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I sincerely took up the method of meditation after I passed the S.S.L.C and Matriculation examination . Within six months, I saw in meditation that the whole of my heart was filled with soothing light, and a plant full of light was emitting forth light from all branches and leaves. I continued practice. Six months later. I noticed a peculiar thing in my heart, that my heart was reciting the word “Om”. This we call Ajapa. How does it start ? If the Master infuses it with His divine Power it starts immediately. If it is left to the abhyasi, it gives a shaking to the heart twice or thrice when it starts. It also starts throughout the particles of the body which we call Anahata.

[Year 1922, A.B. I, Pg. 20-21, II Edition-1980]

Peace, Satisfaction and Restlessness :

(Clarification) “When I used to go to my Master, people used to come to Him for Realisation. Now most of the persons who come to me want only peace. Time has brought such a change. Restlessness is prevailing everywhere. Everybody is hungry for peace. But the difficulty is that nobody knows what peace is. If one who worships God daily is somehow not able to worship one day in the morning, he feels restless; and when he does it, satisfaction is there. People think satisfaction is peace, so they are not peaceful, but only satisfied. Actually restlessness comes from peace or rest which burrows its way to Divinity. Peace is the substance we want and restlessness is the instrument we use. What we gain from restlessness is peace. Restlessness gives you advancement to Divinity.

The state of peace is dormant, while the state of satisfaction is active. Peace at the Ultimate state becomes non-peace peace, and satisfaction at its Ultimate state becomes gross and heavy. Peace touches the silent aspect of God, while satisfaction touches the active part of God. Activity should be there if you want to come at real peace. Satisfaction is production of man, whereas peace is the production of God.”

[ 5-4-1928 (A.B Vol 1) ]

Kama, Krodha, Lobha, Moha :

“ There is nothing so important for a man as passion. Passions have been related in different ways in the scriptures of all religions. The true picture is something else. The first jerk of energy was passion. It was pregnant with all the forces required for creation. It came from the highest intelligence because that was the component factor to give movement to the Will of God. It also came to our share, but its beauty was lost because “I” viewed it from different angles. The centre of the highest intelligence and of passion is the same. It cannot be annihilated in any way or by any method, because it excites into action that which is necessary for man. Man cannot enter into the spiritual life unless he is moved with force towards it.”

[ 6-4-1928 (A.B Vol. 1) ]

“ Anger and passion are the creation of Divine. Lobha-covetousness, and Moha-undue attachment, are man’s creation. Nobody can destroy God’s creation, but we can only modify it. Destroy your own creation. When energy descended from near about centres, it worked for the creation. There were anti-clockwise movements all over. The result of this movement was that matter was formed. The movement was not less than about three lakhs per second. Had the movement not been so strong, matter would not have been formed. I formed some matter and that is the basis of all creation. There was movement, and also movement in movement. It caused some force which grew into rage ultimately. All these came into our share. Man is the epitome of the Universe. Since heavy movement was there it became a force of material character. When Will touches its depth, it produces a sort of irritation which one feels when one plays with it. The cause of heaviness is unbalanced movement. If balance had not been disturbed there would have been no creation. For every progress, rise and fall are necessary. “

[ 9-4-1928 ( A.B Vol. 1 ) ]

Anger - control of

“Question: [Pujya Babuji] “What is poison for spirituality?”
“Answer: [Rev. Lalaji Maharaj] “Anger”.

Revered Master elaborated in detail: “What effect is brought about thereby (anger)? The system acquires heaviness; and pressure is generated. As a result, the free and sublime current of spirituality fails to penetrate and blow through the system; and thought is not able to get rid of the burden outweighing it. Now the question arises as to how one can acquire freedom from it (anger and its effect). The prescription is here: one should consider oneself as humble and subservient (to Master). This should become a matter of trust and perfect belief; and one should remain practising it so as to get that same hue of humility and subservience penetrate every organ of one’s whole system. Every where this control of anger has been praised. Is not the anecdote worth mentioning that sage Durvasa was the guest of Lord Krishna, and went back fully happy there from? Has there ever been a Personality thus far, to stand in comparison with Lord Krishna? Everywhere, a cool heart alone has acquired praise; and just that kind of heart is needed in the sphere of spirituality. This heart is such a tender and light object that starts withering in even a little change in the flow of the breeze”.

[06-09-1945: pg. 56-57 (A.B.II - III)]


“The dying condition starts in all the plexuses when it is stronger then it is felt. It means that the abhyasi has become absorbed in the condition of the centre, losing his own identity.

Immense peace may perhaps be interpreted by the word Jnana. When we pronounce ‘Jnana’, the flow of sound shows that something comes out of the root syllable, stopping at the last syllable. Jnana. It shows that what is at the root should be at the end. When you are in touch with knowledge of the Absolute, you bring in something as Reality, displayed according to its different conditions. So Jnana is not simply knowledge for the purpose of knowing what one is or what one has in it, or what that is. Having Divine Condition speaks of True Reality. It is a sort of dance with certain movements produced by its effect. And there are different stages in it, which I have discussed in “Towards Infinity”. In short Jnana is not ‘knowing’, but ‘having’. This is the condition when knowledge and action become one. What the Divine displayed in its own realm, we begin to display the same in our realm with His power.

Actually speaking, at its highest point is the state of dissolution where remains nothing but the Divine. He is Absolute in His own cadre and we become Absolute in our own cadre. He is Absolute – He is totally Absolute. Knowledge swims at the surface and the Real works as the base. So “Real” is the only knowledge. So when we have Reality we become aware of it. ‘Real’ gives knowledge when it becomes Reality. The Reality within and without is Jnana.

[14.4.1928 A.B.I pg 39-40]

Surat (Condition) :

After years of practice when the meditation grows deeper and the thought begins to start one’s upward march, one comes to a point where one feels “I am the power myself”. It happens when surat comes in contact with glimpses of the Divine. It loses its own character and gains the Divine one. There one starts to feel “I am Brahman”. I give the meaning of surat in this way. When thought comes in contact with soul, a third thing , a spark, is produced. This is termed surat. It leads to the Highest. Thoughts lag behind. They have no accommodation in the sphere of divinity.

After some time when Surat leaps forward, it brings in the Divine character. The self has been effaced, so naturally one goes a little further and every step brings to its lot more of Divinity. So Divinity remains in his thought. Then he begins to feel the greatness , as his mind is also trained to feel it. There he develops to “All from Him (Brahman)”. A step back reveals to him a part of the nature of God – “All is Brahman”. This is the effect midway between charging Reality and going beyond. One feels that “All is from God”.

When all these stages are over an abhyasi begins to feel himself as above all that has been said above. Thus the real character of Brahman and of himself dawns. Going beyond, everything is silent, and silence itself becomes silent.

[ 4-8-1928 ( A.B Vol 1 ) ]

Deaf and dumb state

“Deaf and dumb state: Playing within yourself in your own character; Touching your own corner; Being absent to your senses. This is the stage, which a man arrives at when he crosses his own boundaries. This is not a permanent state. That is far higher than this. It is caller changeless condition. It comes during the march of freedom. This is the end of all the activities.”

