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Duties Of A Trainer
Work/responsibility – entrusting of “I would like that everybody be assigned one job each and they be held responsible for that; and their hearts too will hold them responsible for their respective jobs. What I mean is that everybody feels responsibility by own heart. The new generation alone can work with enthusiasm. Older people be assigned important kind of work and Godly duties be assigned to those who are capable for that. To such people that work is to be assigned with special preference, but they may be engaged in other important work also. Alas, you people are left in such a small number, but even then indifference has not been overcome. God forbid, such a thing never comes up in our future progeny. My circle of disciples has already got spoilt: the mistakes I committed have all come to light! My courtesies to my associates and disciples have got amply well repaid! Although you people are few in number, I still assure you that in case all remain united together, there is no job that you may be unable to perform and complete. Moreover, there is Divine assistance with you. Only firm determination is needed so that movement (mobility = dynamic vibration) therein be created and this Divine Assistance starts functioning. A lot of retrenchment has taken place: God forbid, still more retrenchment even from this remaining lot may not be forthcoming! In case of the person burdened with a responsibility, the principle is that the person assigning responsibility also has to see to it and do something so that the first person is able to fulfil the responsibility. If a king would snatch away the privileges granted to some officer, that clearly has to indicate degradation of the officer and even the king’s authority and the whole system and arrangement. As such, it can never happen that Nature would fail to equip that person perfectly with its assistance, whom It has endowed with responsibility. Under every circumstance, I consider it better that work be performed in cooperation with all concerned, and help be sought from such person as may have attained approach up to the Ultimate State (Permanent Base = Dhur). I am leaving a note for the future generation in my line of discipleship, which is to be taken down in bold letters and marked prominently: NOBODY IS TO BE BROUGHT TO HIGHER STATES WITHOUT BEING MADE DESERVING. IN CASE ONE IS INTENDED TO BE BROUGHT UP TO HIGHER STATES, LABOUR ON THE PART OF BOTH GUIDE AND DISCIPLE REMAINS INCUMBENT.

[30-06-1947: pg.194-195 (A.B.II - III)]

Other duties
“Duties of a teacher (preceptor or guide):

  1. Teaching (training) to be imparted to others, treating them as one’s own brothers (and sisters).
  2. Brotherly love and sympathy for disciples (students) must be there. Your Guru (Revered Lalaji Saheb) is to be followed rigidly in this respect.
  3. Talk (and instructions) should be humble and soft, as if one is speaking to oneself. Words spoken should be like the flow of a river, when its water is calm.
  4. Students (under one’s charge) should be respected and loved in one’s heart as creatures of the same God, who is our creator etc.
  5. Useless talk (gossip) should not be allowed (or indulged in) at the time of Satsang (gathering for worship in a group)”

[23-08-1945: pg. 53-54 (A.B.II - III)]

Singing at Satsangs
“Start the practice of singing songs in my Satsang; but there is no need for sending for musicians, or drummers, nor professional Qawaali reciters should be invited for this purpose. Only the person, who is transmitting, can sing: in general, all those participating in Satsang (group meditation) shall not sing in the assembly. If the person, transmitting, considers it necessary, and the minds of the people in the assembly lack concentration, he can ask one or two persons, specially imbued with love, to sing; but not on every occasion. Only such persons as may be capable to transmit, can be given preference (in this regard). In the assembly and at the Samadhi, whether it be mine or yours, prostitutes are never to be called (for the purpose of singing.). This precaution should be strictly observed.”

[25-02-1945: pg.188-189 (A.B.II - II)]

Astral Body –Technique Of Working With
“The technique consists in getting the astral body imbued with life, on being taken out (for being deputed to do some specified work). The moment (of life in the astral body) will be immediately felt; and then it may be yoked to the work in hand, giving it (astral body) some more special power needed for the specific job.”

[18-03-1945: pg. 218 (A.B.II - II)]

“People have entirely wrong notions about courage. People consider and call the incitement of mind ‘courage’. If the mind is eliminated to such an extent that one begins to feel depression in oneself, then this prayer or courage is endowed with the function of a command or order. You would have noticed that somebody suffers great harm at the hands of somebody else, and having no courage or heart to take revenge, feels perfectly poor and helpless and sits quietly in the state of helplessness. With such condition of depression, whatever thought takes hold of such a helpless person’s mind, is bound to take shape in concrete Reality. In case of courage (of ordinary conception) there remains the flavour of equality of status and position, which is opposed to humility of serving and belonging to Him. As soon as excitation boils up in the mind, self-importance gets involved. But you should never be oriented to harm or malign anybody. For common people, I am giving one more technique. They should refrain from involving the mind. For them this itself is courage. I mean they should give up the idea of affirmation or denial. This subject is not for everybody’s understanding as well; and nobody will like it.

[24-07-1944: pg. 82 (A.B.II - I)]

Colours-Uses Of In Training
Rev. Master’s Dictation: “Dear RamChandra has brought about one more very effective invention. The Western people (scientists) mostly oriented ‘matter’ towards destruction; and some short coming remained even in what they did for the general good, He (Ramchandra) has brought about such invention as may enable material power to cast effect on spirituality. I permit him to think more in this regard.”

“This invention is concerned with using various colours created by making electric light pass through a glass-prism, on the particular practicant in accordance with the colours of different spiritual regions. I am making an amendment in it, viz. the intensity of the effect on the practicant of the coloured light passed through the glass-prism will be proportional to the intensity of electricity. The dark greyish colour will be suitable for the cosmic region; and yellowish white for the para- cosmic region. For the organic region the right colour will be reddish pink. If some body may posses a bad character, there will be a good effect of (appropriate) coloured light together with similar transmission. Just this training was obtained by Revered Prophet Mohammed from Lord Krishna, viz. moral behaviour (Sulook) tinged with very light absorbance beyond selfhood (Majzoobiat). It was just this amendment introduced by Lord Krishna. In case of the incarnation of Lord Rama, there was emphasis on moral behaviour (Sulook) alone. This is a very (important) matter. You have to introduce complete destruction.”

[14-10-1944: pg. 15-16 (A.B.II - II)]

Cleaning Techniques – For Removal of Defects of Mind
“The method: The condition of mind remains unduly restless in the heart. Mind be taken to be part and parcel of the Zaat (Ultimate Being) in such a manner that the two viz. Mind and Zaat, appear, so to say, as of identical hue. By ‘hue’ I do not mean red, yellow, black, etc., but that Zaat being light, as It has been described, mind too remains a like part of that same Zaat. The face of mind in that identical form be turned towards Zaat in the way that, so to say, it gets absorbed (attentive) into just the same Zaat. The mind’s face be rather turned away from outside and drawn towards That Same; and this transmission be retained during the whole sitting administered to some aspirant. This is to remove all the defects of the mind.

“Second Method: All points and plexuses be taken up one by one; and the condition, existing therein, be cleansed and then identified with that condition of Zaat, so that Zaat appears to have risen in that shape or condition i.e., state of Zaat Itself. Then, as I have already mentioned in the first method, that identical state be drawn towards, i.e., merged in That Same (Zaat).

