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94. అనన్య శరణత్వము (Ananya Saranatvamu)


One's faith and loyalty to the path and to the Master develop to such an extent that one does not look any other way. This can go to the extreme extent of deriding other paths or Masters. This state of singular orientation is a must though one must get over it. But the persons who get over this experience know that though the paths are different they all are finally same. This is a kind of bridge that must be used to crossover.

Lord Krishna was angry when Gaya pollutes the sacred water being offered by Lord Krishna to the Sun God. Here, Gaya knowing full well that Arjuna alone can save him from the wrath of Lord Krishna and surrenders to Arjuna. This surrender to one and only one person is the state of ananyasaranatva.

Once we accept a Master, we should have that person only. This is all the problem but it is a stage that we must come to. For ex. If a question arises whether one has to go to Siva's temple or Lord Venkateswara's temple, one will say that he will go only to Venkateswara and will not go to Srirangam. Another says that he will go only to Srirangam and will not go to Tirupati. A person who is attaching to Venkateswara swami will say that Srirangam is a useless god. That is ananyasaranatvam, only one person, that's it. It is necessary and at the same time a blemish. We must know to be submissive to only to our Master. We are not interested in others, it does not mean others are not capable. We will come to know later that it is same there also but before coming to that stage one should definitely be attached to one, ananyasaranatva

Now, we see people going from a Venkateswara's temple to a Padmanabha Swamy's temple to a Rama's temple and the Anjaneya Swamy's temple nearby. Why does one going to Rama's temple go to Hanuman's temple? It is so irresponsible that he is surrendered there and also surrendered here. We have to cross the barrier of indiscriminate attitude and keep ananyasaranatva at the same time we should also note that it is a barrier.

Without going through that bridge of ananyasaranatva you will not progress but that bridge is not the goal. We have to develop ananyasaranatva, only then love for the Master, dedication and the mind get matured. The problems of vaishnavism vs saivisim or saivism vs something else is only due to ananyasaranatva, the reason behind so many sects. It's a must, you have to have one person but they don't know that they can transcend that also.

The bridge becomes the goal, it is a bridge to cross-over. There are several bridges, in the same sense we have to take this. Each person is stuck to his own bridge ex. One to Shiva, another to Subramaniam, yet another to Ganesh, etc. They do not accept that there are other bridges to take you out. You must have only one goal. If you don't then you will be wasting your time. If there is someone who is competent to dig you out of the bridge you should accept it. Generally many religions advocate the philosophy that other than their way, there is no otherway. That is the problem of religion, that is how they got into a mess.