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73. నిర్మలీకరణము (Nirmaleekaranamu)


Purification leading to the state of constant remembrance.

The temple tank generally called as Pushkarani, it is believed that the devotee visiting the temple gets purified both in body and mind by taking a bath. The same faith is there in respect of rivers like Ganges.

It is a part of your Sadhana. Taking refuge under a guru if you want to get rid of your arrogance. Then you have to move to purification, where you will be cleaned, which leads you to the state of constant remembrance. Constant remembrance is a state of consciousness, that develops in the 4th knot and if it is helped with a pure mind assisted by the Guru's grace, the person can get into catapulted in to state of Prapanna, which is only the other side of constant remembrance, coupled with the nychyanusandhaana that the person had earlier, the state of surrender gets stabilized