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68. భగవద్వ్యామోహము (Bhagavadvyamohamu)


It is a state of attachment to the person who is in the same path. The typical case is that of Vipranarayana. Here attachment to a co-traveler takes over and the company of the co-travelers is cherished more than the company of God and the goal is forgotten. While the attachment to the person (guru) in the path is bound to be there but to get into infatuation is wrong. Nobody can take the place of God. This generally happens in spiritual life where the trainer or guru or a person who is guiding becomes an alternative to God Himself.

Parabhakti is capable of making you again stuck up there. You feel very happy and we will not go beyond that. Without gurukrupa the chances are that the aspirant would get into a state of deep absorbency in the bhagavatvyamoha and parabhakti and gets stagnated similar to state of avadhoot hood in the bhakti samrajyam. You will not go beyond that. The journey has to happen between the 3rd and 4th knots. Otherwise you will remain there. You can always be singing 'sangeeta jnanamu bhakti vina sanmargamu.kaladu'. The person will be remaining stagnated in sanmargamu. He will be in avadhoothood, jumping and singing. If there is gurukrupa, you are pushed out.

What is Vyamohamu? We are in the negative quality of the 4th knot. There is something called vyamoha prasavokshadam. The vyamoha in this context is superior at this level. We are using Vyamoha at this level, which actually comes much below, if it has to be considered as some sort of attachment to all sorts of things. Vyamohamu is mohamu but this is a unique situation. It is a unique situation, the attachment is to a person in the path. While the attachment to a person in the path is bound to be there, that being guru, who also calls himself a co-traveller, to get into a state of infatuation with him is wrong. He cannot and should not replace the goal itself

This generally happens in spiritual life, where the person, trainer or guru, or whoever is the person guiding us becomes an alternative to God himself. The attachment goes to very extreme extent and they go to the extent of saying that I do not bother if God is there or not. Sentiments of this type are expressed even by Babuji Maharaj, when he talks about his Guru and Babuji Maharaj adds in his own book, that if He happens to be a person of highest order you are saved otherwise you are doomed and he considers himself lucky in having had a Master like that. We have to see in which context Babuji Maharaj has told what always. That he (Rev. Babuji) has gone beyond his Master, He knows, and I think His Master knows. Still for our sake he has kept an example and said I am still not equal to my Master because that is etiquette. If you read the message of Master from his autobiography on 23rd Sept, 1944, He will be telling the same thing. Lord SriKrishna says it shows your etiquette. Krishna is pleased with the etiquette. It is etiquette, it is not reality. Let us not confuse the issues. A stage comes when we feel infatuated, we feel attached. A stage comes when we will go beyond that, if you can maintain your balance as long as you are in the body, that he is the person. Bhagavyamoha will be there, acharya vyamoha will be there, it is vyamoha. Everyone can fool himself that he had a Master like that. This is possible, not only in our system in any other system for that matter. People tend to worship their Master. Unless the next stage of parabhakti i.e. bhakti towards the Divine develops, it is very difficult to come out of this vyamoha because nychyaanusandaanamu actually accepts some other guru as most important because the feeling there is 'I am very low before my Master'. Then there is possible that you becoming attached to Him to such an extent that you forget the goal itself and that is the stage of vyamoha that you get.

That can be co-traveler actually and if it were to be Vipranarayana, if were to be case of attaching to co-traveler belonging to opposite sex, social criticisms can not be ruled out. You get into that problem. That is incidental to the whole issue. For our issue of spirituality it is incidental but social repercussions are possible, slander is possible.

Dhanurdasa keeps roaming around with a knife saying if he sees someone he will kill him. It is vyamoha only, we cannot say no. He is attached so much to the Ranganadha temple, he thinks if anybody talks against it, he will kill.

Gorakhnath was also attached to a woman, in the path only. She was a righteous woman and the disciple was so much upset that his guru has gotten into troubles. The point here is vyamoha is a possibility that comes. If the question is put whether vyamoha is something that comes at this stage, yes it does as is seen in these cases. The reason is not because of a sensuous attachment to people, including Jayadeva for example, these people have erred from the social point of view, or the fellow Kshetrayya, same story, the story of muvvagopala story. So, a person in the gets attached, for some reason.