“What a fine science it happens to be that when a small thing is pressed by a bigger thing from all sides, or is dipped into it, the bigger thing circumscribes it. If for a long time a small thing is pressed from all sides by the bigger thing, of which it is part and parcel in a deformed condition, the two things are bound to merge together into one and the same unit. When all chakras (plexuses) have been crossed through this (new) method, i.e. all chakras are brought up to have identity with the Ultimate Being, then that whole thing (state) is to be drowned in the Zaat. This practice on the disciple should be continued for some time, which will result in (the development of) such a condition as may be difficult to be the fortune of quite many good and fine people, and can not be arrived at through years and years of one’s own hard practice. Restlessness of mind would have come to an end just through this first method. This method is very difficult, and can not be practiced by everybody. One whom God grants affinity, may perform it. I am telling some thing secret for being noted down: just this is the method to achieve perfect merging with God (Fana-fillah)”.

[15-5-1945 Pg. 18 A.B. II-III]

Connections-Establishment Of
“Connection remains with the Master alone. The guiding master may also be included therein.” Question: “Are the relationships of the elders, prior to the Master, also to be taken?” Answer: “All relationships are included in the Master.”

[25-05-1944: pg. 24 (A.B.II - I)]

Connection - With Master
“First of all the connection of one’s disciple to one’s own Master and Highest Predecessor be established. Then, establishing the connection from the disciple’s heart to his/her brain, its chain be linked to the connection, established first. Thereafter, it is to be conceived that the connection from the heart through the mind to the highest Predecessor has been established; and this be endowed with a light force.”

“This alone shall remain the method for the future; and this invention will be related to the name of dear Ram Chandra. This is some thing Providential, that such things are issuing forth from him.”

[11-02-1945: pg. 165-166 (A.B.II - II)]

Condition Of The Aspirant – To Know
“The method of inquiring into somebody’s condition, is to transmit a little to him, having the thought that whatever condition is there in him, has come up (to expression). After having done this, one is to get oneself oriented to him, and observe as to how sublime is the effect flowing from him to oneself. It is however, essential that the person who is transmitting (i.e. preceptor) should be able to have sensibility to every condition of the person to whom transmission is given, and whose condition is being inquired into. There is another, better method, which is for use by special persons: dear Ram Chandra has very often mentioned it. It consists in expanding his condition, to yield the knowledge of that condition immediately.”

“There can be one more method, though not as perfect or whole, that the forceful sublimity of the other alone shall cast effect on oneself.”

This (third) method is akin to the postmortem examination of a deceased person by a doctor (surgeon), who takes out all the inner organs of the body to discover the exact cause of death. Just like this, the condition of the person (aspirant) being observed, be taken out (in the vacuum), and then expanded through transmission, which should be given from the point of heart. Thereafter it should be observed (minutely)to find out which particles in that condition are (still) gross, and which ones have (acquired) sublimity, capable of emitting the condition. The particles which contain the capability for emitting the condition, are to be taken to have come up to the awakened state of the sublimity, (residing in them). Just this technique can be of use in Brahmanda (Kubra) and Para Brahmanda (Ulia) regions as well. Dear Ram Chandra’s theory of spiritual particles (quanta) is marvelous, and very effective. Nobody’s insight has ever penetrated into this aspect; nor has anybody ever utilized it. If you enquire of me, this is the entire sum and substance of spiritual training. The desired result can be achieved immediately through this. It is possible to climb up to (the state of ) God just through this. This is simply the one method (to achieve the goal).”

“I put a question to dear Ram Chandra to make his intelligence penetrating; and he answered it in the modern terms.”

[22-09-1944: pg. 248-249 (A.B.II - I)]

Carnality –Control Of
Instructions: “The sum total of carnal desires resides at the navel. When needed it is to be pulled downwards, and made to descend, and then again drawn up at will. If due to straying wayward, some excess occurs, then it is to be evaporated through the navel. But this is not to be given out to people in general, nor is it to be something for general practice, so that they may not draw this power beyond limits under intoxication of pleasure, which may become difficult to manage and control. This can be done by a person of great capability for control. To you I have told this because you have almost eradicated it. There is much need of correct estimate in regard, so that more than what may be needed is not drawn up. Hence I am telling this only for use by very special people. In our circle no special emphasis is laid on this point in order to avoid any possibility of undue arousal of this power. This point can be dealt within a proper way only by someone, who has developed full expertness about use of this power, and in whose case this point has been sufficiently cleaned. A person of the status of pole star (Dhruva or Qutub) is to be preferred for this purpose, because he acquires expertness about his point. This, however, does not mean that he does not observe precautions.”

[18-07-1944: pg. 67 (A.B.II - I)]

“When man is engaged in remembrance of God; and the current, which I have named as such for your comprehension, is inverted to reach the original Reality, then the same effect starts descending by way of the other current which I have described as the current of carnality. Thus carnality is purified and loses its usual glamour and sharpness. Therefore, in our system carnality gets perfected last of all, and this is the principle everywhere.

[18-07-1944: pg. 70 (A.B.II - I)]

Carnality - Calculated Control Of
The method of calculated control of carnality (Muhasiba-i-Nafsa) is from my practice: Where from thoughts may be rising up, that is to be merged in oneself. Oneself means one’s soul. Whenever thoughts may rise up, their base be got merged (in oneself). The result of this will be so fine that people will feel astonished. The method, in general, is to take oneself as Master, and merge into That. One who does not have faith in Master, cannot derive benefit from this method.”

[24-07-1944: pg. 83 (A.B.II - I)]

Effects Of The Impressions (Of Others) “The knowledge about this can be had thus: if after transmitting (to somebody) dirtiness is imperienced, or some kind of repugnance comes to mind, causing lack of happiness, that usually follows transmission, then this is to be comprehended as the effect of the impressions (Samskaras of the person to whom transmission has been made). “

[15-09-1944: pg.238-239 (A.B.II - I)]

Introduction Into System
If the occasion to transmit may arise, he should have the thought that instead of one, I myself am sitting and transmitting. This has been introduced at this time by way of administrative arrangement. While taking up a new case, it is to be supposed that I myself am transmitting and the heart of the new aspirant is getting cleansed. The new person should be given individual sittings for two to three days. Thereafter, he may be taken up together with the group, and the same thought of transmission from myself can be applied to all at the same time. In case one starts feeling dirt or grossness in himself, he should sit alone with the supposition that transmission is showering on him and his grossness is cleansed from the back side in the form of vapour or smoke”.

[24-5-1945 Pg22. A.B. II-III]

Knots Or Plexus-Crossing Of
“Who says that one crosses some plexus without acquiring control over it? This science is wholly apart from grossness; and concerns rather that state which prevailed before creation came into being. This was the Real thought, which constituted the causes of the creation of the Universe, and manifestation of grossness (materiality). It is that Power, which can not fail to produce its effect. All elements, which formed the material of different bodies (organic categories), were present in it. If these elements be divided into five classes (earth, fire, air, water and ether) then each (class) partakes one power each that constitutes the cause of the creation of the Universe. What was there to begin with? Every part (class) was possessed of its special power (character); and inspite of possessing its own specialty, each part (class) had all the five powers concealed (congealed) in itself. In each part (class = element) all the five powers work together: only the power that is special to it, or / and the specialty that belongs to it, stays predominant in it. Thus every part (class = element) has five sub-parts each; and all of these taken together come to be twenty five in the total number. This mixed up together constitutes the essence of the organic (or material) aspect of existence, whose residence is located mainly in the Pinda or Sughra (organic) sphere of the (human) yogic system of an individual. This is the state of Pinda (Sughra); and its subtle essence goes up to the Brahmanda (Kubra = Cosmic) sphere. Further still the yet finer (subtler) essence of what remains in Brahmanda (Kubra), goes up to the next higher (subtler) sphere viz. Para cosmic (Ulia =Para Brahmanda Mandal); and so on and on. So, this thing growing subtler (finer = purer) and yet subtler finally coming to be perfectly subtle or fine, gets lost into the real (Ultimate). Now the question concerning powers arises. The power that resides at one plexus will be found at the second, third, fourth and fifth plexuses as well! Then wherein shall the difference be there? There will be more fineness or subtleness at higher or latter part or plexus as compared to the lower or the former one. To the higher yogic part, only those persons arrive who have completed the earlier part lying prior to it ; or you may say, whoever happens to be in need of it (coming up to the higher yogic part of sphere or plexus or whatever).

