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Wisdom Classification: Mind


Sayings of Pujya Babuji Maharaj:

♦ The mind, which in its primordial state was absolutely pure and regulated has now been spoiled and polluted by our wrong ways and doings. (SDG 19)

♦ Diversion from the path of duty is in fact not due to circumstances or outside engagements, but only to the misdirected activities of the indisciplined mind. (BWS 252)

♦ Heaviness of mind or internal denseness caused by gross forms of worship is a great impediment to our spiritual advancement and should be avoided. (BWS 247)

♦ If somehow we turn its (human mind’s) downward trend towards the Base, it will become quite calm and peaceful. (SDG 13)

♦ If any of you breed the divine thoughts, mind will grasp it and will not eject them because, it is the real nature of mind since it has come from the real Artery. (SDG 32)

♦ Mere consciousness of God cures many of the evils of the mind and removes difficulties from our path. (BWS 252)

♦ If a man wants to work out the problems of his life easily, he should give right suggestions to the mind. (SDG 32)

♦ World peace is closely related with the peace of the individual for which one has to take into account the inner state of one’s mind. (SDG 18)

♦ If man’s mind is brought to the state of peace and order, everything in the outside world will get into order in the same colour. (SDG 18)

♦ The disturbed state of mind is more often due to the tyranny of one’s own heart and to a brooding nature.(SS 177)

♦ Thought when purely Divine, can reach the Source without fail. (SDG 62)

♦ Mind can be known by mind and Divinity can be known by Divinity. (SDG 151)

Inspirational Quotes from Various Sources:

Nature of Mind.
Whatever an enemy might do to an enemy, or a foe to a foe, the ill-directed mind can do to you even worse. Whatever a mother, father or other kinsman might do for you, the well-directed mind can do for you even better.

Nature of Mind of the Perfect
Profound and tranquil, free from complexity,
Uncompounded luminous clarity,
Beyond the mind of conceptual ideas;
This is the depth of the mind of the buddhas.
In this, there is not a thing to be removed,
Nor anything that needs to be added.
It is merely the immaculate,
Looking naturally at itself.

♦ A ruffled mind makes a restless pillow.

- Charlotte Bronte

♦ Mind is like a raft of snakes you cling to on the ocean for fear of drowning and the snakes are biting you.

- Kabir

♦ The mind becomes clear and serene when the qualities of the heart are cultivated: friendliness toward the joyful, compassion toward the suffering, happiness toward the pure, and impartiality toward the impure.

- The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, 1:33

♦ The mind is an object of perception like the eternal world. The Atman, the real seer, remains unknown.

- Pantanjali

♦ Don't think about ideas such as bondage and liberation, simply abandon all craving and through wisdom and dispassion bring about the cessation of the mind. Even if the wish "may I be liberated" arises, the mind will come back to life.

- Maharamayana

♦ You'll never plow a field by turning it over in your mind.

- Irish Proverb