[Dec. 1928, A.B. I, pg 50]


“Thought is the rust of Reality. The basis of words is thought alone. If thoughts are puree, the words will be pure and effective.

Devotion: Lashing in the wave of Almighty with unawareness of the fact of what I am doing and for what I am doing it. The highest type of bhakti is the unawareness of oneself, and of the process.

[14-1-1929, A.B. I, pg 54]


Ego is said to have been abused by all the present and past writers . The ego gives you strength for all the work. It points out to you that you have got the power to do a certain thing. But we identify ego with the body, instead of with the soul. It is the production of God, which you cannot annihilate. You should modify it.

Suppose a man has got an immense fortune and he is proud of that, he commits no sin because it does not do harm to anybody. What happens as a result of it is that the wisdom of the man becomes blunt.

[Year 1929, A.B. I, pg. 56]


“When a man, on his march to freedom, reaches the trikuti or cavernous plexus such conditions occur. The symptom of reaching there is that the abhyasi feels darkness all round even in the sunshine.”

[27-2-1929, A.B. I, pg. 61]

Anahat Ajapa

“ Anahat – Music of the spheres. There is a sound ever present eternally, which is not heard except by those who, by Divine Grace, have developed inner perception. This is Anahat Ajapa.

We meditate on the heart. During the meditation we naturally go deeper and deeper, till we come across the natural vibration which are sounded “Om”. It is a clue that one has started touching the “Upper” which ultimately reveals its own character. When ajapa is felt in the heart, it begins to travel all over giving its stress at the plexus, till it is felt throughout the entire being. Anahat really begins when one arrives on his march at the trikuti or the cavernous plexus, if charging there is in full sway. In any case, if anahat is not started while an abhyasi has his reach in the cavernous plexus, then it is the duty of the Master to start it at that point. This is the time mature for it. It can be taken even earlier, but Master is the only authority to judge it .”

[3-11-1929, A.B. I, pg. 76]


“Shab-e-Qadr can literally be translated as Esteemed night, or a night to be esteemed. Muslims believe that the Shab-e-Qadr occurs during Ramzan, and if a person remembers God during that night he acquires the merit of having remembered God for a thousand nights. This term is used metaphysically in Urdu and Persian literature.”

[4-2-1930, A.B. I, pg. 112]


“ The Thinkers have laid stress upon Samadhi, and some of them have stated it to be the goal of all activities. They did not mark the real substance. If we utter the word “real” the flow is smooth, but if we use the work Samadhi the stress is there in ‘dhi’; that means unevenness is there in the very word. Unevenness is not found in nature. Swimming and diving are different subjects. Swimming in the river we know, but we have to learn swimming on the dry land first, and then diving. Suppose we want to dive in the water in the state of Samadhi the unevenness of ‘dhi’ will not give you full diving. I give the meaning of Samadhi in my own way; I can say ‘sam + adhi’. ‘Sam’ means the state of balance; ‘adhi’ means what was in the beginning. That means the condition, which was in the beginning; i.e. when we came here for the first time. Now to utilise it, we should stick the word ‘adhi’ to the ‘sam’, that means that we have made this factor also beneficial to our approach so ‘adhi’ becomes the instrument for going to the state of ‘sam’. Now I relate my own experience. “It is the state where a man feels awakening in the benumbed state”. This benumbed state remains behind the curtain, and work goes on alright. In other words, it is sense in the senseless state. A man having this state can do the best work in the field of God and in his own field-the world. This state which, in my opinion, the angles crave for, only falls to the share of human being. What is above it, the word ‘silence’ can only describe; and there is something after it for which, if I use the word ‘silence’, It will be blasphemy to the Real Substance. To die in hunger is not saintliness.”

[24-3-1931 A.B I pg 202-203]

Full Absorbency In The Master

After, revered Lalaji experienced Maha Samadhi on the morning of the 15th August 1931 I found an utmost Force or Power both within and outside me which, my inner voice assured me, had been bestowed by my Master. My Master had gone into the state of Maha-Samadhi on the night of the 14th August 1931, but I had not known about it yet. This was the usual system of transfer of power adopted by saints of calibre. It was in fact the merging of the Master into me.

When I came back from my office in the evening, my cousin-sister informed me about this sad news of the passing of my Master. It came as a terrible shock to me, and the impression of the shock lasted for years; and it is still there, in a somewhat reduced state. I took leave from the office to go for the condolence, but I developed diarrhoea and the whole leave period was spent in sickness, which was ultimately pronounced to be cholera. The diarrhoea lasted for several months afterwards. After recovery from cholera I saw Him one day in a dream at about 7 A.M. in the morning. He asked me, “What is the condition of the diarrhoea?” I said, “It is continuing”. He said that I should give up Allopathic treatment. I left it form that very time. He then asked me, “What is your spiritual condition?” I said, “This, you know best”. I meant to say that it was His responsibility. He said, “Is it so?” I said, “Yes, My Lord”. He then gave me a jerk of transmission. I found that the whole of my body from top to toe was filled with spiritual force. When He gave the second jerk my heart was about to burst and I felt extreme pain in the heart. A third jerk would have ended my live, but for this very purpose Rishis of yore practised penance in the forest for several years, sacrificing everything at the altar of spirituality. So it was not proper on my part to have requested Him to stop the transmission. I had been to Master for this very object at that time. I was gaining it, for no price. I expressed myself in another way. I said, “Oh, Master! I do not care if I die”. When he heard it, he was almost startled and stopped the transmission.

Now I relate here the effect of that transmission. I found that for several days. He was seated in every pore of my being and in every particle of my body. It continued for some time. This is a highly developed stage which the saints crave for. It shows the full absorbency in the Master.

[15-8-1931, A.B. I, Pg. 28-29]

“During meditation another change in my inner feeling was that the idea of God seemed to be lost to me, yielding place to that of my Master, and Master alone. To me there was no God but my Master. I went on with it regardless of all other things, till I reached the level expressed by my Master in the following words in a dream when he left the mortal frame: “I become ‘Thee’ and Thou ‘I’. Now none can say that I am other than thee or that thou are other than me”.

[15-8-1931, A.B. I, Pg. 28-29]

Living Dead

“ Death: - I used in my book “ Efficacy of Raja Yoga “ a term ‘living dead’. This is the condition felt when a man becomes absorbed in absorbency – Phanaya Phana.

These conditions can best be explained in a negative way. I give my view in the worldly way. When the impressions of the past become very active, then Nature brings death as a Pause for rest, so that one may be fresh in the next life to undergo the results of action. Now we come to the spiritual standard of life. Here death means the oblivious state of mind, which rejects all that is there. As to how it happens, I am giving you my own view. The tendency of the mind is that it ejects what it gets. That is why man feels the rush of thoughts all the time. Thoughts are like the dust, which flies with the air, but constructs no building because they have no power in them. When you give them power, they become strong like the mound of white ants. Everybody has got life but we have to seek for life in life, which ultimately merges in its own essence.