“On rubbing purity against purity, only Purity (Khuloos) will be coming up. The essence of that part (plexus = region) alone will increase, to which the purity (to be rubbed) would belong. As such, if the powers, that lie congealed therein, be put to work, be assured that the result can not fail to be there ! When Nature put them to work, the desired effect was there: before that there happened to be nothing except that. The subtle or fine thing has greater expansion. The point through expansion creates the shape of increase (in space). Take it just this way : you come up to this point ; and then see whether the same forms (categories = shapes of things) flow or not, out of your individuality, that had flowed from the whole out of the wholeness. In reality one has to include oneself just in these currents! Can this not be termed as power? The sum and substance of all this remains only that one birth ought to secure one’s release from the cycle of coming (life) and going (death)”.

[06-02-1947: pg. 179-180 (A.B.II - III)]

Lower-Self – Purification Of
Dictation: “People will be inclined more to you. Your temperament is similar to mine. As such, there will be trust in the fact of penetration of my identity in you. Correspondence will increase, and replies to letters will also be correct. Your virtues are not yet clear even to you. Do not consider the work, assigned to you, as useless labour, without payment and return (Begaar), as explained to you yesterday. (Note: This refers to the topic concerning ‘purification of lower self’ (Tazkia-e-Nafsa) on 1-7-1944). So long as pleasure ensues from fulfillment of sensuous (worldly) desires through impulsive actions, ‘purification of lower self’ is not perfected. On having achieved ‘purification of lower-self’, one does not derive pleasure from associations etc., but that act is performed as if it were a useless labour, without payment and return (Begaar). This principle is correct unto its own extent.”

[02-07-1944: pg. 46-47 (A.B.II - I)]

Easiness In Uneasiness
“Going beyond easiness is uneasiness. A man becomes conscious when similarity or sameness is disturbed. As long as easiness is there, there is not disturbance. The state we acquire by the help of the meditation causes a repulse. When the outgoing tendencies of the mind come in touch with it or, in other words, when the tendencies touch the field of easiness, its opposite is felt. So we should also try to calm down the outgoing tendencies of the mind. I now give you something about uneasiness. If somehow a man can begin to feel easiness in uneasiness then he will give place to the outgoing tendencies to enter in it.”

[ 11-7-1928 ( A.B. Vol 1 ) ]

Living Dead Condition – Method of
“What is the method whereby the thought arising in one’s mind is made to strike the Master immediately?” “This can be achieved through establishing extreme affinity with the Master. The method consists in going on making oneself calm so as to annul ebb and tide altogether. This concerns practice; and it can be comprehended only through that. This is known as the condition of the “Dead”. This alone is ‘Jeevan Mukthi’ (liberation in life) in the real sense if the condition has become like that of a dead person. This condition did not develop in anybody; and I just went away with the craving in my heart (to see it in someone). Although the pleasure of spirituality is experienced to a large extent before arriving at it, it is really there only after it. I was in this state since birth; and the same has been the case with dear Ram Chandra. Now the question arises, how it is achieved. The practice briefly is this: one should continue cleansing oneself from the externally expressed self, that generally remains prevalent (there). This will be helpful to that end. Dear M1, this is something very great: this can also be known as perfect mergence. Nothing remains to do or practice after that: to remain His no doubt remains a duty; and that was my way during all of my life. You people also should never give it up: always consider yourself to be His, however high your status may become. Dear Ram Chandra’s training started from this condition. This much he had brought with him since birth (as earlier attainment). Nobody had the capacity to view it, so as to impart training to him with this estimate in view: even to my comprehension this thing had occurred only in due course of time.”

[06-03-1945: pg. 197-198 (A.B.II - II)]

Meditation On The Form Of Master (Shaghal Rabta)
This (newly invented) method brings benefit together to both guru and disciple. This method ordains that in case an aspirant is told to meditate on the form of the Master in the heart, he is to be instructed to have the thought that the elder, whose form is being taken to meditate on, is connected to the Ultimate Being. Meditation should be started just with this firm supposition. If this thought is brought once to mind, before starting meditation on the form of Master (Shaghal Rabta) and getting absorbed in the practice, that will be still better. In case of the aspirant having been told to meditate on the idea of light, he should be instructed to have the idea that the light taken up of firm supposition, is the light of the Ultimate Being.”

[10-12-1944: pg. 126 (A.B.II - II)]

On The Form-A Warning
“Those who set up an organization should first of all practice to structure themselves as the model after which they like to mould others. For example, someone is habituated to eating sweets, and likes to make others abstain from eating sweets. It is necessary for such a person to first give up eating sweets and then motivate others to follow suit. This has been my practice throughout my life that I first practiced myself what I liked to make others practice. Keeping this principle into view, you people proceed on to set up the organization. One thing is worth remembrance, viz. any defect remaining in overt or covert form in the trainer, will go along way, and will penetrate quickly in the practicant who adopts the practice of meditation on the form of his/her guide. That is the reason why the practice of meditation on the form (Shaghal Rabta) should be adopted only of the form of one whose condition should have come to the Balanced State, and who should have largely got rid of the defects prohibited in the spiritual sphere or unbecoming of the state of moral sublimity. I feel that this practice of meditation on the personal form should not be told to every person, who imparts training, unless the guide himself/ herself would have reached that state. As such, every trainer should structure himself/herself so as to enable his/her disciples to take up his/her form for the practice of meditation.”

[02-02-1945: pg. 148-149 (A.B.II - II)]

Method Of Training
Revered Master’s dictation continues: “Just now, I transmitted to you; and you experienced vibrations together with a state. This is real power. Particles of this (power) can be stuffed in (an aspirant).”

In response to a query from me (Ram Chandra), Revered Master continued: “This technique is to be applied only in case of someone, who has crossed the cosmic region (Kubra); and it is considered desirable to penetrate power in his state in the para cosmic region (Ulia). Application of this technique, in case of a person of a status lower than that, will be wrong. I had brought this thing to your experience at the beginning. This is only for the para cosmic region. Beyond that, there is another method. The particles which are penetrated in the cosmic region, are less luminous than these. The five happy conditions spoken of as belonging to the organic region (Sughra) require a different method of training. That also I have brought to your experience just now. To explain these is difficult; and these can be brought to comprehension only practically. You may make a note by way of (brief) indications.”

