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4. చేప (Chepa)


This stage characterises slippery nature. A person who is not able to defend his acquisitions (lapses) will slip out of the situation like a fish.

This person will give excuses for all his lapses. He keeps escaping like a fish. If you ask, why you earned this much money, he will be beating around the bush instead of giving a straight answer. What is our subject? It is materiality vs. spirituality. When it comes to materiality only, acquisition comes. By lapses alone, he collects money. Unless he would have done something not correct, he would not have acquired. For a person who is earning a normal salary where is the question of acquisition? Such person will have acquisition of debt only.

A person who acquires, when we ask as to how he acquired, he gives some reasons. My father-in-law gave it. If you ask someone, he slips like a fish. He will give excuses to slip away from the question. That is the day-to-day parlance. Giving all sorts of excuses for our acquistion and escaping, that is our thought. That is a state of mind.

Which animal has such a tendency to escape? It is there in the fish. Actually, it is survival instinct there. It is not saving something and then wants to go away with what it has saved. It wants to live. So the subject is not tallying a little.

It is slippery nature, trying to avoid and escape. If one is going to wrestling, he would apply castor oil all over his body. We can't catch him. There are such jokes. We can't hold him. Even if Income tax department fellow comes also, he can't get him.