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6. స్థిరత్వము (Sthiratvamu)


At this stage the person is stable in all his dealings in spite of the obstacles encountered. The determination learnt earlier in iguana stage coupled with the control of senses acquired at tortoise stage makes the person discriminative to some extent with discipline.

It can also be termed as steadfastness in the purpose.

Dogs might be barking, but the caravan will keep going. How ever much the dogs bark, they won't pay attention. When we do sadhana, we get ridiculed by some who say that "all of a sudden he has become a jnani". We shouldn't worry and move on. This ridicule starts at home. Why do we need steadiness in the path? So we are able to handle the ridicule. If we want to go satsangh in the evening, they will say "It is not as if your god is going to feel sad if you do not go". Our response must be "yes, he will be sad and will cry if I don't go" and leave. Even though a caravan is shown in the picture to depict this in the game of life, by identifying with stability, it basically helps one to come out of ridicule.