  1. Hridaya or Heart (Qalba): The particles penetrated at the point of heart have a little darkness in them, but not grossness. If there is grossness, then those are material particles.
  2. Atmah or Soul (Rooh): Here, only the outer cover of these particles drops off.
  3. Agnih or Fire-point (Sirra): The particles at this point (plexus) are in such a way as though a large part of the heat and radiance of bright fire be drawn out. If (the condition of) this point be desired to be sharpened, the brightness is allowed to remain, i.e. it is not drawn out, or so to say, it is not touched.
  4. Apah or Hydro-plexus (Khafi): At this point, the shape of the above-mentioned fire-element gets changed, to yield only apprehension or just an inkling of fire, which words fail to express.
  5. Vayuh or Air-plexus (Akhfa), also called Kantha Chakra or Throat-plexus: Here the particles become somewhat bluish like electric light. Only this much was to be told. (The Arabic words used in Sufi literature, given here in brackets, in case of the last three points, refer only to the secret or esoteric nature of the points, literally).

[04-09-1944: pg. 205-206 (A.B.II - I)]

Mergence In Master
Revered Master: “Everyone should try to develop a balanced state like mine. Then there will not remain any secret. This will have the defect to the extent of the defect in that. This alone is real mergence. A lot of practice is needed to achieve it”.

“The method of merging in Zaat (Ultimate Being) is simple and easy. It has been discovered quite well. One method is to get merged into one’s guide (Master); and the other is to have connection with and merging into Zaat directly. The method of direct merging into Zaat consists in widening oneself through thought to the extent of feeling and even coming to trust one’s own expansion all around, viz. experiencing one’s own expansion in the whole geography and atmosphere. This practice should be enhanced so much that one’s own expansion and the width of that geography and atmosphere would start being experienced as one and the same; and the feeling of oneself being lost therein would start coming up, and then gradually this thought too would wither away. I am of the opinion that mergence with Master be attempted, so that whatever would have been attained may be duly retained and maintained. Direct mergence into Zaat is something very fine if possible to achieve; but the only example of that up to now has been Kabir. This calibre in him was a divine gift; and was present from the very first day, coming to blossom later on. My own Revered Master had taken it up after achieving total mergence in His own Master. This practice automatically emerges on ascending to the highest stage”.

[27-8-1945: pg. 55-56 (A.B.II - III)]

Opening Of Plexus Or Sublimity
“Transmission be continued directed to the plexus (sublimity), intended to be taken up; and it should be opened (awakened) according to capacity; this everybody knows alright. What remains needed is that such motion be created therein by one’s will as to set up that material in it (plexus or sublimity) which would make it attempt blossoming (opening) by itself and progress in the same direction. That is to say that such power be created in the particular plexus or sublimity as may enable it to go on opening (blossoming) through its own courage and effort in the desired way (direction). This thing can be felt / grasped better through the experience. This method can be applied to every plexus, when that one alone be intended to be taken up; and it can be made to serve very many great purposes. This method will be very beneficial for someone who may have little time to come, personally to the guide”.

[3-2-1946 pg. 119-120 (A.B.II - III)]

Methods of Mergence in Knots
1. Through YATRA: “The first Method concerns the possible device to get one’s own points and plexuses opened up through one’s own efforts, after the guide has made an aspirant cross (initial spiritual) stages to some extent, and brought him to traverse the intermediary destinations (of points and plexuses) in a shadowy (Aksi) way. For this purpose there are two devices. He (Ram Chandra) has given preference to the second device; and I also prefer the same. The first device is to go on transmitting oneself lightly from one’s brain to one’s own heart. Neither dear Ram Chandra nor I favour this technique, because there may be the possibility of the transmission running in excess of what may be the real need. The device, anyway, is certainly there; and is correct.”

“The second device is to suppose that one’s own subtle body is present before oneself (practicant); and then transmit to the heart of the subtle body. If one remains doing just this, progress will continually be assured quite well. The second branch of just this device in details is as following, even though it is not a job for one and all: it requires a very cultured and sensitive person. The technique consists in first continuing to transmit to the heart of one’s own subtle body till it acquires the condition of mergence (Fana), and there-after emergence of the condition of permanent living (Baqa) in it. At this stage the next point, viz. the soul (Rooh) is to be taken up for transmission. When the condition of mergence at this point has been arrived at, and the emergence of the state of permanent living there has started thereafter, then the third point, viz. of fire (Sirra) is to be taken up. Similarly the process is to be repeated on and on with further points viz. Khafi and Akhfa (in Sufi terminology). The benefit of this will be a good and detailed stroll. When the state of awakening in the whole of the organic region has been arrived at, then this whole state should be forcefully connected to the brain which is called the cosmic region. Then, using the same technique to widen one’s condition, transmission is to be imparted to one’s own subtle body from here. When here also the condition of mergence, and thereafter the state of permanent living there is created, then this condition be advanced likewise to the next higher region viz. para cosmic region; and apply the same device of transmitting from there to one’s own subtle body. When there also the condition of the merging of mergence (Fana-e-fana) is arrived at; and the state of permanent living (Baqa) starts arriving thereafter, it should be advanced to the still higher region, beginning the same practice there as well. Beyond that thought will not work; and the need for a forceful guide will arise. I want this method to prevail in our fold.”

[12-02-1945: pg. 166-170 (A.B.II - II)]

Meditation On Soul
When I was in this last state of meditation on Soul, I was asked by my master in a dream to meditate on the soul itself and He told me the process also which was as below:

“Lie down straight upon the bed without movement and meditate upon soul for some time.”

I did it for a full month, taking leave from the office in order to devote maximum time to it. It was all due the Grace of my Master, and Master alone, that this process came to my mind automatically – each step itself giving a clue to the next step.

(1924 Pg. 25 A.B. VOL I.)

Orientation To Master
Instructions: “People have become embodiments of puzzlement. First of all, they will have to be brought up to a single thought, which is to be that of the Master. They have to be warned not to entertain thought of any other person. You too have to help them in this regard. Ripeness of thought will be your responsibility. If somebody may be against it, he has to be told to find some other home. This is the basis of the organization.”

[13-09-1944: pg.57 (A.B.II - I)]

“If something remarkable may happen, one should immediately get oriented to the (Master’s) controlling agency.”

[26-10-1944: pg. 47 (A.B.II - II)]

“In this age, the number of disciples looks like the number of Gurus (Masters) i.e. one can have as many disciples as one may like to have and the Gurus too are available quite cheap. This thing, however, indicates (is index of) a degraded period. Disciple in fact, is only the one who follows (in the footsteps of) the Guru: whatever the thought of the Guru shall be, that same would strike into the disciple’s mind and whatever the will of the Master shall be, the disciple would feel inclined to that same. Inward compatibility with Master is the main thing. This is attainable through association and this alone brings one to that side i.e. proves helpful to arrive at destination. Getting oriented in a single-pointed way increases relationship (Nisbat) to the Master, I mean development of dense connectedness. Faith and conviction being there is the method to achieve it, to take the help of reverence is the way to it. How much to tell anyway! The sum and substance is that one should try. In whatever way it may be possible, the examples of elders for emulation should be kept into view. The person who may be assigned just this job and the person who may be engaged just in this work, that person specially must have to keep oneself quite free from every unnecessary matter. That means one should treat those unnecessary matters like going to the toilet simply to ease oneself. The purpose remains to take care that while engaged in those unnecessary matters, there should be no jerk on one’s heart. This is the hint. If habit to this effect is formed, that habit itself will manage to have its rights and privileges fulfilled, as needed wherever and whatever. What happens to be the outcome of all this dictation? That same dense and firm relationship (Nisbat) with one’s elder (Guide or Master) be established, in whatever way possible; and all these (other) matters be made subservient to that same end, even though stated so briefly in the summary way.”

