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85. చామీకరుడు (Chameekarudu)


A person whose mind is sthira chitta (mind is firmly fixed) on the Divine and who is in all respects fit for Divine Work.

A chameekara is one who expresses the Master's glory. The Sun does not express his own glory, it expresses the glory of the Master. It is sharp, straight forward, straight from top to bottom when the rays are perpendicular as against early morning sun. It is a state where greatness of Master is revealed. A good time for meditation, however, not advocated in the system.

Chameekarudu means Sun. Chameekara is when the Sun is in full glory expressing the Master, so it has to be mid noon sun. Morning sun will have Chaaya, as also evening sun. There is no Chaaya in the mid noon sun. Chaaya is the wife of Sun God, always with him. In Chameekara, even she is not there. He is only responsible for God at that time. He is not bothered about anyone else, nobody else will be present there. In the afternoon sun, he is all by himself only in the thought of the divine. What story you will write there? The reason why afternoon is given importance is because Surya is in single point orientation with the Divine at that time. If we meditate at that time on Him, we will also be single pointed towards Divine is what Rev. Babuji Maharaj says. Since it is not possible for people in general, he said that he did not insist.