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What is new

Means – 1. Satsangh, 2. Practice

Worship of the Worthy Master should be done. Association with Reality is called Satsang. Practice is the name of the practice of the means of union.

The definition of a Sat-Guru is that:

(1) he should attach himself to Reality; i.e. he should dwell in the fourth state and in the Jivanmukta condition;

(2) he should have practised yoga (Sabda-Abhyasi) and by means of this practice he should have control over the inner regions of the human brain;

(3) he should have glittering eyes and a broad forehead;

(4) he should have knowledge of devotion, know­ledge and work (Bhakti, Jnana, Karma), and should be able to answer questions but should not bind the tongue of the questioner;

(5) he should concern himself with spiritual things, i.e. he should pay attention towards them. These are all ordinary characteristics. But the real inner qualification is that he should be able to satisfy his disciples by im­parting the Divine grace (transmitting grace) through the awakened inner vision.

Control the mind in the third plane,

Supreme knowledge springs from this yoga;

When this condition is seen in the head

Thousand-petalled lotus will open.

This multiplicity is the (dwelling) place of Virat

The Brahmanda agoing was seen thus;

Attention was caught in the bower of the Lord

Light was seen and Divine sound heard,

Sound of the bell and conch pleasant,

Talks sweet and the sign of light,

Sound was heard and light Divine was seen

Attention was arrested, descended bliss divine,

Mind is engrossed in love supreme

Thrilling delight in holy name.

Dwelt in the Sahasra Lotus for some days

A desire arose for the second stage

Ascended the curved way, ran to Trikuti

And saw the light of Om.

The sacred Om and grace of Master,

Ripples of the mind, these two will conquer;

This is the golden place of Master

A jubilee of words of Satsang inner.

Red sun and the flag of red colour

Sound of Om and tabor to hear.

Fix the glance at one spot

Hear the sound with attention rapt

Keep the body in a steady position

Then alone comes the further vision.

One who perfects meditation at Trikuti

Is called a saint, master of the body;

This is the inner practice, brother,

Here begins the path of Master.

Heading towards the region of Zero,

Inborn duality suits the mind;

Drink the nectar of cool moonlight

One who gets this, is the most fortunate.

Pleasant sound of violin and Sarang

Heard inside and began to swing.

See the form of fixed mind

Dance in the mansion of nothingness.

See and examine your own condition

Have permanent repose in bliss.

Where pitch darkness pervades

Fixed attention can't be recognised;

Trance of nothingness undisturbed

How can its vastness be described?

Top of the Brahmarandhra pleasant

Was attained by the name potent.

Shines there the sun of seven colours

Hear the sweet violin and rejoice.

Bathe in the Manas-lake divine

Know the flight and The way of the Swan.

Washing the dirt and vice of this age

Become pure as the sage.

Separating the milk from water

Become the Swan of the highest order.