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Impression formation –mechanism

“The world is a place containing narrow and dark ions, but there is a flicker in them, which means that Maya (principle of gross activity) and Purusha (inactive witnessing agent) are present together right from the beginning of creation till now. The wise far-sighted people, desirous of progress on the Divine path, have in their view only that part of the ions, which contains light; and they derive benefit. As against this, those, involved in worldliness and useless intricacies, remain in touch with dark sphere, present in the ions; and continue admitting effects concerning the darkness, in themselves, causing their entanglement from top to toe in a sort of darkness, which condition gradually rises up to acquire solidity. One admits impressions in oneself in accordance with one’s thoughts, and imbibes power accordingly, to the effect that one gets enveloped in that darkness, and slowly the Mayavic impressions take hold of him completely. Now these particles, which one has accumulated in oneself, go on developing on getting a favourable climate. The impression of this material, which affects the particles of one’s body, gets focused on that fine covering of the brain, known as membrane in the English language. When this effect is started, then that part of the brain, wherein the kernel (of intelligence) is lodged, gets influenced, and reflections start getting imprinted. When these acquire sufficient depth, and the victim of this process, on account of habit-formation, begins acquiring external influences with rapidity, then these things start becoming impression (Samskaras). When the in-flow of these things continues, and no such association is available, as may obstruct the pulling on of this thought, then one’s condition grows still faster, and one goes on regressing from bad to worse. If, somehow by good fortune, one may come across a perfect Master of highest caliber, He would start illuminating, through His transmission, the state of utterly blind darkness, which one has accumulated in oneself. Then, the aspirant’s thought starts getting transformed to light instead of darkness, which results, from the very beginning, in the power, busy attracting darkness thus far, now starting to admit light into oneself. Thus one’s improvement is effected (and the goal achieved) by and by, which means that one starts moving from darkness to light; and that one’s own power commences to work in that direction.”

Revered Master continued: “This is Nature’s secret, described to you, so that you avoid thing, which are harmful; and adopt what is beneficial. This essay be noted down in my notebook also, to make people know, how I continued instruction even after the end of my life. In this essay, the initial few words are mine, but the rest of this whole subject is his (Ram Chandra’s) alone. The words used for ordinary persons, should not be used in respect of the reverential address to Master; nor is He to be comprehended to be of that status. Such comprehension will be an indication of one’s being a slave (animal) of Master (Guru pashu).”

[23-08-1944: pg. 190-192 (A.B.II - I)]

Impressions - Stopping of
Instructions: “The causal body of disciple is made to merge in that of the Master. When Master has done this, formation of impressions (Sanskaras) in the disciple is stopped. (The plan of the condition came to view). The cause of the organic aspect of being (Pinda) is the cosmic aspect (Brahamanda); and the cause of the cosmic region is the para cosmic region (Para Brahamanda). What occurs there (in para cosmic region) comes down to cosmic region, where from it descends to the organic level; and then it assumes the form of suffering ( or enjoyment). This is to say that what has appeared as suffering (or enjoyment) at the organic level of being, originates in the para cosmic region.”

“The subject dictated above is very subtle. Just now your mind is beyond control. I shall explain it further when you are at ease.”

[16-07-1944: pg.61 (A.B.II - I)]

Impressions - fruition of

  1. “Every action of a human being leaves an impression on the mind, which remains in touch with the causal body. When one departs from one place and is reborn at another place, that material (of accumulated impressions) persists and is carried over by one self (from the past life to the new one). If, in the present life, one has not performed good actions, the impressions brought from the previous life will start their fruition (Bhoga) i.e. being enjoyed (or suffered) when a favourable climate (for their fruition) is available. The actions performed in the present life, whatever, will mostly bring immediate punishment or reward in their trail; and a few shall be carried over for fruition ahead. This chain shall continuously go on up to the final dissolution (of creation). Impressions will be coming one after the other for fruition (enjoyment or suffering); and this chain will continue without being broken, unless it comes to an end. Now the question arises as to how this fruition (of impressions) may be brought to an end! The device for this purpose, which is most superior, is to surrender one self to somebody and have no concern with the fruition of impressions. There is no book of accounts (balance sheet of actions and their fruition etc.) in Nature: a human being structures his own fate; and creates by himself the shape of fruition of impressions.”

    The condition of the fruition of impressions take shape when the climate is favourable to it. There is no question of compound interest. There is no third or fourth place realisation in it. Every thing germinates and grows through warmth. Just this is to be comprehended, that the ripe condition for the fruition of the impressions brought (from earlier life) shall develop quickly to the extent that these remain in touch with the warmth of love for the Real; and that an aspirant’s (immediate) potency for fruition (of impression) restrains their being carried over (for fruition in future). In our fold, formation of the impressions of present actions gets stopped if the real form of love (and attachment) is developed. Only fruition (suffering) of (impressions of) past actions remains. This is a philosophy and it can be detailed out, which, however, shall need pages after pages being scribbled on; and the mind of the person, through whose mediumship (the knowledge of) all these things are descending, will not be able to work continuously in revealing these (mysteries) for that long period of time. Moreover, there is also not much need for grasping all this. I have brought a lot (of knowledge) for comprehension, in a few words.”

