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Pujya Dr. K.C. Varadachari Complete Works Vol -1

Discourses on Efficacy of Sri Ramchandra's Rajayoga - Central Region

The progress or travel beyond the Mind Region brings us into the Central Region. Physiologically, it is situated beyond the occipital lobe. Cosmically, it is beyond the Brahmanda including the para-Brahmanda levels. The Brahmanda level reveals, as we pointed out, the power which could help us to overcome not only our internal but also our external conditions. That these two, that is the external and the internal, may be mutually opposed and yet complementary is what is not usually recognized. But it is very important to emphasize that at certain points the two must be recognized to be contradictory, for the external is not merely the extension of the internal or vice versa. On the other hand, one seems to be the inversion of the other though containing all that the other contains.

When one passes beyond the Brahmanda one arrives at a point where one is no longer aware of the fact that he exercises any power, for all resistances seek to have broken down not by force but naturally. Then he is aware of a new kind of calm and plainness and simplicity. The peace of this zone is different from what had been in the other levels. Forceless force works automatically. It is spontaneous and unimpeded and causes no violent experiences. It is colourless and lightless though it must be clear also that one is not in ignorance or in darkness. It is this force that the Master uses for transformation and it is that which soothens the resistances by removing them or rather dissolving them. This is love truly understood.

The Central Region is thus entered into. This region has been a closed book to all the previous seers. It is Shri Ram Chandraji's discovery. The seven worlds of the Ancients were bhuh, bhuvah, svar, janah, mahah, tapas and satyam. The going beyond the satyam has been heralded by those who have spoken of the Para (Transcendent). By entering the Central Region one goes beyond the Satya world. As we have stated we are beyond the worlds of dualities and conflicts. This Central Region is that of the Supreme Divinity. It is the region of divine Splendour. It also is said to have seven rings of splendour, which are indescribable. This wonderful region is the most expansive one. One travelling in this region is, of course, a liberated one, though the rings here do intimate that absolute liberation is yet to be got. It is got when one crosses these rings of splendour and enters the Ocean of the Centre. If the Heart Region grants actuality and the Mind Region grants potentiality, the Central Region grants latency. Potentiality itself derives from latency, the Tam (that), the last resting place of the true Yogi.

The Rings of splendour are but the focussing lights radiating from the Centre to the end of the Central Region making something like rings.

According to Shri Ram Chandraji, the Central Region is where all the thoughts merge into the original Thought-movement (Kshobh). It is held that all problems get solved here. For all the knots and cakras are divinely active and it is because of this that one who reaches this Region can yet keep his physical body and yet swim in the Centre. In other yogas this is impossible for they attempt the breaking up of or cutting down the knots and cakras, and these are somehow the necessary conditions of physical existence. Once one begins swimming in this region, one is fully awakened and experiences the real thing in pure and naked form (yathartha).

For entering into this Region the Power of the Master alone can help. The higher the approaches to the Centre the more is the need for the Master's help and guidance. Many schools, on the other hand, counsel the freedom that comes for the disciple as he advances, a freedom from the Master unfortunately. These may be the avadhutas, but the true aspirant becomes more and more integrated with the Master and can suffer no separation from Him. In earlier yogas even to enter the Brahmanda one had to relinquish one's physical body. The usual exposition of the jivanmukta or liberated even when within this body had only emphasized that the liberated one was yet subject to his past karma. That force which could make this subjection also impossible or remove this subjection is surely that of the Master or God, and it is when one enters the regions of the Centre that one is freed from this also.

Crossing the seven final rings of the Central Region one enters the Ocean of the Centre. One nears the Centre and it is said that this is so vast a region that the original Rishi who began swimming is yet swimming towards the Centre and has not reached it. This Centre is God. It is absolutely motionless. There is no power or energy or anything of that sort in it. It is called therefore, Nothingness, which is not however nothing. Adjacent to it is the latent motion which generates power. But it is the Centre that maintains the latent motion. Shri Ram Chandraji says that the latent motions generate power which rush out and create egg-like things which are all concentrated essence of power. Each egg-like thing is a cell and is a master of one world. So there are as many worlds as there are egg-like things. All these are working according to the directions from the Centre through the latent motions. Among all these cells there is a Master Cell which is primary because of its coming into being first, or as a result of the first jerk from the latent motion. This Master Cell is the power house of all the other cells and all are connected with it. So all cells retain their close connection with the Master Cell. Our earth seems to be specially directly connected with the Master Cell, and has all the powers of that Master Cell.

Thus we have a trinity, the Centre, the latent motion and the Master, which are adjacent to one another.

In our human body just as we pointed out the locations of the centres of Pindapradesh (Heart Region) and Mind Region, the Centre or point of Centre is also in it. The Centre has got its position in the occipital prominence at the back of man's head. The Master Cell also is near it. These two are in the material form very subtle. In our anubhava we find that these are experienced. Meditation finally leads to this Centre and the Master Cell.

When one reaches these experiences one really reaches the uppermost limit possible to man on this planet.

Again and again in the history of the human race the descent of God happens through a Supreme Personality. They are epochal times for the restoration of the righteousness (dharma) and for the destruction of the wicked. Such Supreme Personalities are special descents of the Centre; they have the fullest power over all the worlds and are capable of transforming human nature into divine nature. Mankind always looked forward for such appearances though it has perhaps been always accompanied by several great cosmic events, astronomical conjunctions, sattelitum, earthquakes or, even as we should now say, great inventions of great destructive forces. The Supreme Personality or avatar is, of course, in charge of all events and forces and brings about the desired-for result with the least possible amount of use of force through love. Many have of late come, some claiming the nature of advents, some as renaissance workers of Godliness and belief in the Supreme Power. All have made man alive to the need for the supreme realization that without Godliness mankind is bound to perish. Godliness is, however, not a thing of books, or writing and lecturing about Him; it is the life lived in God, and nought else.

Unless this becomes a natural habit of being, mankind is bound to get pestered by all sorts of half-truths or, as Jaina would say, with one-seventh-truths which only lead to mutual distrust and sorrow unending and struggle interminable.

May we pray to God to help us out this world quandary. May we pray to Him to lead us to that condition which knows none of these but the peace everlasting both within and without.

As Shri Ram Chandraji puts it we need to pray in total dedication to His work, for the Supreme Personality is already amongst us.

O, Master!,
Thou art the real goal of human life.
We are all but slaves of our wishes putting a bar to our advancement.
Thou art the only God and Power to lead us to that State.