We forget the rest in the cradle when we grow old. Similarly when we are highly advanced in spirituality, we enter into the new restful state, the state which we cannot conceive of, because the idea of rest is there; and when the idea of rest comes into the mind we begin to remember cot and pillow and it becomes almost artificial. Artificiality can only be lost when we are free from both the negative and positive ideas. In the negative you lose something. In the positive you gain something. So when losing and gaining are there you are in tune with Maya.

If we name rest as unrest and unrest as rest, then in the state of unrest we will say ‘I am at rest’. But for this every body must taste both rest and unrest. This really depends upon the depth of thought. The Ultimate base of every thought is Reality, which gives power to all that one asks for. The tragedy is that we go to the power alone, but not to the base of the power. Hence we commit wrong acts more than right ones. The real character is formed in saintliness, and the suffering is half over. The suffering is really that which we do not suffer.

The spiritual history of India hays that the Saints of India have prayed to God to give all the miseries of the world to them, so that humanity may be free from it. The people generally follow the spiritual methods so that they may be relieved from suffering. It is my idea that the saints are not to enjoy but to be enjoyed by others. Suffering and peace both become one at their base. The most wonderful thing I found when I travelled abroad was that people are hankering for peace. They know what is before peace, but they do not try to know what is after peace. If anybody asks for its explanation, I can safely say that non-peace peace is the real peace, and is nearer to Divinity. After peace is Reality, so loving and embracing. We start with the cradle and rest in the grave. That is the whole life picture of the human life.

In 1942 I had a dream of my Revered Master, who said. “There are persons who crave for wealth but they cannot dl anything they take me as their base”. He also described a meditation for me with instructions that this sort of meditation should only be done when the body consciousness is thoroughly gone, and the soul consciousness starts. This sort of meditations works by banishing the idea of soul. This idea should also leave one for good. It has come to my experience, for the first time in spiritual history that both body and soul ideas have got to be got rid of. Afterwards consciousness of consciousness should also bid farewell. This idea I have expressed in “ Efficacy of Raja Yoga”. The scientific world may not agree with my views because this thing is beyond matter and science cannot explain it. Real psychology is beyond mind, and the Reality is beyond and yet beyond.

The people generally may call it an ambiguous statement. Freshness is there but richness is not there. They are rich when they have got wealth; they are poor when they have got it. This is the real ambiguity, because they do not understand the real relation between these two. Both come from one and the same mother. So the mother is more important that either of these two things.”

[28-11-1932, A.B. I, pg. 238-241]

Change – Law of Nature

“It is the universal law of Nature that change should be there. What we see today will be something else tomorrow, the difference may be minimum. After night comes the day, and every change begets some result. If there is no change there is no basic principle. If there is no basic principle, there is no Absolute. It is only through the process of change that every object in the world gets fruition. A poet has said :

If the sky and the earth are there,The particle is destined to grow into lustre. Really revolution is the basis of all improvement. Movement gives growth, and growth stops movement.

[pg. 242, A.B. vol I]


Laya in Various Knots(point):-
At First Knot (Heart)
Dictation continued: “The condition of mergence at the point of heart consists in the state of having lost oneself remaining continuous, in spite of thoughts arising in the mind. There is an aversion to the incoming thoughts. Mergence or losing oneself is of various forms. It is there at every stage; but there remains difference from one to the other. The first form of self-forgetfulness (losing oneself) is called ‘heart-resolution’ (wherein the conflict of desires is the impulsive part of self is resolved). This is the condition of freedom from the heaviness (caused by conflict of lower impulses in ordinary life).”

[01-07-1944 Pg.46 (A.B. II-I)]

”What a strange idea you have formed! Your stroll of heart has already been completed. The first stage of the happy condition at the point of heart consists in the development of single- pointed orientation. The second stage is that of eternal presence (in front of the object of the orientation, viz. Purpose or Destination, i.e. God or God-realisation). This is not an ordinary happiness. The third stage is its oblivion. Then (after this) stroll begins, when revelation of so many matters is started. A stage further than that is concerned with experience (rather imperience); and expression through tongue does not remain possible.”

[21-07-1944: pg. 73 (A.B.II - I)]

At point of soul
“In the course of stroll at the (second) point of soul, all that is stated above remains in the shape of thought (subtler condition like supposition). Sentimental enthusiasm drops out. A sort of light condition is felt all around. A tendency to prefer temperance develops. Glamourizing inclination disappears. Simplicity begins to prevail. How much to narrate, as it all concerns imperience.”

[21-06-1944: pg. 73 (A.BII - I)]

Region of humility
Dictation continued: “The Humility, adopted by you, is the next stage beyond Qutub-ul-Aqtab. In creating this condition of humility, there will occur a decrement in courage (and self-confidence). No doubt, one has to come to it. Amongst our associates, nobody is endowed with the approach to the condition of divine revelation, to compare with you.”

What ever work will you surrender to me, I shall become responsible of it.” [Lalaji]

[23-06-1944: pg. 39 (A.B.II - I)]

Depression in spirituality

“One thing more comes to encounter an aspirant on the way to the Destination: he feels a sort of depression in his (spiritual) condition. Very often people bid farewell to practice and meditation in this state. For this, meditation on (Master’s) form is a well-tested prescription. In our fold, people mostly give up practice, when this state comes. This state is created, when the condition of the heart starts developing, and effects of Reality begin to descend into it: subtlety starts increasing, and intoxication begins to recede. When this condition starts, the blissful enthusiasm in it should be enhanced, so that the aspirant does not feel the (sting of) defect, which is not a deficiency, in fact. It has very often come to pass that just when this state started to develop, people gave up even tolerating a view of my countenance. I give my blessings to you that those who will come to you for training, and receive transmission from you, shall step into this state, but will not develop to the extent of starting to make complaints, nor will they come to despise your countenance for that. This state is there in you (The plan came to view), but you never developed this complaint. In fact this complaint develops in those persons who are not endowed with sufficiently sharp (spiritual) tendencies; and are moving on under lukewarm attachment and secondary consideration. In case of real endowment of genuine spiritual tendency, there is growth of inward liking for sublimity, with the growth of subtle conditions, to the same extent; and he finds the earlier condition manifold grosser in comparison to the present one. You had just this experience at every stage; and finally the state was such as to have no liking for transmission from anybody (else). There was submission to a sitting as a matter of courtesy; and very often it was avoided. This thing develops in case of advanced sensibility.”

[16-08-1944: pg. 164-165 (A.B.II - I)]

Of death in life

I have bestowed something special on dear Ram Chandra, which is not to be found even in great elder saints, viz. that sitting with him (Ram Chandra) will connect one to such sort of Grace, that there will be neither boredom, nor inclination to run away. That, however, is another matter that somebody may not have Brahma Vidya (Science of the Ultimate) as his fortune, and has come to you only under pressure or threat, and then intend to run away. One thing that is present in him (Ram Chandra), I am telling. The Grace that issues from him, flows in such a way that a person, whose senses have acquired a sleepy condition, may by chance get oriented to somebody in a dream. This thing was present in me. Transmissions of this kind are not available everywhere. Blessed are those, who have the fortune of togetherness with such ones. What more should I say: experience may be had to speak by itself. (The plan came to view.) This is the condition of Death in life, which is not the fortune of all and sundry. Great saints have gone away yearning for this thing.”

