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81. వ్యర్థప్రసంగము (Vyarthaprasangamu)


Wasteful, irresponsible, idle and futile talk.

Sisupala the king of Chedi, a cousin of Lord Krishna is known for his loose talk. Rukmi, brother of Rukmini promises to marry Rukmini with Sisupala. Rukmini who is in love with Lord Krishna seeks his help. Lord Krishna marries Rukmini and takes her off. Sisupala waits for an opportunity to take his revenge. When Yudhishtara honours Lord Krishna first after the completion of the Rajasuya Yaga, Sisupala insults Lord Krishna in the assembly. Lord Krishna calmly hears to the outbursts for some time and later kills Sisupala.

Sisupala cannot be categorized as a lower being because he was killed by God. Lord Krishna did not come to kill you or me, by definition he is in the higher plane and he goes to God. He is the third incarnation of Jaya. Vijaya as dantavakra goes earlier. It is waste talk but not idle talk. No one will listen to you. Sisupala is known for his irresponsible talk. Not only when he was killed but also much before, he indulged in wasteful talk. He is a friend of Jarasandha.