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60. గురుమత (Gurumata)


The method naturally leads to the master in the path and one follows sincerely the master's commandments.

Gurumata means the person adheres to the Guru. (ref. Basic writings of SriRamchandra - Reality at Dawn - Self Surrender)

Babuji Maharaj's acceptance of a person is because you have come through an order. He is the final person through whom all of you are to get oriented but actual situations are different. Majority of the people who are coming to the institute are people who have never seen him and we are also moving on in the institute to a stage of removing the pictures of Babuji Maharaj also. Slowly we are moving towards that and still there are so many people who are prepared to accept Him. You accept the person, the personality, and not the physical person.

Manmata means ourself, going by one's own will is manmata. Gurumata is going by master's will. The chapter on self surrender in Reality at Dawn of Basic Writings of SriRamchandra deals with this subject.

Gurumata is unflinching acceptance of the master ex. Ekalavya - when asked to cut his thumb and give, he gave it. That incident of just accepting what the master says is what is relevant in that story of Ekalavya. Such a person is one who is in gurumata. It is simple obedience of the master, implicit obedience, without going into alternatives.