[16-08-1944: pg. 168 (A.B.II - I)]

[Rev. Lalaji to Pujya Babuji Maharaj] “You have effaced yourself to such an extent as to acquire perfect identity with me in every nerve and fibre of your being. Insult to you will never be tolerable to me.”

[14-07-1944: pg.58 (A.B.II - I)]

Of dormant senses

“Now tell, why a person of such a condition would not get Nature’s help! My purpose is not to indulge in useless flattering entertainment, but to enable them (all) to benefit from the knowledge of the characteristics of a rare person of highest cultural attainments. One thing, left out of the subject, under reference above, is to be noted, that, while going through all these practices, he (Ram Chandra) had rendered his senses so much dormant, that he had no impression even, with regard to these (senses). This is a very special point. My purpose, here, is not only to praise him – though in reference to considerations of his praise, however much may be said will remain insufficient. My purpose is, that people may try to become like that, so as to attract and orient Revered Master’s Grace towards them.”

[19-08-1944: pg. 179-180 (A.B.II - I)]


Refined form of
Revered Master’s instruction: “It is human etiquette to consider oneself as devotee and Him (God) as the object of devotion. People forget this status, and treat God as an instrument to serve their ends. This same illustration can be applied to the gods and guides. I have already told you about this. Take the example of people starting to offer flowers to my photograph and decking it with garlands, or your clerk starting to worship the wooden footwear of his guru. These examples fall under the category of slavish animal-worship. In fact (in such cases), the attachment does not remain oriented to that, whose shadow or symbol is taken as concrete object; and Reality goes out of view. With passage of time, worship of just such concrete objects comes into vogue. Discriminative capacity is that when the current that connects Master and devotee is attempted to be comprehended. This is the crux of the matter. This constitutes the definition of the refined form of discrimination. Everything else is subordinate to this.”

[18-08-1944: pg.175-176 (A.B.II - I)]

Powers of
Dictation from Revered Master: “Before the start of creation certain conditions were present in the form of mere supposition, in the Ultimate Being (Zaat). At the beginning of Kshobh (original upsurge or imbalance or stirring desire) those conditions (in the form of mere supposition in the state of perfect motionless balance of Ultimate Being), received a mild jerk (plan came to view). On the side having greater push of the jerk, those (conditions) assumed the form of a thick current, or, you can say, the particles (quanta) therein, which are needed for running the process of the universe, were thick and strong. In other words, it can also be said that those powers, that I have just described, were there to stimulate various characters (bases of right conduct). Just these forces came to be designated as powers of discrimination (Viveka Shakti). In some of these (powers) there was a greater part of intelligence; in some others there was more material for boxing and wrestling; in still other ones there was the dark state of ignorance. When these currents came down, they started attracting such light particles (atoms) that a state little denser than sublimity came to occur. When sages studied this philosophy, they gave these (original currents) different names. All these have connection to the human body. Just now the references to (the stories of) Ganesh and Swamy Kartik (mythological sons of Lord Shiva and Parbati) are all imaginary constructions only. Just a story has been structured to establish the prestige of Ganesh. It is (in fact) that force which is connected to the anal plexus (Muladhara) (in the human body); and this main current reaches up to the brain. In Hatha Yoga, just this is the first (rung of the) ladder; and the last one in Raja Yoga. Though this point is very dirty, so to say, yet on its getting awakened (plan came to view), all these (other points or plexus) are opened and powers are created. Times kept on changing; darkness continued to prevail; solidity kept on increasing; and Reality got progressively more and more forgotten. There was search for the waves, without having any concern with the water. Intelligence continued being covered with more and more veils. In consequence, novel stories were (structured for) establishing one’s own prestige and capability, so that those who read these stories may have the proof of their creators’ flight of imagination. The result was that only stories remained; and the same started being worshipped in changed garbs. Reality lost its identity in the waves.

[10-10-1944: pg. 7-8 (A.B.II – II)]

Obedience To Master

“There can be only two effective methods: either one surrenders oneself to the Spiritual Guide like a dead body in the hands of the person who administers a bath to it (dresser), or else one may labour oneself, comply to commands and go on making oneself deserving to benefit from Master’s transmission. People of second category can be available: those adopting the first method may also be found but quite a few in number. To tell the truth, there remains nothing to do in case of the person who is able to adopt the first method in the proper way. He too, anyway is not exempt from compliance to commands; that remains incumbent under all circumstances. Dictatorship remains always effective, specially in matters of spirituality. Thereby I mean to say that the person on whom Divine commands descend has no say in the matter of compliance to such commands”.

[30-06-1947: pg.195 (A.B.II - III)]

Dependency On Master:

“Nature starts taking care of one who has surrendered oneself totally to It: the eye of that great Power (Nature) starts getting fixed on that person. The example of switch comes into effect: no sooner does the chain receive a jerk than the voice (sound) from the above (divine) descends! Persons of this (level of) love are scarce; and this thing is difficult too! So, we seek our Master’s support; and moving backwards (proceeding on return journey) this same state comes up at long last. Some persons do not at all give up the reliance on the Master: they certainly retain this defect! At the end i.e., on physical dissolution (leaving the body), both (those who surrender totally to Nature and those who retain reliance on the Master up to the end) arrive at one and the same state. I had, anyway, adopted this very aspect (reliance on Master) up to the end; and had advised you too to do likewise. When the force of will fills up the abode of dreamless deep sleep (sushupti) the current of Nature starts flowing”.

[25-12-1947: pg.206 (A.B.II - III)]

Fly With Both Wings

“Elder Masters have given lots of explanation on Dharma (religion or duty or righteousness). I feel they have not left out anything. However, I am telling for understanding by way of elaboration. Just listen. A person is born to an agriculturist/cultivator, and adopts the way of life accordingly. He starts going to fields with plough and bullocks, and produces wheat and corn etc. laboriously. Just this way of life begins appearing as dear (interesting) to him, and he starts devoting time to the same. Apparently (by way of apparent ornamentation) he performed and kept on doing his duty until finally death over look him and he went out of life and world. One duty he certainly performed, but the other duty remained unperformed. If together with this worldly duty, he had devoted also to that duty, which constitutes the purpose of life, would it not have added charm (beauty) to mundane affair of life, and both things, worldliness and other worldliness, had run side by side! What was the shortcoming? He attended to what was apparent to his view. His vision did not go beyond that. How could it have gone ahead anyway, when he had found his mother and father engaged all the time in the same mundane affairs. He had no understanding to press the point so that the power from above would have started manifesting, whose deformed shape he had seen in this life. How could he have experienced that something was there even above and beyond, when he had seen that personal bringing up and necessities of life were fulfilled through the earning arising out of manual labour (of hands and feet)! The answer to this can be only that he should have gone to that spiritual side even while keeping this material life into view, and that he ought to have developed rapport and association with some person who would have led him to that spiritual side. That way, he would have remained away from worldly dangers as well as made his life and world look better (beautiful)”.

