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Pranahuti Aided Meditation - Introduction 


For a modern man, whose endeavours are mostly directed towards gross materialism, ego satisfaction and sense gratification, it becomes all the more difficult to take up a spiritual pursuit aiming at the emancipation of self by resorting to the practice of some methods of the past.

The contemporary man has access to many texts and commentaries on various types of yogic methods like Hatha Yoga, Karma Yoga, Jnana Yoga, Bhakti Yoga and Raja Yoga and inquisitive mind gets attracted to one or the other with the idea of getting benefit from it. Raja Yoga which is in fact a synthesis of Bhakti, Karma and Jnana Yoga is the only effective means of attaining perfection of highest levels.


Raja yoga is the old system of science followed by great rishis or saints to help them in realising the God (Ultimate). Sage Patanjali who is held to be a great authority on the science of yoga has enunciated the principles of this science in the forms of much celebrated aphorisms of Patanjali. The Patanjali Yoga principles contain eight limbs or angas. They are Yama, Niyama, Asana, Pranayama, Pratyahara, Dharana, Dhyana and Samadhi.

So in those days our ancients used to practice the system in that order to attain finally the state of Samadhi. Much effort and time used to be lost in perfecting oneself with the practice of initial steps before one could reach the stage of Dhyana, which could finally lead the aspirant to the state of Samadhi.

In the present age of science and technological excellence and consequent preoccupation of the human mind with the matter and materialism, men in general find it very difficult to practice the age old Astanga Yoga of sage Patanjali to realise the truth. To help the man groping in darkness and lead him to light, a Divine Personality in the form of Samartha Guru Sri Ramchandraji Maharaj of Fathehgarh (U.P.) affectionately known as Lalaji Maharaj descended to earth on the auspicious day of Basant Panchami 4965 saka era or 02-02-1873 A.D.

This great personality (Lalaji Maharaj) revived the ancient method of spiritual training said to have been invented by a rishi, who lived seventy two generations earlier to king Dasaratha. Sri Lalaji Maharaj brought about modifications in the system of Raja Yoga to meet the requirements of current times to enable man, to pursue the path towards the Supreme Reality (God or Ultimate) amidst all the anxieties and tensions of the present day living.

Modified Rajayoga

His most illustrious successor the Supreme Personality, Rev. Sri Ramchandraji Maharaj of Shahjahanpur (U.P.) also known as Babuji Maharaj perfected the method of modified Raja Yoga to help man while leading a grihastha life attain highest degree of spirituality. The reference here to Sri Ramchandraji Maharaj is a matter of minimum etiquette. The modified system of Raja Yoga is known as Sri Ramchandras' Raja yoga.

However the system would be better understood as PAM (Pranahuti Aided Meditation) as the efficacy of the method has no bearing on the faith or otherwise in the Master. Development of faith in the Master is a matter of time as the person practicing the system systematically develops in spiritual life. The system is not a personality cult though we profusely thank Master for having bestowed the system to mankind.

The Principle

According to Pujya Babuji Maharaj, all this world, individual and cosmic arose out of the Original Stir (Kshob) and this is the nature of thought. This subtlest thought as power has become grosser and grosser till it evolved into cosmic world (Brahmanda) and the individuated worlds of beings (Pinda). Thought has thus become gross world of matter. A series of twists and turns or inversions of the original flow have attended this descending process of thought.

These inversions lead to the situation where, that which was lower becomes higher and vice versa. These inversions in turn lead to the formation of knots or grandhis at each one of the stages of decent of Thought. These knots are the various bonds of existence.

The modified Raja Yoga gives us methods by which these knots are transcended enabling the smooth and unchequered flow of the Divine energy (Thought) and meditation is the way. The subtlest conceivable form of Divine is light (without luminosity). Rev. Babuji advises meditation on this Divine Light in the heart. Meditation in this way, leads to the removal of grossness of the individuated thought (Jiva) and slowly leads to its transformation towards subtlety.

This is the yatra or transformation initiated. The yogic power of Pranahuti offered by the Master assists this movement by continuous contact and support. This pranahuti speedens the process of the lower thought slowly shedding its addiction to the pathways of the sensory world and starts moving naturally towards the higher and purer regions of the God.

The System

The system of modified Raja Yoga runs along simplest and most natural lines which are easily adjustable to the ordinary routine of worldly life. It admits none of the methods of rigid austerity, penance or physical mortification undertaken with a view to effect the strangulation of mind or indriyas.

In this system of Raja Yoga the twin features are the aspirant's effort (practice) and Master's support through transmission which accelerates the aspirants progress by removing the complexities and obstructions from the path. Under this process, the Master by the application of His internal powers awakens and accelerates the dormant forces in the aspirant to action and diverts the flow of the Divine Current towards the heart.

In this system a close adherence to Reality is maintained at every step in the process. Sri Babuji Maharaj emphasises the need to have clear idea of the Goal, which is nothing short of Ultimate. So, with the goal as the Ultimate, the mind clearly established, the aspirant is advised to approach the Divine Master with a humble heart, full of love, surrender and devotion and practice the method systematically with dedication.

All the methods and practices in this system are not merely formal and mechanical. They have a definite object (Ultimate), purpose (Realisation) and an end (Mergence with the Ultimate). So this system is simple, efficacious, practical in totality and can be practised by all the willing seekers of Reality even while leading a grihastha way of life.