even though we have deep meditations, the thoughts arise as to go to some temple or other. It is not the initial state of disturbed state of mind kshipta but this is chanchala.

The picture in the game of life does not show any of the conditions sought to be expressed here but it is chosen to show the similarity of the Indian woman who changes her choice of the saree in a cloth shop putting the salesman and others into almost a state of despair