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87. పాండిత్య ప్రకర్ష (Panditya prakarsha)


Panditya prakarsha is another shade of ego. The panditya here is not concerned with spiritual knowledge but the awareness of the whole thing i.e. He knows enough of the Nature's workshop. The person not only feels that he is a pundit but also expresses for purposes other than that of Divine.

Chaamikara is one who will express for Master's purpose. This person is one who will express his not necessarily for the Master's purpose to show his importance. This is common disease of majority of the people who are in the path of spirituality. When they talk about the Master, you should talk about the Master only. All your knowledge should be utilized only for telling His greatness. There are unfortunately many people who would try to show their knowledge of things, which may not mention that of the Master. i.e. knowledge has not been surrendered to Master. Everything else has been surrendered but not this knowledge. So, a feeling comes here that you may be knowing more than the Master and you will go to the extent of saying that yes, this particular knowledge obviously He can not have it, because he is not a student of medicine, I know more.

That is why I tell people to develop the attitude that the knowledge that we have is gifted by Him, otherwise we will not get yielding. You are competent in the field and admittedly He is not competent in your field, but still you have to got feel that whatever you have got is only because of Him. This becomes possible when you identify your self with him totally and He is yourself. Then there is only oneness, there is no twoness and oneness prevails, only then it is possible. When can you think your knowledge is His? When He is you. Then there is no problem. This is not intellectual, it is a state, one of the highest states of surrender

A gross example of this is Sreenadhudu, the famous telugu poet was going in the palanquin and Pothana was standing near it. Sreenadhudu tries to exhibit his power by holding the palanquin without any support from the bearers to show his vanity and pride.