    [14-10-1944: pg. 21-22 (A.B.II - II)]

  2. “In this age things are coming to pass in such ways as rendered it difficult to come out unscathed. Real Man is one who is able to live uniquely in the midst of all people. The atmosphere has taken the effect of the human impressions (Samskaras) to the extent that the thoughts of people are not allowed to remain unruffled. This is due to our own defect Our will has got so much weakened that the shape of succour does not appear to be there. This is because people derive pleasure out of the derangement of their thoughts. Nobody is able to consider himself free of a job that has been completed, to take up another job, in hand (free from burden of the impression of the job, already completed). The cause of the perplexity of the heart in general is just that too many ideas are entertained at one and the same time, or else some thought is unduly stressed to such an extent as to affect the heart. To be rid of this malady, some work connected to God is to be taken up with such deep attachment as to have the same work developed as a tool for one’s salvation. Just this teaching is imparted to everybody in our fold: one who acts upon this prescription achieves success to a large extent. It may adopt in any form. There is no harm at all in that regard. The main thing is being concerned with the purpose in view. One thing more is essential, which everybody should adopt, viz. one should get inclined to love and devotion so much, that it is taken to be the main concern. Now the question arises, how this can be brought to one’s lot. The answer is that God’s shape is to be supposed in some actual person who is considered by one to be perfect; and one is to start loving that particular person. One thing even now remains: how is this sentiment to come up? The answer to it is right conduct. The problem is still not solved as it gives rise to the thought as to how we are to develop rightness of conduct. The reply to this is prayer and the habit of having regard and respect for others. One more question arises: how do we come up to that stage? The answer to it is good company, along with stories of elder sages and devotees.”

    [22-02-1945: pg.181-182 (A.B.II - II)]

  3. The Causal (factor) having been structured, the shape of manifestation accordingly got created. When body was adopted, whatever actions took place therein, these left impressions in the causal (factor) thereof. The body was left behind, when the time (for that) was there. Now what was structured by the body became the causal (factor) for the manifestation of the next existence (entity). Now whatever actions came to be performed through that entity (existence), these maintained the causal factor, so long as those actions existed and imprinted impressions in their own turn. This chain continues unbroken. We have formed (structured), who knows, how many causal (factors = bodies). One factor is the basic (material) cause as well, where from the chain of these comes to exist. This can also be said to be the cause of bringing about the beginning (of the whole chain of causal factors)”.

    [31-01-1947: pg. 177 (A.B.II - III)

  4. There is a secret. When someone imparts training without selfish interest, only then effect is there. This is known as sincerity (Khuloos). Just after my release from physical bondage, you developed cholera. Symptoms had surfaced even earlier in the form of diarrhea. That was because I had filled you with power all at once, and hence the accumulated dirt of past impressions (Samskaras) had started getting cleansed. This had to be done to make room for that transferred power. This is correct that I remained with you during illness; and made you go through such a terrible disease, without causing pain to you. At that time, morphine-injection should not have been given to you. That was material intoxication, which exercised effect on that process (of cleaning); and delayed your process of recovery: otherwise power would have got absorbed quickly. You had written about this condition in your diary, viz. that you were imperiencing limitless power in yourself after the physical expiry of your Guide.

    “I have brought your impressions of fulmination and fruition in dreams as well; and their formation had ended much earlier. In your case, very often, I have even used (the method of) their fruition for us both (you and I) together. Just nominally, these (impressions) have been left to keep your life continuing; and certain restraints have been introduced, so that you do not give up your (physical) body. At the point, where you are established, nobody can reach without being cleansed. This is also my invention, as to how one is able to reach that limit, where you are established, through creation of restraints against impressions. This matter will remain beyond people’s comprehension: it is something quite novel. (Plan came to vision: impressions seemed swimming like pieces of cloud, within a boundary). This is the plan of your condition, that is before you. If that boundary gets shattered, there will be immediate flight (out of the body). This is a very subtle subject. People do not possess capability at all, for its comprehension. Now you have found, how few of your impressions still persist, without yielding to the process of fruition: they are rather being provided with (vital) force. (Plan came to view, revealing that an electric-like current is penetrating the impressions, to retain their existence). When this in-coming force comes to an end, the fruition of these impressions will get completed, and you will proceed on your journey to the world of Higher Reality (Existence).”

    [14-08-1944: pg. 155 (A.BII - I)]