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83. శరణాగతి (Saranagati)


The conditions of uparati, upeksha, atmanivedana and stirachittamu, when matured, it transforms itself into the state of saranathvamu or surrender where the individual will is removed and the will of the Master alone functions.

You can see counting from 75, 76, 77, 78, 79, 80, 81, 82, except vyartha prasangamu all are related to the development of saranatva. From the condition where we talk about uparati, accepting things, accept everything as a Divine gift, you have to develop all these concepts to come upto that. They are various intermediary buffers. They are enormous states starting from uparati.

In actual life, you will know what it is. Most of us know in situations where our will seems to be different from what is happening and there is always a conflict, always a fight. There is a lot of friction, for that friction has to go you have to surrender yourselves, submit ourselves. Then you have to develop steady mind in that condition. Then you should know there is no difference between your Will and other person's Will. Then you should have the capacity to excuse the other one. You must get kripanatva, you must get karpanya. Even if someone makes a mistake, forgive them saying it is ok. Then we get nischalatva comes. Then saranatva comes. People who say they have surrendered, only when these are there, comes surrender. Everybody says they have surrendered. Nothing wrong in aspiring but one should know these are the states. Otherwise, you will be indulging in vyarthaprasangam (wasteful talk), talking unnecessarily that you have surrendered to Master. Why this wasteful talk comes is it is a wasted time. You go on telling that you are surrendered to the master, trying to re-assure yourself that you have really surrendered. It is more of re-assurance, wasted time, talking unnecessarily.

The picture in the game of life depicts Vibheeshana seeking refuge with Lord Rama, a well-known example of surrender. The incident goes like this, when Rama and his army are camping on the other side of the sea, Vibheeshana tries to reason with Ravana and urges him to return Sita to Lord Rama. At this suggestion Ravana becomes furious and throws Vibheeshana out of Lanka. Vibheeshana with four of his followers leaves everything (friends, family and property) behind in Lanka and takes refuge in Lord Rama. Lord Rama accepts Vibheeshana and promises his protection. This is the act of surrender of Vibheeshana to Lord Rama.