[02-02-1946 Pg.119 (A.B. II-III)]

”I like (want) to impart the best (highest) kind of (spiritual) training to everybody; but people do not get rid of worldly entanglements. No doubt, I am the deliverer from that; but the attention (orientation) of the practicant (abhyasi = aspirant) would need first be turned to that side (God). Even if one is not able to give it up entirely, one should at least have an inclination of mind to turn away from it. One need do something at least. How easy this matter is : one should turn one’s eye away from worldly troubles and connect one’s string (of heart) to that side (God). No system easier than this can be found. Here, responsibility is wholly dependent on the Guide (Guru = Master); and the disciple remains free! Only he / she (disciple) should not suffer from lack of faith, and should remain attached to Him (God). He (God) should be considered as included in every affair; and one should take oneself to be in obedience to Him (God = Master). When people need money, they try to befriend a wealthy person. Every effort to please him / her (wealthy person) is adopted for practice; and when that wealthy person becomes pleased, people remain prepared to offer extreme service to that person so that rapport (relationship) would come up to such level as to fulfil every essential need. Just note what amount of sincere effort is expended for that purpose! If somebody proceeds just like this with respect to God as well, and is able to please Him (God), can it be not possible that such benediction shall rush down as may not be available with any wealthy person!”

[04-04-1948: pg. 227-228 (A.B.II - III)]

Relationship With Master
Revered Master’s dictation: “For anybody desirous of high (spiritual) progress, there can be no method other than what has been indicated by Reverend Radha Ji; and it is just through this essential condition that anyone has ever earned progress in our fold. This includes my own example as well. Introduce just this (into your new system). First of all people should develop their own sentiment for their Master. By sentiment I mean that disciples should establish such relationship (with their Master) as might develop love in them. Then they may start following (their Master). The best relationship can be just what you have established with me. It, however, depends on one’s inclination of temperament towards the other (viz. Master). Reverend Radha Ji had taken up just this relationship in another form. I am also an example of it. There should, however, be no emphasis on this relationship for everybody. Just possible there may not be an inclination to it in case of somebody; and this prescription may not be useful in that case. This is the job of a person of a great heart. It is not to be shared by all and sundry. Only rare ones will adopt it. This may be emphasized in the spiritual get-together (Satsang). The form to be adopted can be anything.” (The above dictation was with reference to previous dictation received by Revered Babuji Maharaj from Reverend Radha Ji)

[01-12-1944: pg.110-111 (A.B.II - II)]

Complete Surrender- Method of
“When somebody moves on from one condition to another, there is an experience of a kind of non-movement. You can understand it thus (by a simile). Suppose someone is standing on this side of the bank of a river, and has to cross the river to reach the other bank. His first job, to cross the river, will be to find a boat. Then he will sit on it. Now, so long as he remains sitting, he will not have the experience of that sharpness of movement, which he had experienced while running to reach this side of the river-bank. This is also known as the intervening state (Barzakh); and it is occurring at every step (in the course of progress) in our fold. There are some people who cross this (intervening) river immediately, and they have no knowledge about it; while there are others, who take time. Anyway, if faith is firm and love is increasing day by day, all arrive at the destination, some day or the other. Lack of maturity, occurring there, is just in proportion to what remains here (on this side). There are innumerable subtle points in this system; and I give this assurance also, that whatever comes to be faced by a real seeker, is all optimistic. Progress is in accordance with one’s love for and faith in the Master; and the stages (of progress) too are in accordance with the same. One person reaching point B from point A, does not develop in him, what another person acquires in traversing the same course from A to B. Apparently, both may be said to have reached the point concerned, but the difference between their conditions will remain there, to the extent of the lack or excess of love and thought (remembrance) in them. Master performed His duty equally well in case of both of them, and brought both of them to the destination; but the disciple suffered a lack to the extent that he remained deficient in self-abstinence and performance of his (own) duty. All may measure themselves as against these principles, and know their stage to be in proportion to the quantity of love, faith and self-abstinence, existing in them. These things, I have mentioned very clearly today, so that people do not hurl objections at their Master in times to come. The best method of all, I am telling you today, viz. that one leaves everything to one’s Master. This is the best method: faith and love, all may get lost in Him, and the seeker has no knowledge as to what he may be doing. This means his perfect dependence (to be wholly under Master’s care). This is called complete surrender. There remains no complaint against Master; and nothing to do even with one’s own progress. Master may take him, where Master may like; he (disciple) becomes unconcerned with everything.

There is one more method, less meritorious than the above-mentioned best one. That consists in considering everything good or bad, whatever may come, to be from the Master.

[02-09-1944: pg. 201 (A.B.II - I)]

Quality Of Aspirants-A Caution To Trainers
Instruction: “I do not want Toms, Dicks and Harrys, who are below the mark, to fill up our Association (Satsang).” Submission: “The preceptors who have got permission (to admit people in the Association) do so unknowingly. They may be given some light, which may enable them to refrain from committing such mistakes.” Answer: “These preceptors possessing permission commit mistakes in their enthusiasm, without applying their intelligence. As such, I consider it proper that they consult you before admitting some new person to the Satsang. Only M1 is worth exemption in this respect.

[11-07-1944: pg.52 (A.B.II - I)]

Transmission-Techniques For Others
“If some person arrives, who does not sit for transmission and still be seeking to have his/her fulfillment achieved, there can be a method for such a person. This method can be better used by ascetics. The method is as following: Fast is to be observed for three days, abstaining totally from food. Only water can be taken. Salt and soda can be better used by ascetics. The method can also be used to some extent according to the need. Care should be observed to avoid scents and smells as far as possible. During these three days, after performance of necessary duties (such as toilet habits etc.), one should lie down in the posture of a dead person (Shavasana), and have the firm supposition that the condition of the Ultimate Being, which has connection to one’s brain is descending in one’s heart in a calm condition. So far as possible, this meditation is to be continued for three days (of fasting). Thereafter, this very practice is to be performed in the morning and evening, and even several times during day (and night) for three months, trying to maintain purity of thoughts. After three months, again, a fast for three days-and if possible for one week-be observed; and adopting the same posture (Shavasana) have the firm supposition that the heart has already got filled up, and now the same state, viz. the light of the Ultimate Reality, is penetrating in the soul (at the second point of the organic region). When both these things (heart and soul) have been set right, then three months later, again fasting is undergone, the duration of which is to be three days atleast, and one week at the most, which may be extended to fifteen days in case of a strong person. The same firm supposition is to be adopted at the sublimity of Sirra (fire plexus), i.e. third point of organic region; and then likewise the 4th and 5th points. At the 5th point, the period of fasting can be up to twenty-one days. However, the meditation is to be practiced everyday at the heart alone, having the firm supposition, that whatever points have been filled up through the austere practice of fasting up to the particular day are all filled up and (divine) light is amply raining.”

“When the organic region is perfected through this method, then one can get oriented to the cosmic region; but the method is different there. That method consists in drawing up all the power, created (in the organic region); and then having the firm supposition of assimilating one’s organic mind in the cosmic mind and derive power directly from there. Then this method can be carried on further, viz. beyond the cosmic region and still further.”

The method consists in having the firm supposition of the reverberation of (eternal) sound in the cosmic mind, and directing its jolt to the heart. This supposition, however, should be contemplated for short intervals one after the other. The supposition should be taken up in proportion to the force being created. At whichever point (or plexus) its jolt will be administered, awakening of eternal sound will start there immediately. However, I prohibit application of this method (concerning the vibration of eternal sound) in general, so long as celibacy is not established properly.”

