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57. విక్షిప్త (Vikshipta)


A state of mind where we get numerous ideas, apparently similar to the goal and many a times the mind gets into a state of enjoying the apparent alternatives.

This itself is sufficient reason for many of us to enjoy that condition. We don't complain. We would have seen in our cases, on a particular day we would have got various thoughts, upon enquiring we would have said that everything was good. It is because we have enjoyed the alternatives. So a sort of samprajnata samadhi state also is possible here. A type of samprajnata samadhi also is possible here. Prajna is there, your mind is settled, enjoying the alternatives. I think this is one of the problems with which the computer fellows get into troubles. They keep asking if it should be done like this, or like that etc. They tell you so many alternatives, enjoying that thing.

The same thing you will find in a saree store also. They will be showing umpteen number of sarees. They ask us to look at the one on the top, then the one on the bottom. We are very happy to show us the alternatives. We don't come to a decision. Vikshipta is a peculiar state of mind and you enjoy it also. Do not accept the philosopher's interpretation that vikshipta state of mind is not right because you are enjoying. The reason why you go to exhibitions is only that, you are enjoying it. We don't think alternatives are enjoyable, alternatives are also enjoyable.

In kshipta state of mind, there is a lot of confusion where as in the vikshipta state of mind there is enjoyment. One would say that yesterday's discourse by such and such person was excellent and today's discourse by another person was even better. He would have enjoyed both. Do not think that vikshipta state of mind is something to be condemned. It is there, it is very much enjoyable. They are not good for the goal. From the point of view of achievement of goal, they are not correct. We must not say that vikshipta state of mind is bad. That is the reason why people read different philosophies. As a matter of fact, everyone of us has got this. We read various literatures because mind is still in a vikshipta state and we are enjoying that. So, to say that one should not have vikshipta state of mind, means you are not going to do any vichara at all. If we do not get the condition of vikshipta then vichaaranugata samprajnata samadhi will not come. Meaning that we are examining the alternatives and the mind is settled on that. I know what is my goal, I know what are the alternatives, and I am examining them very safely. It is one of the most common states of mind we have got.

The idea of vikshipta is that when a person's mind, after reaching a stage starts evaluating different paths and is fluctuating. It is daily situation, not only a religious one. For example, in day-to-day life also, you have offer of an employment, then what is your state of mind? Should I remain in the existing job, should I take the new one, if I go there what will be the benefit, should I go to another one, should I start my own, these will be running around. This is the vikshipta state of mind. Thinking about alternatives is vikshipta state of mind. The person has not yet come to a steady mind. He comes from a kshipta state of mind to a vikshipta state of mind. He hasn't yet got ekagravritti. Typically, always you should think about cockroach. If you apply DDT on it, it will lie still. That is the moodha state of mind, it won't move. If you still rub or brush it, it will go a little further and remain still. That is a kshipta state of mind. If you apply more, it will look for ways to escape, that is vikshipta . Finally, it finds a route and through that it walks out, that is ekagravritti. Applying it to yourself, it is the same thing.