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56. ఆడంబరము (Aadambaramu)


Trying to present oneself as somebody before others and misguide them though unintentionally. The goal itself is forgotten and attention to oneself and one's capacity is sought to be projected as a magnificent achievement. One develops the quality of self-love or self-adoration.

Ostentatious people who would like to show what all that they have got. The chanchalatva that was developed earlier because of lack of goal clarity, continues due to the quality of ostentatiousness.

We are entering the second half of 3rd knot. The aadambaramu that we are talking about here is ostentatiousness. Why does aadambaramu come here in the 3rd knot? It is because this is stage where people tend to become gurus. The person coming to the 3rd knot has to have some viveka, vairagya and has to have developed some bhakti. Once these develop, he starts thinking that he is a guru. He can now talk anything, he puts on the robes and the others also promote that. They keep a throne and place him on it. The ostentatiousness we are talking about here, is not the ostentatiousness of a lay person.

Aadambaramu means a show off. Some sort of a person who displays tricks like a magician. A classic example is like this. When we mix camphor, vaama crystals and nimma crystals together it becomes a liquid immediately. Since we have a head, we have a headache. Now, a person gets these these and it becomes a liquid. The surrounding people applaud saying it is a miracle. If we get the same ingredients, we will also get the same liquid, it is the quality of the chemical. When asked at the ayurveda store, they say it is a standard medicine that is given to everyone. So such people display tricks. So, he was able to show off something, which you do not know. Trying to show yourself off before somebody else.

This problem is more so in spirituality. There will be an abhyasi who would have joined recently. He is impressed upon by saying that it is not easy, it is very difficult etc. Don't go to Narayana, he might scold you or beat you. He will show off as if he is nearer to me. This is the drama that is most common in spiritual life. This can be seen everywhere, they make a guru of anybody. This come there, when you know some knowledge about the guide. The other person is exploited taking advantage of his ignorance and is cheated.

It is the same even in temples. Suppose we go to a Tirupati temple, the person starts thinking that he will get the darshan, that he knows everybody, and puts on a big show. Even if someone comes and says that he went directly, we will say that this person will show it better. This is aadambaramu What is the example you will give?

అల్పుడెపుడు పల్కు ఆడంబరముగాను

సజ్జనుండు పల్కు చల్లగాను

కంచు మ్రోగునట్టు కనకంబు మ్రోగునా

విశ్వదాభిరామ వినురవేమ!

Gold will not make noise. Bronze will make noise, bronze will appear like gold.

Perhaps, boastful is a better word than ostentatiousness. Trying to display something, however little it is, as if it is very big. That is what a show off is, trying to project oneself as a big thing to be recognized, where as in fact it would have been a small thing. The Goal itself gets forgotten and attention to oneself and his capacity is sought to be projected as magnificent achievement.