[12-02-1945: pg. 166-170 (A.B.II - II)]

Technique for advancement
When one is to be taken up from the organic region to the cosmic, Surat (flow of remembrance of togetherness) be created in the cosmic region (Kubra) itself, instead of drawing it up from the organic to the cosmic region; and the two processes of Surat be allowed to develop perfection side by side, and so on and on. One end of thought (Surat) was kept in the organic region; and the other end was oriented towards the cosmic region. From the end that was kept oriented to the organic region, currents were directed to the five-fold sublimities of the organic region. The purpose was to let the organic region come up to perfection as well as to have the cosmic region opened up; and to bring strength to both regions side by side. This very method can be advanced to the points and regions further ahead of these regions.

[22-5-1945 Pg.21-22 A.B. II-III]

Training techniques-yatra
Revered Master: “Does anybody have the courage to be prepared to undertake such a hard course of spiritual training? The necessary conditions are that for twenty five years celibacy is to be observed strictly and an attempt to develop a strong body is to be made. Then one should lead a life as a householder. After begetting children, the relationship of husband and wife is to be maintained for some time in accordance with the standard scriptural injunctions. The (spiritual) practices and meditation etc. should also be continued during this period, but health (physical and mental) should remain a matter of care and concern at each step. Up to the age of forty years, maximum effort is to be devoted to becoming an adept in the science/ discipline of Divine Presence. At the outset of the forty first year, life as a householder is to be renounced, and one should start living at the place of the guide (Guru) and no other relationship except this is to be retained. Now the training which dear Ram Chandra has discovered and thought about, is to start. That consists in getting oriented to every plexus with one’s full force in such a way that each particle is being stuffed with full power of the Ultimate Being. This will take quite a long time. Every particle will have to be dealt with separately one by one, and requires to be cleansed totally. Every plexus should be dealt with just in this way, one by one. When all the plexuses of the organic region are cleansed and set right, one should take up the plexuses of the cosmic region. Then one is to arrive in the para-cosmic region, and the points thereof are also to be dealt with in the same manner. After completing the work up to here, every particle of one’s body should be taken up and the same amount of labour be devoted to them. When all particles of the body have been cleansed, a flow or tendency be brought up in them, so that they appear imbued in the same current or tendency from top to toe. When this is completed, the whole State be absorbed in the Ultimate Base. I understand that if this method be adopted in life, perhaps only one person will be possible to structure in a whole life; but a person thus prepared will have no example to match with.

[19-06-1945: pg.37 (A.BII - III)]

Revered Master: “Transmission for particular points and regions has very often been imparted and it has brought benefit. Transmission has been filled methodically and the benefit is also in the right way. Purposes were also achieved, and what was intended got performed. Elders continually achieved success and arrived at the desired goal. There have been continuous researches and discoveries concerning this, I mean spiritual education. However, when we come across a very superior system why should we not adopt just that superior method as our instrument for spiritual training and save time of so many years!

We start from the point of heart. The training of heart has specially been revealed to dear Ram Chandra. People should take from him clarifications for understanding about this subject. There will be many more revelations forthcoming in this regard, that will come to light at proper time. I leave this issue just here and come to the subsidiary parenthetical topic, which dear Ram Chandra has just now discovered. People will have to practice it as instructed. I am mentioning it briefly. There is no place lying vacant of the working of Nature’s mind. Who is where, he /she has to work in that same sphere. If that is reformed, the whole of its field gets cleaned. Hence it will be better that attention be paid just to that mind by way of permeating it with that power which constitutes our Ultimate Purpose or destination. It is first to be cleaned in the best way together with the cleaning of its field as well that has already got spoilt. This method I consider to be most appropriate. At every plexus this very condition will prevail and just this method of training will apply everywhere. Either one may continue transmitting to the heart alone, whereby all points will remain deriving light, though there will undoubtedly be the problem of slow growth in this case ; or else, after bringing the heart to some adequate state, other points, etc., which constitute real essence, be taken up successively”.

[08-04-1947: pg.188 (A.B.II - III)]

Balanced (Same) Condition – Technique of
The method for that consists in observing Nature all the time: the simplicity and fragrance of Nature. An estimate of the uniformity (or sameness) of Nature be formed and kept in view permanently, together with the thought that it is penetrating into oneself. It is necessary that the supposition of the same condition pervading all round inside and outside be also there and one should try to remain all the time in this thought. But, this refinement of character can not be reached through force of arms, if the benevolent God does not gracefully bestow it (Persian couplet). I permit that person to practise it, who has gone beyond the stage of Qutub.

[23-06-1945: pg.39 (A.B.II - III)]

Special Transmission Techniques
If someone is able to merge himself in the state, present at the back of the quiet-disturbing desire of the Ultimate Being, and then transmit, the effect will be terrific. However, this method cannot be applied by everybody. (Pause) He (Ram Chandra) just now effected more improvement in this method, viz. that first of all the darkness of the atoms involved in that disquietening desire, present in man, be snatched off; and then the brightness, which may also be designated as a kind of matter, be drawn away, but keeping the shape of the structure intact all along. The third stage, which is still better, and needs to be mentioned, just struck his (Ram Chandra) thought. That consists in removing even the effect of brightness (contained for quite a long period in the atoms), which they (atoms) have consequently absorbed. Now Purity is there, at which point sages and seers are unable to arrive. Even after practising worship and prayer for ages, that point still remains far off. Through these methods the aspirant finds his / her first step reaching at the very spot which remains so difficult to arrive at. What has been praised in the hymns of the Vedas and other scriptures, and has been described as worthy of being transcended, gets clear (attainable) even in the very first transmission. What is that point? The most blessed Sufi saints under Islam, have designated it as the region of Purity of Piety (Aalam-e-Qudsa); and in our own (Hindu) scriptures this is known as the undifferentiated state (Avyakta Gati) or the condition devoid of phenomenal illusiveness (Maya-rahit Dasha). If these methods are applied, the knots of Maya start to be shattered just to begin with. (Pause) This method never struck the thought of anybody thus far. This has made all difficulties easily melt away; and the trainer is saved a lot of labour. If this method is adopted for continuous practice, the condition that was available to my fortune, can be easily attained.

Special Instruction: Transmission of the third stage should be administered much later. There is general permission for the first; and for the second (permission is granted) only to special ones.

Order: The mind these days is becoming very restless; and it is being provided with a climate accordingly. As such the modulations (Vrittis) of consciousness (Chitta), i.e. mental tendencies fail to acquire peace. I, therefore, order that those among my progeny, who are capable, should first of all exercise control just over these (Chitta-Vrittis). In general, for those, devoid of proper understanding as to how much force is to be applied at which points or what practices are to be adopted through these methods, I will require them to take up the sublimity of the heart only; but remain cleaning every point, as hitherto (usual)”.

