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Appendix I 


At the time when there was only the Absolute and no creation, the question of time did not arise at all. When the thought of creation got enlivened in the Base, it was perfectly free from everything. It proceeded on and due to the effect of motion, got transformed into power, with its tendency directed towards action. But for the action, it must naturally stand in need of field or base. Now the brief pause, intervening between the original thought and subsequent being, or in other words between cause and effect, was already there. This can appropriately be interpreted as "duration" or "time" and served for the field for its action. Thus time having merged into the power, got transformed itself into power, for further action towards creation.

As a general rule a thought when it becomes deep brings into effect something like a pause, which has a tremendous force. In case of the Centre, the question of depth does not arise at all because of perfect uniformity there. The idea of velocity of force, the direct action of the mind, was also absent there, since the Centre or the Ultimate Brahm, though absolute, did not possess mind.

Thus whatever existed between the thought and the action was power, which is termed as "time". The same power we too have got as our share but in accordance with our limited capacity. Now in order to utilise this power we have to merge it in the greater power of the Centre, which is all and absolute. There is nothing in the world - not even the megaton bomb of the modern science - to match this great power. The modern science may not yet have realised its full significance, though even if it had, it would have utilised it for the destructive purposes only.

The power can however be brought down to earth and utilised in work by the exercise of strong will power. A yogi at the highest level of ascent is however with it consciously or unconsciously. To my view, the science of physics cannot be taken as complete without a full knowledge of this great power, which is in fact the root of all powers.