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Wisdom Classification: Nothingness


Sayings of Pujya Babuji Maharaj:

♦ Total vacuum is God alone. When we merge in Divinity, the state of vacuum begins to dissolve itself; it comes to the Nearest. (SDG 67)

♦ 'One is unaware to the extent that he is aware’. (SDG 43)

♦ In fact there can possibly be no hallmark to the advancement of the human soul, because we have finally to enter into Infinity. (SDG 97)

♦ We have to reach a point where consciousness assumes its true form (i.e. what it really ought to be). (BWS 72)

♦ Man ought never be away from his own level; and this level is called ABUDIYAT (The subdued). (SDG 41)

♦ Having attained the state of realisation one develops an unfailing will in the spiritual sphere. (SS 358)

♦ The infallibility of will (special will) is in fact the real interpretation of the characteristic feature of Brahma-gati the state of Brahman. (BWS 341)

Inspirational Quotes from Various Sources:

♦ Whatever is dependently co-arisen
That is explained to be emptiness.
That, being a dependent designation,
Is itself the middle way.
Something that is not dependently arisen
Such a thing does not exist.
Therefore a nonempty thing
Does not exist."

- Nargarjuna

♦ Once we realize universal emptiness, all objects are spontaneously penetrated integrating the world and beyond, and contains all states of being within. If we lose the essence, there is nothing after all; if we however understand and play the function (our?), there is spiritual enlivenment. The genuine path of not minding the thoughts during meditation is not a method for the immature.

- Sri K. C. Narayana