[23-01-1946: pg. 118 (A.B.II - III)]

Intuitive Comprehension “Intuitive comprehension of the Vedas had descended (on seers) exactly as it is coming upon you just now. Only the shape (of it) was somewhat different in accordance with (the difference of) the times. If your connection had been tuned after that (old ) way, you would not have been able to comprehend (anything ). Due to the practice of celibacy (Brahmacharya) generation after generation, people possessed such a plan quite naturally, as (it) used to be identical (to and) in harmony with the voice of the Nature. It just needed to be touched off. Simply on account of this, intuitive comprehension (Shruti) has adopted a different shape now: What is coming to you, is also the voice of the (unknowable) Transcendent.”

[14-10-1944: pg. 21 (A.B.II - II)]

Idol Worship-Problems Of

Revered Master: “How did idol-worship start? And what for? These two questions are mostly causing worry to people. Some one goes in favour of it; and somebody else stands against it. Both are unacquainted with reality. The midpoint between these (extremes of opposition and favouritism) hardly occurred to anybody’s experience. Someone took up the stone, while somebody else adopted something else as an object of worship. Things of a different sort in relation to that (attitude) so to say, came to be places for general worship. Someone started offering flowers to books; while somebody else did something else like that. Rivers and gutters started being worshipped. Canes and whips (torture instruments) came to be objects of (universal) worship. Slaves (and servants) came to be saluted. Innumerable forms of worship, so to say, were invented as associated to that (attitude to God), as a result of which, preference for multiplicity ensued. The Oneness (of God) started to get veiled; and curtains after curtains came to cover It. It would have been better to give the heart to some single object, to be fixed for worship. Just listen to something more: when an idol had been established (as a concrete object) in front of oneself, it assumed so much the role of God, that it attracted the imploring gaze just to itself, whenever the need for God was there, instead of assuming the manifestation of God’s splendour (in that idol) in making it the centre of one’s attention. People in fact direct their desires for fulfillment to God, but their thought starts to remain confined to that (idol) only. If they go a little higher, and continue rising up that way, it may be possible that happy tidings of advancement trail on them. But here people are hardly ever prepared to give up that (narrow attachment to the idol). There was a time when nobody happened even to be aware of it (idol-worship). Then thought started whirling about to get inclined to gods (deities). Ingenuity came to asset so that deities were sculpturized. These, however, were not intended (originally) to be objects of worship. Later, gradually regard for them began to reverberate in the heart, and God started to be linked to that (sculptured idol). The craftsmanship of the sculptor attracted the heart even more in that direction. Grossness was increasing in keeping with the (deteriorating) times. As such, preference for the gross object got the upper hand; and interested people (with selfish ends in view) imparted more glamour to it (idol worship). That, thus, finally directed orientation and inclination of the mind’s disposition to it; and interest was developed to such an extent as to snap off the link of the heart’s disposition from the higher entity, and looking to nether regions (of self-seeking) ensued. This is harmful as well as beneficial. I have to repeat that benefit out of this (idol-worship) can be derived only by the one, whose aspiration is linked only to God, and who may suppose the idol only as the concrete means for fixing one’s eye on. It is also not to be taken as such for the whole life-time; but waiting for that time should continuously be there, when this (attachment or dependence on the idol) would start dropping off automatically. This is possible when taking it only as a means. This (idol-worship) is useful for those who are stupid, and remain unable to move on any further unless they adopt something concrete to satisfy their gross attitude. In fact, there is need for a guide even for this also, who may have acquired such capability at least, as to take a stupid fellow forward, while keeping him at his gross level”.

“This article I have dictated just by way of indications. As the circumstances may prevail, and according to the trends, the inquisitive aspirant should be taken forward and made to cover stages, having regard for all limitations. During my life-time, I had hinted at some time that wandering sages, on noticing the calm serenity of some place, used to bow down their benign look over that (place, to charge it with grace)”.

Revered Master: “This happened mostly in the temples, which were frequented by a large number of people. They (wandering sages) used to hypnotize the idol so that even the stupid people may get some effect on sitting before it. This is another kind of technique (imbuing the idol with vital force), which is the invention of the sages. They started doing this, when such a system came to prevail”.

[ 24-10-1945: pg. 62-64 (A.B.II - III)]

Lord Krishna – Relevence Of

Dictation from Revered Master: - “If some one initiates against these instructions, it shall be ‘contra initiation’. You issue orders (to that effect). Elders of yore have praised your faith (in your Master) quite a lot, even though (your) style was impertinent. If I had not made you beware, there would have occurred a conflict concerning leadership of spiritual guidance; and the purpose would have remained only half realized. Your permission from Kabir-panth (sect) is intact. I had got permission from Kabir-panth, Dadu-panth and other sects: all those permissions shall remain in tact. All initiations shall be effected on my hand; and their connection shall be (invariably) with Lord Krishna. At the time of initiation a promise will be made to the effect that all that Lord Krishna has enjoined as matters of principle, shall be observed (by the initiated person). This I am laying down for the future. Make an enquiry from me, when the opportunity may arise. About the genealogical tree, your tongue uttered the right thing. It is exactly like that, even though a little before time.”

Rev. Lalaji’s explanation to Rev. Babuji regarding the connection with Lord Krishna.

Lord Krishna’s dictation (to Babuji): - “You should not feel sorry for the turn of events today. I desired to put you directly into the chain of my system, so that my chain starts anew with you. You included your Master in it. I liked it much. Only (your) style was objectionable. That, I have pardoned.”

[Note:-My experience was that apart from my revered Master, a current was connecting me (Babuji) to Lord Krishna, and my Master was not included in it. As such, I submitted that I wanted it through my own Master. On there being delay in receiving a reply, I was just going to cut off the connection, when Revered Master’s voice forbade. “Don’t do like that; I am also included.”

Revered Master explained: -The delay in reply was caused because He (Lord Krishna) wanted to orient (redirect) that current through me (Revered Lalaji Saheb) on your request.”

[12-10-1944: pg. 10-11 (A.B.II - II)

Janmashtami – (birth anniversary of Lord Krishna):

Revered Master: “Letters be issued to everybody that every year from now onwards, the first day of Lord Krishna’s birth anniversary be celebrated by observing a fast. Light meals be taken only once during the day; and attempt be made to keep one’s thoughts pious and virtuos”.

(Generally Lord Krishna’s birthday is celebrated on two days in India by two different sects of Hindus. The orthodox adherents of the scriptures, viz. The householders, observe it on the first day, while the more liberal ascetical Vaishnavites observe it the next day).

