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Pujya Dr. K.C. Varadachari Complete Works Vol -1

Discourses on The Philosophy of Sri Ramchandra's Rajayoga - Lecture -10

In the previous talk we dealt with Master's explanation on the nature of man as a bipolar being, having one end in God and another end in the grossest level of man. We also tried to make out that the nature of man has taken its start from the Ultimate Force or primary Force that somehow was thrown out of God, which can be called, the Centre or the greatest potential, the Zero. By a series of jerks which are due to actions and reactions, man has developed firstly a causal body and then an astral body and finally physical body. There are, of course, in the creation and even before the causal body, a series of sheaths and coverings. But these things have all been produced by a series of jerks which means that certain kinds of mechanisms were developed by which the degradation of energy would take place and finally it became the inert matter we are now having as our body.

Now, the business of most of us would be to get back to that original condition and this is done only through meditation of the Centre from which we started. That is, in other words, in mediation we have the idea of the Ultimate or the original standpoint namely the Zero as potential. This idea of that original condition should permeate all our gross, subtle and more subtle activities. If this "ideation" is not there, there will be no possibility of getting the sustenance from the Original potential even for the continuation of the gross-body - not to speak of the subtle body It may be held, as some people have held, that our business is to destroy this whole structure of causal and astral and physical bodies and get back to the Source. But any physical attempt to do that will not take us to that condition. There is only one way towards establishing contact with the Original or getting back to the Original and that is by, firstly, an 'ideation' of what we want to become and secondly, try to make that idea constantly working in us so that these subtle and grosser bodies can be permeated with that idea. You may ask the question whether idea is merely a thought. It is not only a thought but a Force also. Further every thought is a force, but not what we call Force in the physical sense of the term. Every thought is a force and this Supreme Thought is the Higher Force that we can have. And this is in every man. Now this has to be awakened by meditation. Now, suppose you try to meditate, you find it very difficult. That is, you do not have a clear idea of what that Original Condition is. Philosophers especially think that just because they are able to think or visualize that idea, they have the power by which that idea transforms our nature. Now, we have, in our modern world, people who speak about ideology as if their ideas, even of socialism, have the power to transform the Individual Consciousness of every one to whom they speak or preach the doctrine. I think Shaw was perfectly correct when he said that these so called socialists are nothing but the 'perversions of real socialists' and so he wrote a book also just to show up the hollowness of the ideal or ideational views of the present state of the so called intellectuals. So, you can understand the idea, in order to be really of value and of power to restore you to your Original Primal Spiritual Condition, has to be of a different order, and this can be done only by a person who has reached that particular stage and brought that Force into the line of man. That is the importance of Pranahuti, and once that Divine Element is brought to man and given to him as the Force by which his whole transformation could be effected, then, you try to start from below and correct the grossness, correct the astral body, correct the causal body which has brought us into this bondage and finally we become Unlimited one with the entire Universe.

The second point we will have to remember is, as Master says, both the Universe and the human individual are made in the same pattern. That is, the processes that have brought the outer world into the gross condition which we are now seeing are the same processes which have taken place in the human individual by which your body is seeing and experiencing. Suppose, I correct this body, human body, which is under our control and if God helps us to do that by our process of Yoga, then, we become aware of the Cosmic or Universal factors and ultimately understand the nature of the Universe itself. Unless you understand yourself, you cannot understand the Universe. Unless you have made yourself subtle enough, you cannot understand the forces that are governing the body. And, if you want to control the forces of the world in order to make it a better world, it is your business firstly to become perfectly ourself in God and this can be done. That is why, when some people say God is made in the image of man or man in the image of God, I do not know which way is correct. The idea is that the principles governing the nature of God or the Universe which has the manifestation are identical with the principles that are governing man who is also a manifestation of the Divine. Both are manifestations of the One Divinity and therefore when the human individual becomes unlimited in his nature by getting back to that original condition of God's nature then one will find that he can know everything about the Universe, because, if he only attempts to know any part of the Universe, he will get the knowledge of the Universe. In fact, he can become technically 'Omniscient' because, any change in any part of the Universe involves a subtle change in the human individual and vice versa. Any change in the human individual will be registered in the universe although it may be very subtle and undetectable. But there, if you are sufficiently sensitive, you can have the knowledge of the changes taking place when you make changes in your own constitution.

Another point which Master also emphasizes is this: He says, every cell within the human being, (in fact he specially mentions the spinal cord and the brain cells,) has a potential of communication with the Universe. He has extraordinary power to change the face of the Universe and all talk about Kundalini and rousing the Kundalini is meaningless. It is not only that Kundalini is valuable but the whole of the nervous system is like that. "But nobody would listen to me" that is what He says, and "with me try the experiment". But that requires, you know, one condition that the Supreme Personality cannot permit you to play with these forces. It must be for the good of the whole Universe of manifestation. No human individual can tamper with the forces. But he can help, if necessary, for the proper use of the Forces. So, the possibilities and the potentialities of the human being are infinite.

And what is necessary now in meditation? We try to bring 'moderation' in this structure. Now, what is the meaning of the word 'moderation'? Many of us think 'eat moderately, speak moderately' and these are the things which we see as moderation. Perhaps they are. But what we mean by moderation is, the human element has been or the material element has been stressed much more than the Divine element within us. We tend to lose sight of the Divine Force that is sustaining our human being. There is the Divine Force at the back of every cell within our body. That is why God or the Divine Nature is said to be parallel to human by Master. In every cell, there is a parallel divine. If you call it nucleus, I don't mind. But I do not want these terms to be identified. The nucleus is becoming shorter, very small, but the tissues surrounding it have become bigger and bigger. Therefore, almost all existence is overweighed on the side of manifestation or humanity and not so much stress is laid on the Inner Force that sustains the humanity. That is, it is an 'immoderate' business and that is the cause of tension. That is, manifestation is stressed at the expense of the power that can and does manifest. We have more and more of manifestation and less of the power. That is why we are feeble. We are feeble because the sanctum by which we have been sustained is obstructed and minimum. Instead of having a full nutrition, the manifestation is starved of nutrition. Now this immoderate tendency must be changed.

In meditation through the process which our Master has stated, that is by Pranahuti, the Supreme Force enters our hearts and brings about moderations within the body. So, excessiveness or extensivism is removed and we get awakened. We have the feeling that thoughts are subdued. In fact, thoughts are, as far as we know, material thoughts, manifestation, sustaining manifestation and perpetuating manifestation, without asking by which they can be sustained, by what they can be protected. We do not ask for that. We want to draw, upon a Bank Account that does not exist. So we find that immoderation has developed and this can be corrected only by getting the Supreme Consciousness once again to channelise the Inner Force into the outer. So much so, the Divine Force would be made to flow into the manifesting, rejuvenating it all the time and ultimately taking over other directions itself, without permitting the manifestation 'to develop its own lines to ruin the system'. Perhaps, it is a hard phrase, but I could not help it. So, this is what Master has stated as the need of Divinisation. Every function within the body to the least particle must once again be given the full Force of the Supreme, namely, the Divine Force, till we work out the transformation of the Human nature. Though the form will be the human, he functions and powers would be of the Divine. By that process you find that the human really gets transformed into the Divine Nature, that would preserve all that has been made in manifestation by God without bringing forth the evil results that have accrued to us in this process.

Secondly, the grossness which obstructs the flow of the Divine and operations of the Divine would be removed not only in the gross but in the astral and causal and other levels. Man, thus will be finding himself continuously with the Divine at the Source.