[12-5-1945 Pg. 16-17 A.B. II-III]

Ritualistic Tendencies – Getting Rid Off
The big toe of the right foot be fixed into sight, and meditated upon, fixing some point therein. God is omniscient and pervading everywhere. This state is to remain there for ever. Even at the time of total annihilation, That (God) is to remain all-circumscribing as It is now. When the time of creation arrived, boiling up set in and forms (and categories) were manifested. The way That (God) is pervading the human being happens to be in strange way, difficult to comprehend. For the sake of understanding it may be supposed that the brain is the Real Ultimate being (Asal Zaat), where from Its light or power is focused on the entire organism. Its extremity or end in the real way remains beyond (the grip of) comprehension, because of being limitless. For the sake of understanding and in respect to the strange way in which It is enshrined in the human being, it will have to be granted that the last part of It constitutes the extreme end of the foot; and what happens to be the secret in it is that this big toe and that top point in the brain are one and the same, beyond the possibility of any adulteration. As such being one-pointed on this (big toe) means getting one-pointed on one’s starting point; and this practice can bring about the desired result, which constituted the problem to start with. I instruct that those who have ritualistically scattered themselves over their feet, should adopt this practice (without fail). It is something that can make people struck with wonder, on comprehension or achievement of the desired result; but the society in general will have no appreciation for it, because this lies beyond the reach of their understanding. This is beyond all the rules (and regulations) that they have learnt or read (in books). When somebody starts this practice one must consult one’s guide because he understands everything better”.

[15-08-1945: pg. 50-51 (A.B.II - III)]

For Removal of:
If somebody has a special liking for something edible, then its effect viz. the essence of the liked taste be brought down touching the tongue, so as to be absorbed into the person concerned. Repeating it several times will remove that (liking) from that person.

[05-11-1944: pg. 74 (A.B.II - II)]

“There is a point where Maya (phenomenal reality - female principle - Nature), and Purusha (inactive intelligence - male principle) coalesce. This is the final stage of Maya (or Nature) and the starting point of the power of Purusha (or God). On the coalition of these two (principles) a forceful power is created, which can also be called the state of the whirlpool due to the force being in it. At the time of extreme weakness, therefore, one’s thought is to be brought into touch with that force in the form of a whirlpool; and the way for its arrival into one’s body may be opened. While bringing the thought up in touch with the force, the state of the whirlpool is to be comprehended as stationary, so that the reverberation may not get into one’s system. However, this practice is not for the use of everybody. Only those can practise it, who may have reached up to this point and gone beyond Prakriti (Nature or Maya). Some benefit may be derived, anyway, by everyone. The person having arrived in the region of piety (Qudsa) shall be able to practice it very well. One or two minutes only are to be devoted to this practice.”

[31-05-1945: pg.25 (A.B.II - III)]

“The method: Just now I spoke of the state of the whirlpool, where Maya and Purusha meet. Just a little below that point the thought is to be firmly fixed that the condition of that place is pervading one’s body and idleness is evaporating (thereby). This requires hard work. The foregoing invention needs only one or two minutes. This method can be used by everybody. One who does not have approach up to this region may have the thought that his/her thought being in touch with that place is attracting the currents and power thereof in the body. Just this is the method. The attempt should be to ward off idleness; and if it comes, this method can be applied. In case those who have developed this disease, viz. If their idleness (gloominess) does not decrease, they may practise this method continuously. There is permission for everybody to practise it.

[31-05-1945: pg. 26 (A.B.II - III)]

Another method for removing idle gloominess, which is easiest and can be practised by everybody. It is as follows: Transmission is to be imparted to one’s own face through the special power lying behind everyone’s back. The eyes should be kept guarded; and the thought is to be taken that the power (concerned) is bringing up blissfulness on the face. This will bring benefit.

[12-06-1945: pg.33-34(A.B.II - III)]

“In order to remove whatever be required that way (to get removed), the appropriate remedy be drawn out from the power-house (indication to Ram Chandra, Successor - representative). The thought is to be firmly taken up that this power (drawn from the power-house) is running over that thing (needing removal), which has grown impertinent; and that it is now losing its effect by itself. For essential cleaning the thought is to be taken that the current sufficient for the purpose is coming from the power-house and that the undesirable effect is getting warded off and has got (totally) removed. Cleaning is nevertheless essential so that the real thing may not impart power even to the (undesirable) dirt and filth.

[03-03-1946: pg. 130 (A.B.II - III)]

Special Methods – In Diseases
Prayer for relief
In case of prayer for giving benefit to some patient, it is preferable to keep a soup-plate, made of an alloy of copper, brass, and a kind of white metal (known as Phool in Hindi) full of water, allowing a clear gaze of the patient at that water, and then pray for his good health. However, in case of a patient in his last stage, prayer for his recovery will not be useful. For him prayer for pardon of his bad actions during life-time should be offered. This technique is strictly prohibited in case of a patient of tuberculosis. If however prayer be offered, then it should be done after separating thought (from prayer). In case of contagious diseases, prayer by way of duty should be offered separately, without the need of water being placed there.”

[12-09-1944: pg. 233 (A.B.II - I)]

Cleaning method That (method) consists in separating the subtle body of the ailing person from the gross (physical) body, and putting the illness of the patient in that (subtle) body. The subtle body should not be allowed to enter into the patient’s physical being so long as it is desired to keep the patient free from the illness. The disease is to be kept in the separated subtle body, which is to be returned to the physical being of the individual, after such cleaning of the disease. This method is not to be applied to all and sundry again and again. It can be used only at the time of some special need. If this method is needed for a long period of application, the subtle body is to be confined into a circle of thought, which should be shattered when the same illness is desired to be returned to the patient again.

[21-03-1945: pg. 231 (A.B.II - II)]

Use of Amulets
“If somebody be suffering from insomnia or mental perturbance or restlessness due to illness or in case of nightmares or hysterical weeping of a child without known cause or when one may be facing difficulties in life or tightness of circumstances due to poverty or even unemployment, an amulet can be given in the name of dear Ram Chandra. If protection of somebody on the battle front be needed, or protection of a fetus in the womb of a mother be required or even in case of post natal diseases causing death of an infant, an amulet be issued in the name of Reverend Lord Krishna. In case of mother suffering from repeated abortions the amulet can be worn by the expectant mother during the period of pregnancy around her neck; and the same amulet may be put around the neck of the neonate child, after birth.

“Preference is to be given to Hindi words (in the amulets). One precaution in case of amulets is to be observed, viz. the amulets should not be allowed to get crushed under feet. Preferably the amulets should be surrendered to the current of some river- stream. (Pause) In case of infectious diseases I may be remembered; but it should be kept in mind that my name shall go together with that of Swami Vivekananda Ji.

“Every Amulet is to be preceded by the letter “AUM”. These amulets will be possible to be issued only by such persons whom I permit, or whom somebody (properly authorized) would permit through me. (Pause) All these amulets are to be made public so that people may remain deriving due benefit. By ‘made public’ I mean that these are to be told to only good and God-worshipping people. This too is an essential condition in this regard”.

“Thus far there was materiality. Beyond this lies the sphere of spirituality. The initial spiritual method and the more developed method, which is for use by such practicants whose points below the cosmic region have almost all got fully awakened. (These two methods are already described on 29-5-1945. Reference cleaning method).

[30-05-1945: pg. 24-25 (A.B.II - III)]

Techniques - To Overcome

If at some time you feel very tired due to some journey and find a decrement in energy, you immediately open the particles of the body and merge them in cosmic energy. This will not require being done for more than one or two minutes. If there is any mistake in (applying) the method, I shall tell you. In case, God forbid, some disease occurs, I shall provide treatment at once. Keep water ready, apart from that, I am indicating what you can do yourself.”

