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78. ఆత్మనివేదనము (Atmanivedanamu)


It is a state of offering oneself totally to the Divine.

All the prophets have totally offered themselves to the service of the Divine, like Jesus Christ, Prophet Mohammed, acharya Adi Sankara, Bhagavad Ramanuja and Madhvacharya. Their entire being was dedicated to the Divine.

In the life of Rukmini, what we see is she has offered herself entirely to the Lord.

If there is no atmanivedana then surrender is not possible. It is the stage of offering oneself totally to the Divine, total harakiri. You have to kill yourself. You should be in a position to give yourself. As Babuji Maharaj says 'sheesh diye yadi hari mile, to bhi sasta jaan'. That is atmanivedana. If your head is given to get God, it is cheap, the bargain is cheap.

Atmanivedana, you have to offer yourself. Nothing is superior to us except the cause of the Master. Love for God you should have, we should be prepared to kill ourselves. The process of tonsuring the head in Tirupati, is the sublimation process to symbolize this.