[19-8-1945: Pg. 52-53 A.B. II VOL III]

Liberated Souls - Sensory State Of

“When an elder (divine or sage) becomes free from the physical body, the forces which work in collaboration with the physical body, get merged in their original source, in a state of oblivion; and the sense organs of that person get into the dormant state. In other words, it can be also said that the organs of sense acquire compatibility with their original source. This is to say that the ions (Paramanus) that are present in the Ultimate Being get stuffed into that person’s being. (The word ion has been used for the sake of understanding only: it will be better to designate it as the characteristic of the Ultimate Being). The extension of a person like this acquires a width during his life-time, that remains established exactly the same even after physical dissolution. It can be called the state of the Infinite. So the presence of such a being pervades all nooks and corners like sky (void) or air. Thus, if somebody acts in some way through sound or thought, that action creates a sort of wave in that vibration (of sound or thought). To take an example, when somebody visualizes something, the force of vision gives a jolt to it, and being sufficiently sensitive, one becomes aware of it. This is just how liberated souls remain aware of everything (relevant).”

[17-02-1945: pg. 174-175 (A.B.II - II)


What is love, when I do not know why I love Him and what for? Sometimes in the state of love, emotion follows. Sometimes a man begins to weep and sometimes he feels in the weeping mood. Emotion no doubt is a human weakness, but I may allow it as it happens naturally. I causes no harm but gives a little benefit. Generally, the weeping comes when a man cannot bear it; in other words he is wanting in the capacity to bear.”

12-4-1928 (A.B Vol.1)

Real Love

The real love is that, when there remains no awareness of one’s love for Master, or of Master’s love for oneself. This state develops in one person only; and the person, in whom it is developed, has no knowledge that he loves people or they love him. The person, in whom this has developed, has established connection with the Ultimate Entity in one jump. Such an example rare in the world; and it is not to be expected from everybody.”

[11-07-1944: pg. 53 (A.B.II - I)]

Stages Of Love

What is Love? Jut the shadow of the Ultimate Being (Zaat) and the real essence of man (humanity). How close (at hand)! On coming in the light, the shadow fades off! To understand (comprehend) Love, just fix (establish) three stages: The first is what is generally available (everywhere) needing no illustration. One remains involved unnecessarily in every worldly matter (affair) without any benefit or even concern to oneself. One gets so much entangled (in worldly matters) that little, simple affairs cause sadness and even deep-rooted grief (and shock). On coming to (slight) relief, there occurs change (alteration) of state to the other (opposite) extent. The second stage lies above this - quite far above, it may be said - when care (worry and anxiety) does exist no doubt, active participation in work is also there, and one feels trouble and pain, as well, but the difference (from the first stage) consists in there being no sadness (weeping) or deep-rooted grief / shock. Moving still further and on climbing up to the third stage there is only the thought just of going on with work continually. Labouring hard and yet if the desired result is not coming (achieved), it is taken simply as ordained that way by God! On arriving at this stage, divine thoughts start and that attachment begins, which is to serve as the instrument of work ahead. Just proceed giving (administering) turn (that way) to it; and (simultaneously) moving (turning) away from that side (worldliness). Removal of this in the final way and according to need is the starting point of the purity of Love. The expression ‘giving (administering) turn’ is meaningful. There is a proverb (in Hindi) viz. a horse acquires glamour and becomes useful to the same extent that it is given (administered) turns (training). I have dictated this briefly. Just this thing developing slowly and gradually takes one up to the farthest end”.

[ 07-04-1946: pg.147-149 (A.BII - III)]

Love and Knowledge

“What a nice question concerning devotion (love) and knowledge (enlightenment)! Suppose somebody dives in the ocean to find pearls and encounters the situation that whichever mother of pearl he looks for, just turns out to be spiral- shell, even though that itself would yield pearls: what will be the state (condition of mind) of such a person ! How disappointed he is to be; and just possible, he would give up the effort (practice of diving), thus being deprived of collecting pearls forever! Knowledge (Enlightenment) is Purity (Khuloos)! The filled up (soiled) thing (mind) is inclined to filled up (soiled) thing (object); and purity (Khuloos) happens to have inclination to purity (Khuloos)! When vacuity (Khalaa) is there, air finds the space for expansion. Suppose somebody is brought to where vacuity and vacuity alone would prevail even though there certainly would exist that, out of which pearl is structured: how far can that person be expected to have inclination (interest = Raghbat) for that place! Knowledge (Enlightenment) happens to be that, out of whose expansion and contraction, pearl is structure; or you may say that by bringing the pearl to its pristine (real) state, that thing is developed (structured) which happens to be its (pearl’s) reality! Love (devotion) that comes of itself (automatically) without any effort, when brought to its real state, becomes knowledge (enlightenment)! Shall I say something more, brother ! By bringing knowledge (enlightenment) to real state, there remains that which is sought after (the object of all search)! What I mean is, that on real observation and comparison, knowledge (enlightenment) and devotion (love) cannot be the real (object of seeking). That (destination) happens to be beyond these even; but proceeding through devotion (love) we arrive at knowledge (enlightenment), and that (knowledge = enlightenment) having come to real state, we find that which is real and just real! If we take up knowledge (enlightenment) first, we get away from devotion (love): when we take up devotion (love), we do not get away from knowledge (enlightenment)! Both items are necessary to the worshipper (person in search after the Real), but in the following way: the worshipper (man of God) takes up (practice of) devotion (love), and knowledge (enlightenment) is bestowed unto (upon) him finally. This is to say that taking up devotion (love) happens to be the sign of worship (being one in search after Him, God or Ultimate). We have taken up (practice of) one thing, and the other thing is got bestowed of itself (automatically).

When we have entered this thing (knowledge = enlightenment), we have arrived closer to that of which it happens to be the extract. Proceeding further, the Real and Real alone remains. I am of the opinion that devotion (love) should be taken up (adopted). There is no harm in taking up (practice of) knowledge (enlightenment) as well; but brother, that way happens to become lop-sided!”

[02-04-1948: pg. 226-227 (A.B.II - III)]

Point Of Firm Determination

“The capacity for exercise of discriminative intelligence is enhanced when ‘purification of the lower self’ (Tazkia-e-Nafsa) is achieved. The ‘heart’ or ‘lower self’ is unduly despised generally. The source of thoughts is this (pointing to the forehead between the eye-brows), which is technically called ‘Trikutti’ or ‘two-petalled lotus’ or ‘Ajna Chakra’ or ‘point of firm determination.’

[01-07-1944: pg. 46 (A.B.II - I)]

Point Of Effectiveness

“This point has been discovered: it lies midway between the points A and B. Quite close to it lies the abode of dreamless deep sleep (sushupti). There from one line goes to the upper half of the heart, as shown to have two parts in the efficacy of Sri Ramchandra’s Rajayoga”.

“In this whirl, a thousand boats got shattered (lost = ruined) so that even a single plank failed to appear (come up) at the bank ! (Persian couplet). The Hindu sages have very often designated this point as ‘Bhanwar Gupha’ (whirl cave). The flight of their thought has gone to the part of the brain, and that has been supposed to be the Whirl Cave (Bhanwar Gupha). In fact this is the reflection of that.”