We are not reasoning as to why one wanders because that is a possibility. If we ask, is this feeling there, yes it is there. Will the person fall, yes he will unless he develops parabhakti. If we see whether bhakti is there, yes bhakti needs to be there para bhakti needs to be there. Next we come to parama bhakti also. All bhaktis are not the same. The misfortune of English is you do not have different word, for everything it is called devotion. So when you read Masters you get into troubles because they use the word devotion. What exactly they are referring to? Because for shraddha also they use the word devotion only.

The co-traveler is accepted as a Divine only. I take you to be Divine only. The other person in the path is the Divine. Why are we all sitting together if we do not accept unity among ourselves? I accept you, you accept me because of Divinity only. Otherwise, why should I accept you? It is not lust, not out of lust. Divine infatuation as contrasted to the infatuation, one of the earliest stages. Take Meera's bhakti to Lord Krishna, is it not vyamoha? Isn't that bhakti that type of vyamoha? Are they singing saying Mohana Krishna? Why do they sing like that? It is vyamoha only. It is bhagavatvyamoha. It cannot be confused with lower thing. Bhakti has the shringara rasa, we cannot deny it. The whole story of Andal, the entire amukta malyada is that, the whole book is shringara rasa only. Krishna Chaitanya consciousness is that, it is Krishna vyamohamu, whole of the cult is based on that. You cannot claim the status of Master to Chaitanya because Babuji accepts him. Babuji has quite a few messages that he has taken from him. He uses the word Gauranga. Chaitanya is what we have added. Sri Krishna Chaitanya is the title given to him, his name is Gauranga only.

It is an emotional state, it is vyamohamu only. There will be either a bhagavatvyamohamu or a streevyamohamu. I think it is a question of you having gone through a state. A feeling that He is very dear to me and he the dearest I have. It does not matter much if you add a he or a she. If you do not know how to adore a woman, you will never know how to adore a God. This is the basis of grihasta life itself. You should be so much attached, there is certain amount of inseparable oneness, it is vyamohamu only. We cannot say that it is not so. That is a state, there is no other word, I am helpless. That is negative, I know but I find it very difficult to come down. Because if I come down, you know it takes over the entire heart. There is no other feeling that comes to you except the Master. Just for a person who loves his wife so much or any other person, he has no other thought expect that, under any circumstance. You go to office, you go to school, you go to college, anywhere, the same thought come. That is vyamohamu, it will not let you work as a matter of fact. You will not do anything else, you will get into a state where you will not do anything else, the effect is only that. You must remember that there is something called bhakti paaravasyam where you become totally besides yourself. That is possible only with vyamoha, nowhere else.

If you have not gone through it, I cannot say anything else, but, as a person who has gone through that stage, definitely I know, you feel like that. All of a sudden, we want to take a train and go, why do we go all the way to Shajahanpur? Tirupati is far off from Shajahanpur, why should you go? If we don't have anything else to do, we just leave everything and go. Why? No other reason, just to be with Him. I am not able to stay here, I must go, what is that state? Vyamoha also can be munimanopravritti. A muni's manopravritti is vyamoha only. If you want to define a muni's manopravritti, a person who thinks about the qualities of that muni as I have described just now, a person who is in ecstasy in bhagavat gunaanubhava is a muni. If that increases, then we get vyamohamu. A person who thinks constantly about his Master or his God, wife, father, whatever it is, what is the manopravritti? Vyamohamu is a manopravritti.

I had an interesting senior colleague, who also was a judge of the tribunal, he came to the office once. He asked ' Narayana, where can I get that divine vada?' He had come to the office the previous day, I had ordered the vada for him. The next day when he came, he asked for the Divine vada. That word(Divine) is much abused. What am I to do about that Divine? Words can be abused. There are many ways of looking at that word Divine, similarly the word vyamohamu. I don't have an objection if you want to call it bhagavatvyaamohamu but will not agree if you say that it is not a vyamohamu. If you have not gone through that stage, ok, let us say that you have not gone through that stage. Very few people get opportunities to love. Majority of people think they love, very few people also know what is love. It is a great madness. If you get into that stage, you cannot come out of it. If you feel it during meditations only that is a one thing. Less fortunate people like me who do not live only at the meditation level, we have gone to Him also. As far as I know, it is a very very emotional state of mind and you can come out of it only by His help, you cannot come out by your own.