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The greatness of sound – sabda mahatya

Sound is the manifestation of consciousness. It is the life of lives, the soul of the souls and the existence of existences. The whole world rests on it. It is the Absolute Base and the Perpetual Foundation of all creation. This alone is the fourth state. Everywhere the vibrant currents of the movement of sound are found present in the form of Divine light. Wherever there is movement, there is the current of sound.

This very sound is spinning in the whorl - cave of the region of the First Maya or Adimaya which is also rotating. It is also Mahakal. The same sound descends below the oval place and becomes supreme Brahman or Parabrahman, Brahman, Pure Brahman (Suddha Brahman), Potent Brahman (Sabal Brah­man), Creator (Ishwara), Supreme creator (Parameshwar), Sesha, Mahesh, Brahma, Vishnu and so on. This is the god and goddess, and in the region of Maya or Mayadesha it is the worms and creatures, earthly ani­mals and birds etc.

Primarily there are three regions or Mandals: -

a) Dayal Region: Where there is this motionless condition, Supreme or the top support.

b) Mahakal Region: In which there is subtleness. Under this there are causal, subtle and gross regions which are called the world of Brahman (Brahmaloka), higher world of Brahman (Parabrahma loka) and so on.

c) Maya Region or Mayadesha: This is the region of grossness, and sound also works in gross form along with Maya.

The ratio and proportional purport of these three can be found to a certain extent in the terminology of Dyau, Antariksha and Patal, but these need elucidation. It is difficult to know them without the Divine Word, truth and Upasana.