[25-12-1947: pg. 207(A.B.II - III)]

Principles Of Nature (Asbat and Nafee)

Revered Master’s dictation continued: “Nature has two principles - one positive and the other negative (Asbaat and Nafee). Nafee is the designation for ejection or elimination. When pus is increased, it is eradicated through this power. Asbaat is the name for (the process of) compensating the loss. These very principles are continuously operating since the very start of creation. Whatever comes to be really lacking gets recompensed by devotees; and what happens to be in excess is also brought to normalcy just through them. Nature does not have hands and feet. It is a machine continually at work. You (man devoted to the Ultimate) are the one to weaken, as well as the one to strengthen the machine of Nature. When the machine of Nature is very strong (and functioning well), that period is designated as a good time. The times are said to have suffered degeneration in proportion to the extent of the machine (of Nature) going weak. Satyuga, Treta, Dwapara and Kaliyuga are all divisions (of time) with respect to the same (characteristic of strength or weakness of the machine of Nature). At the present time, this machine is running very loose: its various parts have gone very weak. As such, Nature’s attention is getting oriented to this direction. The result is clear. There is really no secret in Nature. It is something very simple, which is the proof of Master’s perfection. The ability to observe (and grasp the relevant and real) in the servant (person of the Master or Lord) is the (necessary) condition. Instruct every Qutub (under you) that whatever difficulties may occur during Satsang (spiritual get-together) be solved from here, i.e. through dear Ram Chandra; and whatever order be issued is to be taken as God’s order and acted upon.”

[01-11-1944: pg. 67-68 (A.B.II - II)]

Real Man

“Revered Swami Vivekananda Ji has revealed many secrets about you. My reference is not to your praise. About events (happenings), anybody has a right to comprehend anything. People have a notion of state of Avatar (incarnation) fixed in their hearts that by sitting (being) close to and receiving transmission from him, one gets rid of (the effect of) sins and thus attains to liberation. Certainly this thing was there in case of the incarnation of Lord Rama and Lord Krishna: whoever reached close to them, no doubt crossed the ocean of suffering. This anyway continues to be like that; and this thing remains attached to every incarnation. It is not, however, a joke to grant liberation; that is a different affair (matter)! Can any body feel proud that this thing happens to be just in his hands? To tell the truth, making someone cross (the ocean of suffering) in fact - what shall I say due to paucity of suitable work - is the job for a school-boy! Real man is the one who would liberate somebody in the real sense! What if one is sent just after winding up, in which case return has to be there when rewinding (recoiling) process is completed. The real thing, so to say, is liberation! Shall I say - is there a man of the field who is able to do (perform) this (job) ! Is there one? Yes, there is the one in whose hands Nature has put this (instrument) : only that one can be like that! I must have to say one thing more, anyway : it is also against Nature’s law to liberate somebody without making him / her suffer (or enjoy) the fruition of impressions (samskaras = accumulated tendencies or impressions of actions) ! There have been persons in whom this capacity (power) could have been there; but they lacked expertness concerning eradication of impressions. As such they just kept quiet! Nature has really filled you up to the brim in this regard: it has bestowed both kinds of expertness on to you. However, my advise to you is that you use this instrument very rarely. Who will know and understand? Who has such capacity (for comprehension)? Oh, Alas! Alright, alas, because nobody will be there to comprehend this state! You will go away carrying this thing in (upon) your breast (chest). May someone (at least one) come forth to take this secret from you to the extent of possibility. I did structure; but only one could be possible (for me to structure)! The whole purpose (aspiration) of my life was just this! God just demonstrated that I could create one such a “Nothing” person! Brother, for such person, only this word (Nothing = Insignificant) happens to be appropriate: no other word fitting enough seems available. All should try to be just like that! May my (spiritual) progeny come up to be like that, Amen!

“People can mostly get startled at this word “Nothing” (insignificant), that such a word has been used for a “Mahatma”, which means “Great Soul“! In my vocabulary, no word better than this is available for “Mahatma” (Most Reverend Great Soul). Just this happens to be his characteristic (qualification)! These notes are getting (growing) so confidential that anybody can subject these to ridicule (make a fun or joke of these); and take it all as praise dictated by himself (Ram Chandra)! I like these things to be limited (confined) to such circle, wherein people may learn lessons (out of it)!

“Dear brother, these things can come up in a person, who would be devoid of desire (longing) except for one thing; and whose every effort would get directed (oriented) just that way! (pause) The reply to the question (concerning way of functioning) is like this (here): even if you perform that way i.e., eradication of impressions (of somebody), you cannot be held guilty (suffering from defect) for anything. That (eradication of impressions) is just within your capacity (power). However, my advice is just what I have dictated above viz., not using it even if the capacity (power) is there. If there is order, never shirk! May some (at least one) man of the field come to you, who would take these things from you to every possible extent”.

[08-02-1948: pg. 218-221(A.B.II - III)]

Reverential Oblations – Techniques Of

Once, you reached Fatehgarh at the time of my father’s day of reverential oblations. I was busy offering (spiritual) satiation to my father and forefathers, in a room, keeping a mug full of water in front of me. You grasped the technique, just then and there. Now I am telling you what had been left out at that time. In case, God forbid, some aspirant may develop heat in the brain, while receiving transmission, then this method, I have given to you practically, will be useful. It consists in keeping a glass or mug, preferably of an alloy of copper, brass and a sort of white metal known as Phool, full of water, in front, and then establishing the freshness of that water, in a very subtle form, it may be oriented to the brain of that aspirant two or three times, who will thus be cured (of heat in the brain). This is also the treatment for insanity; but its use is prohibited. This is a good technique for giving benefit to forefathers, by way of external application, but everybody cannot apply it.”

[16-08-1944: pg. 166 (A.B.II - I)]

Silencing Of Passions

“About following the principles of life, already dictated, only one method is best, but it is very difficult as well. That (method) consists in silencing one’s entire passionate orientations to the extent of having no concern with anybody (and anything). The taste of this (condition) will become available sometime in the company of dear Ram Chandra; and it has already been available.”

[19-08-1944: pg.180 (A.B.II – I)]

Silence - Nature Of

“Not having the heart in talks (and conversation) is called silence, i.e. when conversation may go on as needed, and one would have no interest in it.”

[04-09-1944: pg.207 (A.B.II - I)]


“Master is one who is taken as ideal; and Master Associate (Sohbati) is one who would bring that ideal to ripening. Keep your heart free from worldly suffering. This will be achieved through association. The association of that person will be beneficial, who has an approach up to the stage of Qutub (Dhruva-fixed pole star or regional personality). Our by-gone representatives were connected to Qutub.”

[30-06-1944: pg.45 (A.B.II - I)]

Spirituality-Definition Of

“There can be several definitions of spirituality; and people have given its various definitions at different stages. Everyone has constructed its definition in accordance with one’s own condition; but it is that simple path, which having been traversed, all the dust and din, thorns and thistles leave the mind alone; and thoughts take such a turn as to become (firmly) settled so as to be aware of nothing at all. Nothing, not even a subtle point, remains in view: there is neither self-awareness, nor any concern about family, nor even a longing for the Ultimate Being. This is something superb, which is available very rarely in the real sense. This alone is real spirituality, on arriving at which the entire army of the five-fold sensuality gets merged at its posts; and the person concerned finds his/her condition as that of a corpse. All the wealth remaining there, one does not have awareness of it. In other words, it may be said that he/she becomes as one freshly descended (from eternity) at the beginning of creation.”

