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74. సతతస్మరణ (Satata Smarana)


Constant remembrance is a state of consciousness. The purified mind that is had earlier coupled with Guru's grace, catapults the person to the state of Prapanna which is nothing but the other side of constant remembrance.

Prapannatva is the condition in the 9th knot. Constant remembrance is a very high state, provided you develop that. Constant remembrance would again mean nychyaanusandaanamu, with the parabhakti, with the guru krupa, with the purity of mind. Then you have got the satata smarana.

If we keep saying that we are always repeating the name of the Master, that does not work. That is not what we are talking. Satata smarana would mean that you are not capable of thinking any thing other than the Master himself all the time and you are resigned to his Will. There is no self effort in nychyanusandaanamu. It is a state where there is no question of self effort at all and you feel that you are incapable of doing anything. Perfect state of nychyanusandaanamu is a very high state. If however we miss this, and we move on to a state of uparati, that is fortitude, we are transported to the state of surrender with the help of the Master.

Satata smarana if you can develop earlier you can go up to Prapanna, where as you do not develop Satata smarana there and you think that you are still person to do something, and are prepared to accept everything as fortitude, you have not denied yourself your 'self'. I am prepared to put up with the suffering, where as in the constant remembrance, if it is backed by nychyanusandaanamu, there is no question of self effort. You resign yourself to the will of the God. So one goes from uparati to saranatva. If you miss that also, you get upeksha (endurance).