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76. ఉపేక్ష (Upeksha)


Here one still thinks oneself as a person to do something and is prepared to endure. Development of satata smarana would have given prapanna gati whereas in the absence of it, one is in a state of endurance.

Upeksha is waiting. The person is almost getting neglected. It is almost as if in an interview, a person is waiting, without giving him an interview the person is made to wait. The fellow will be waiting outside.

Upeksha is depicted in the following story - Sage Narada on the way to Vaikunta met two sages. The first one asks Narada to enquire with the Lord how long it takes to get salvation. The second sage also asks for the same. Sage Narada on the way back meets the first sage and tells him that it would take three more lives. The sage gets dejected. Then Narada meets the second sage and tells him that it would take as many lives as the number of leaves on the tamarind tree. On hearing this, the sage becomes ecstatic about the possibility of getting salvation even if it takes thousands of lives exhibiting the quality of forbearance. The Lord appears immediately and grants salvation to the second sage.