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The Subtlest Method


Message at Madras on 09-07-1972 on return from tour of Western Countries

God is simple, and the method followed to achieve Him is also simple and straight. Man, technically termed Homo Sapiens i.e. wise man has tried to seek God. Thought when purely Divine, can reach the Source without fail. If corrupted with attributes and qualities, Realisation also becomes corrupted and degraded. Gross methods give grosser results. Meditation on the simple, pure and Ultimate alone can save man in his crisis. This surely makes him more and more simple, bringing him closer and closer to the Original Home. As you think, so you become. There should be the subtlest method to realise the subtlest Being. There should be one method, one Master and one God. Of course, selection you will have to do yourself. The density of the thought can only be removed if we take to the subtle method. My experience in this field is that if you want Divinity, the method should be easy, smooth and natural. The boy likes the toy in his tender age, and as he grows older, love of the toy is gone. He seeks other things for his enjoyment which are subtler than those he loved earlier.

I find great difficulties here. People follow what they want and do as they desire but expect the result to be as I want it and which is so dear to them and to me. The result is that a sort of block is formed. I find this in many hearts. This hides the Reality and keeps it out of the sight of the Abhyasi. If I am to be held responsible, I will request you to follow what I say. JAPA, people do without even knowing how to do it. Similarly there are other modes of worship which they do in order to please themselves, but not to please God. I want to create naturalness in you but you prefer mechanicalness. In this way, you see the mirror from its back.

It is a pity that we do not read authenticated books say, Raj Yoga. Raj Yoga sets in when other things accumulated by wrong Practices are gone. Preceptors clean grossness out but people enwrap it again. So you have to seek the solution yourself, just as you have to walk on your own legs. Of course, energy is needed for it, for which our help is indispensable, and is ever available.

I had hoped that today I would see many of the higher personalities of Madras in our Satsang, but I find only a few.