“If some trouble may develop in the digestive system or diarrhoea may start, God forbid, then, having (firm) imagination of the sun, even when you are in the shade, draw red light (electricity) into your digestive system and this practice can be performed up to five minutes. Practicing it for more than that will bring the experience of warmth. If, God forbid, the trouble concerning coughing and catarrh be aroused, then draw in bluish (violet) rays of the sun into your chest; and this practice can be adopted up to ten minutes. If much tiredness is felt in the body, then in the first place I shall myself remove it; but in case you like to remove it yourself, then the technique for that will be to have the (firm) idea that a very soft (fragrant) shower from the cosmic region is falling on every particle of the body and freshness is increasing. If there is need for walking (a long distances), just for you, then you have the (firm) idea that the earth is moving backward and your steps are going ahead. This will shorten the distance. The higher the condition to which you have climbed to have this firm thought, the quicker the distance will get covered. These are miraculous achievements (siddhis), and are generally prohibited for common instruction.”

[24-11-1944: pg.93 (A.B.II – II)]

Sensuality – Control Of
“Code of sensuality (Hadees-e-Nafsa): This applies to somebody getting himself enmeshed like a spider, and the (enmeshing) yarn remaining unbroken unless jerked off. The technique, to get rid of it, consists in getting absorbed (in all engulfing) thought, as soon as the code of sensuality starts to be operative. The thought, herein referred, means that (single) consideration, which one has superposed on everything in one’s life. The method of cleaning it consists in breaking its (enmeshing) yarns by (the force of) transmission. This can be used also by oneself. Even great (and important) people fall victims to it. There is one more device to get rid of it, viz. that these (enmeshing) yarns be merged in one’s guide. This is a very powerful prescription, which I had put to use sometime. I had developed this complaint only once during my life-time. The device of merging the (enmeshing) yarns, consists in taking them to have connection to one’s guide. This is a prescription, not known to anybody: it is my own invention.”

[16-08-1944: pg. 164 (A.B.II - I)]

This kind of transmission should be administered after a lot of cleaning. First a lot of cleaning of the person concerned is to be carried on from time to time. When cleaning through different methods is performed sufficiently well, transmission should then be administered to the effect that the whole state that permeates beyond soul has acquired perfect purity. Transmission should be administered with sufficient stability to this purified state beyond soul. When your spiritual guide’s will ensures that pure transmission has cleaned the field, then the spiritual force of the person concerned be stirred up and filled up in the spaces of those cleaned up states. This practice should be applied off and on because human nature is just remaining engaged in something or other, and if the result of this has not become totally attached to God, some defect or other will remain being created by human nature”.

[26-05-1947: pg.192 (A.B.II - III)]

Strength of Mind
Prescription: “If organic mind is conjoined to the cosmic mind, there will be increase in the strength of mind. Though there is no need for you to do that, the power is there just at the back of your thought.”

[10-07-1944: pg.50 (A.B.II - I)]

Training To Women
Revered Master’s detailed instructions for spiritual training of women followed: “The best method of imparting training to women is in the first place not to have them seated in front of oneself; but adopting a sideways posture when an occasion is there (for transmitting to a woman). Having a curtain will be useful. When the transmission is to be started, have the thought once that God has created Nature as well, and the elements that are present in it (Nature) have got converted to the Ultimate Being. Then transmission be started. Transmission should be very calm, light and fragrant. She should not be kept at the point of the heart for a long period, as in case of a man; but this does not mean that she should not be kept there (at the first point of the spiritual journey) to the extent that it may be needed. As soon as her training may permit, she should be brought without delay to the point of the soul. Sharp transmission should never be given. This should be continually kept in mind, while transmitting to a woman, at whatever stage.

They should be imparted lessons for improvement of the household, and for loving their husbands, if present. In case of a widow, there should be instruction for developing love for God. If faith is very firm and the trainer is also very strong and of high capacity, she may consider the guide’s soul as God’s body and meditate thereon (which I generally prohibit). Meditation on Master’s form (Shaghal Rabta) should in no case be prescribed; and she should not be at all permitted to adopt it: It should be even prohibited. A wife can adopt this practice in case of having a husband: that is permissible. The spiritual guide should also take precaution that she will not fall madly in love with him. As such their training is very difficult. That is just the reason that Nature has not given them (women) share in these matters beyond what may be necessary. This practice should not be prescribed, except in some very special circumstance, in the case of an unmarried girl. There is no harm in prescribing prayer and a simple method of worship in their case. To my comprehension, it is better to make unmarried girls worshippers of Lord Krishna; but alongside (such worship) their minds should be made firmly convinced that Lord Krishna is an extremely revered and holy Being, and all that is written in mythological literature about His character and conduct is wholly misconceived and false. There is absolutely no harm in transmitting in absentia.”

[25-11-1944: pg.96- 97(A.B.II - II)]

The method of (spiritual) practice for women: Every female practicant, whether married or virgin or widowed should have the firm supposition (thought) at the point of heart that she is meditating on that which is pervading all (and everything). Revered Master: “I never came across any method better than this. This is really very useful for women”.

[13-04-1948: pg. 228(A.B.II - III)]

Theory Of Blood-Hounds
Theory of the blood-hounds. This is to say that the spiritual particles in the organism be sharpened to the extent that they devour the foreign matter, obstructing the onrush of spirituality and thereby illumine the spiritual element. This is a very good method and is exclusive in relation to spirituality. At each point, it can be put to effect individually, which will result in each plexus being set right by the use of this effective weapon. It is entirely automatic work. The method consists in introducing the particles of one’s thought, through the use of one’s will-power or spiritual force, so that they acquire the capability of absorbing the defects or gulping the obstructive factors. The particles of thought introduced into the system or organism should have the capability to that extent. It will be better to introduce atoms of high potency so that these do not get themselves deformed through the absorption of deformities or obstructive elements. It will be still better that either those particles be strengthened from time to time, or else they be sharpened, even at the outset, to the extent that there would remain no need of strengthening them off and on. I anyway, consider the method of strengthening off and on to be better”.

[04-08-1945: pg.48-49 (A.B.II - III)]

The Sole Essence (Sar Tattva)
“Now the method of transmission, noted down yesterday is further elucidated, in view of the principle of Nature. It consists in orienting the Ultimate Being present in perfect form towards those atoms which have acquired solidity through the continuous movement of revolving. The shape of the atoms, however, is to be retained, and not totally eradicated. Here is a warning: this kind of transmission is not to be administered in quick succession; and neither do every Tom and Dick deserve it. I am designating this method (of transmission) as ‘the sole essence’ (Sar Tattva)”

[11-05-1945 Pg. 15 (A.B. II-III)]

Will Power - Development Of
“How to make one’s will power strong without taking up any practice or meditation? The answer consists in that some work be taken up as the main one, and the other jobs be treated as being at the second and third place (in order of priority). This problem is still not solved. How is one to structure oneself so that this would start happening and a habit would be developed to that effect? The reply to this query is that one should first of all have the firm determination that strong will power has to be developed. Then he is to take up the work. The result of this will be that according to the philosophy concerning the causal existence, outlined by dear Ram Chandra earlier some time, an impression will be carved therein, and the work taken up from this point of view, will be helpful. Now the question arises as to how its impression is to be carved in the causal body! The answer to this is singleness of orientation. The problem remains yet unsolved. How is singleness of orientation to be formed? The reply to this is that one should first take oneself to be singly oriented. This is called supposition, which dear Ram Chandra has very often adopted in meditation on Master’s form; and it is just his (Ram Chandra) invention. The method of supposition consists in having the firm thought of only that which is to be done and brought to success; and create no thought against that. This practice can be applied in case of any worldly action, provided that it is right.”

[22-02-1945: pg.18-183 (A.B.II - II)]