[24-11-1944: pg.94 (A.B.II - II)]

Stability – Meaning Of

“I feel that people hardly understand the state of stability. Just now, this problem is good to have come up. Stability really means staying, i.e. what Master has bestowed would come to stay. Besides this it has no meaning. The actuality of the state, which M1 wanted to describe, is that Reality would come to be experienced. Can he (M1) say that this thing is not available to him? People are taking Reality also in a wrong sense; and connect it to terms like glamour and sharpness, which is entirely wrong. The condition that comes to experience, while Reality remains there, has its form or example like the sun and its reflection or shadow. State is subservient to something, and does not have stability. This condition is beyond description; and can be understood through experience, which is also something special that can only give an indication of Reality.”

[05-09-1944: pg.208 (A.B.II - I)]


During my meditation, as I wrote in my diary, I felt a peculiar condition which the following couplet will reveal:

Sar rahe shaktiar me, sajda wo sajda he nahin I
Bandagi aur bakeide hosh kufr hai, bandagi he nahin II

That bending down in prayer wherein the control over one’s head is retained is but a misnomer. That surrender and submission in limitation of awareness is blasphemy and not surrender.

When you go to the Master for the sake of spiritual training you generally trust that he can be of some use to you. When you have experienced, then faith develops. Submission, at its highest peak, becomes surrender. How to achieve the state of surrender is the general question among the minds of the persons who have realisation as the goal. Surrender means no “I” or, in other words, to wash away the idea of “I” ness. For this the easiest way is that we should feel dependency on God almost all the time with attachment and devotion. If you try for surrender “I” is there, which develops, making is stronger and stronger. In this way instead of trying to jump into the water one jumps into fire.

[1928: pg. 34-35 (A.B. I)]


“I will bestow something on you before annual function.”[Rev.Lalaji]

Submission: “As it may please you, my Lord. I have surrendered all that is mine to you (Persian half couplet).” [Pujya Babuji]

Answer: “I also recite just this: I have surrendered all that is mine to you.”[Rev.Lalaji]

Further Instruction: “Make a note of this, so that future generations may have a lesson about the extent to which you have established consonance with me.”

[19-07-1944: pg. 72 (A.B.II - I)]

Submission: “When I am surrendered to you, every work is also surrendered to you.” [BABUJI]

Answer: “That being so be perfectly at ease. However, the active concept of work will have to be in your mind, since you alone are my instrument.”

[23-06-1944: pg.40 (A.B.II - I)]

Surrender and perfect dependence on His will (and pleasure) is held to be the final state: No doubt, however, that its beginning and end happen to be just nothing (nowhere): it may come up just anywhere (and whenever)! It has been observed that elders very often started just here from (with this state of surrender and perfect dependence on His will and pleasure; and this too has occurred that this thing came up (to pass) during the course of (spiritual) journey. Very often this fell to one’s fortune after traversing some spiritual stages (of evolution) : it all remains subject to one’s courage and moreover His will (and pleasure) to bestow this (superb) state on to a devotee! (Pause) The sign (indication) of the quality of perfect poverty (Improvisation) happen to be humility, softness, inclination (orientation) etc.”

[24-10-1946: pg.164-165 (A.B.II - III)]

Clarifications of commonly used terms in Spirituality:-

Revered Master defined and explained certain technical terms, commonly used in the context of spiritual theory and practice :

  1. Peace (Shanti) : Perfect peace requires that taunts and rebukes, fouling up and fisticuffs, received from others, flow down like water from the smooth surface of an inverted jar without causing any effect on it. Tolerance under compulsion does not fall under this definition. In the initial stages, compulsion is needed for habit-formation.
  2. Conjugation (Wasl): It is there, when all longing and quarreling (outburst) is over: neither intense desire for togetherness nor pangs of separation should remain. How-ever, if somebody adopts this in the beginning, it will be wholly wrong and misleading. The passion should be only for the union : that is the aspirant devotee’s job; and that remains God’s Grace, viz. to rid the devotee of longing and quarrel (outburst). Spirituality is the name of lightness: that is to put it briefly in a single word, or else I have given its perfect definition in my (dictated) notes (already) somewhere.
  3. Passion/longing (Jazb): “It is of two kinds: lower and higher. In case of the lower level of passion, there is continual aggravation of the mental tendency: this is more beneficial in the initial stage. The higher form of passion is that whose one illustration has been cited yesterday by Swami Vivekananda Ji, viz. ‘Your love is like a secret fire in the wood.’ That is to say, inward smoldering in love would continue, without any aggravation of the heart being created. The real meaning of passion (Jazb) is attachment. The amount of attachment can be said to increase in proportion to the intensity of the relationship or conjointment (Nisbat).”
  4. Good conduct on the way to God-Realisation (Sulook): In the first (superb) form of it, everything, I mean concerning one’s own condition, appears to be in a sleeping state. Then there are second-rate forms of it. The first rate conduct on the way to God-Realisation is rare to find.
  5. Faith/Conviction (Atiqad): Firmness of faith is there when one’s link with Him (God) is established so as to be never diverted, even to the extent of finding oneself beyond control with respect to do that (diverting of faith). Achieving such conviction/faith should be attempted.
  6. Dependence / Faith (Bharosa): Briefly it is having / finding at any time nobody except He (God), nor having/finding any help other than His to depend on.
  7. Thankfulness/Gratitude (Shukr): To remain happy under all circumstances is called thankfulness.
  8. Gratitude/obligation (Ehsaan): This is the condition where in one is never oblivious of His remembrance, and considers Him alone every moment as one’s own. He means God: worldly obligation is not meant (here).
  9. Contentment /Patience (Sabr): To be contented under all conditions, without the thought of something better occurring to one’s mind.
  10. Craving (Talab): Nothing except God is to be craved for.
  11. Longing/Pining (Tadap): This means restlessness; and it reaches up to the reality of love. This remains ( verbal) meaning; and now listen to its definition : real longing is there when no current except that would arise in the heart.
  12. World (Duniya): It is that wherein everybody desires one’s recompense.
  13. Transcendence/Hereafter (Uqba): It is where nobody has to do anything with anybody else, i.e. no attachment is felt (with others). Swami Vivekananda Ji explained: “Interdependence is the idea of our Lord as regards the world. The other world (hereafter/ transcendence) comes just in opposition to that. Heaven is nothing but the condition of being devoid of these two things. Heaven means the condition itself.” Revered Master: “Now dear M1, note down a (Persian) couplet from me: ‘Heaven is where no trouble remains; when nobody has anything to do with anybody else’.”

    Swami Vivekananda Ji gave some more definitions and explanations:

  14. Maya: It is nothing but the dark side of God.
  15. Purusha: It is the bright side (of God).

[15-03-1945: pg.210-213 (A.B.II – II)]