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Pujya Dr. K.C. Varadachari Complete Works Vol -1

Sri Ramchandra's Rajayoga: New Darsana : Part-1 :The Darsana


Sri Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur who has propounded the New Darsana or View of Reality is a unique personality in many ways. He seems to have been chosen very early for the unique work of spirituality by the special process known as Pranahuti or Transmission as a way of realization of the Ultimate. This is the most significant instrument of Realization - rather the only means. There are several leading thinkers who have affirmed that Jnana or the Knowledge that one is Brahman, arrived at through meditation or reiteration of the Sruti-Vakyas purporting to teach this, is enough. Perhaps even the knowledge that one is the body of God, or is the dasa or dependent on God, should be got through the same Sruti. There are others who feel that devotion to God as the Self and All would, more easily and certainly, lead to emancipation or liberation. By Bhakti does one know, see and enter into God in essence. One may then live and move and have his being in God. Lord Sri Krsna has stated that absolute devotion alone could do it. But He has also stated that this experience of God as He is in Himself is possible only by His Grace; not by study, intelligence, discrimination, or austerity, but by His Grace alone does one really attain Him. This Grace is the pranahuti - the supreme Life Force which is of God, and which makes everything live, think, see, hear as the Kenopanisad states: Kenesitam patati presitam manah, kena pranapraiti yuktah . . . By whom does mind, breath or life make one live ... and answers that there is a super force which is the mind of the mind, breath of the breath, eye of the eye, ear of the ear, speech of the speech that moves all, by whom all are moved. It is this Divine Grace that is sought to be utilized for the rejuvenation and solution of all problems of human life. This Pranahuti, though well-known to the ancient yogis, had fallen into disuse. The recovery of this method and the utilization of the Superconscious Living Force are due to Sri Ram Chandraji of Fatehgarh and Sri Ram Chandraji of Shahjahanpur, the founder President of the Sri Ram Chandra Mission.

Readers would like to have a glimpse of his personality and the following facts given by him would be of general interest to the readers.

In his own words:

"I was born on Sunday the 30th of April at Shahjahanpur in the year 1899 at 7-26 A.M., morning of Baisakh badi Panchami, janma samai (time of birth) 4 gharis 55 Pal Vikram Samvat 1956. My father was Rai Bahadur Sri Budri Prasad, Pleader and Hony. Magistrate 1st Class. He was a scholar of history. His work on Indian History, especially the Ancient Period, is still preserved in Manuscripts."

"I was told by my mother that even as a child I did not have the inclination to eat food by myself as generally children do. I did not eat myself in childhood even the served food unless some one else offered it to me. My mother only taught me the lesson - be honest and do not steal".

"I was not interested in studies. The whole of my educational career was full of failure. When I reached the age of sixteen I developed a taste for learning. I was interested in literature - Urdu, Persian and English. Geography was a hobby with me. I was weak in Mathematics throughout my school career."

"I was a good player of Hockey and Football. I was much interested in riding. I gave up games after some time."

"At the age of nine I felt a kind of thirst for Reality, and I remained extremely flustered, just like a man who is drowning in water. It continued for some time, but finding no solution I fixed my mind upon making myself deserving. I went on with this idea till the age of fourteen, praying at the same time for getting a good and capable Master. I had also made up my mind that I should not seek for a Master, and if I went at all with this idea to some one I should definitely accept him as my Master. My fortune favoured me and I arrived at the holy feet of my Master, Samarth Guru Mahatma Ram Chandraji of Fatehgarh U.P., on 3rd June 1922. I was so spellbound by the effect of Master's force entering into me that I found myself compelled to gain it, rather than to study philosophy in which I was deeply interested. This meeting was, to me, one of the most important events which contributed to solve my problem of life. I commenced abhyas under his guidance and gave up pranayam which I had been practising for 7 years or so. A feeling of perfect satisfaction prevailed upon me when I was graced by his (Master's) first glance."

"During my school days once the Head Master (Mr. Idris Ahmed) of the Government High School, Shahjahanpur, suffered from colic pain. He was restless and groaning due to pain I went to him and caught hold of his thumbs and poured my own energy into him with the idea that they pain should stop. It worked, and he felt sleepy. The next day I was famous as a mesmerist. When anybody was hurt in games he was sent to me for healing without medicine. It is a fact that I did not practise hypnotism and mesmerism. I simply had the confidence in myself, and knew to concentrate even at that age. I also predicted a few things during boyhood and they came to pass."

"After passing the matriculation I joined the Judge's court in the year 1924 and retired in 1954. I am accustomed to deep thinking since boyhood."

Regarding important Spiritual Experiences: "in 1924 I felt an ubiquitous force present in every animate and inanimate object and particle. I was drowned in a sea of wonder. I felt God pervading over everything, like broad day light."

"On 1931 August 15th morning, I found a great flow of power within and outside me which my inner voice assured me had been bestowed by my master. My master had gone into the state of Maha Samadhi on the night of the 14th August, 1931. This was the usual system of transferring of power adopted by saints of calibre. It was in fact the merging of the master into me."

"On October 12th, 1932, I felt my master transmitting to me in dream. I felt two jerks of very strong force. In the first I found my body overflowing with spiritual energy from top to toe. In the second I felt my heart, being overfull, was almost on the point of breaking down. The third jerk might have ended my life but I prayed to him expressing my inability to bear any more."

"In 1944 April I prayed to my master (in the brighter world) for several days continuously to show me the light which Moses is said to have seen on Mount Sinai. He was kind enough to accept my prayer and showed it to me. It happened in the night at about 2-30 a.m. in the waking state. The light was enveloping me all round to a distance of several feet."

"On August 14th, 1944, I devoted several days in praying to Lord Krsna to reveal to me the Vision of Virat Rup as shown to Arjuna; the prayer was granted and he appeared to me in my vision showing the full view of Virat."