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Superstition and Spirituality

The following seminars were conducted based on this article:


All the religions of the world have been started when we have found the necessity. Some start from the core of the Being and some out of the outer aspect. But all of them try to touch the Divinity above all religions. They prepare the masses to dive deep into the Reality. They succeed in many cases and fall short in some other ways, because the religion is for the masses and spirituality is for the selected few. Since millions adopt the religions with some views which their status of wisdom warrant, now, they burst out into branches because the people of different mentalities adopt it. At one side there is high thinking and at the other side there is gross behaviour. But these things play their own part in the spheres they have formed. Now both grossness and subtleness exist. To the subtle minds the idea of the greatest is understood and to the grosser minds only the idea of grossness is evident. Now the thinking has become gross.

They connect the grosser things with the religion and if even a lie is spoken a hundred times it becomes the truth. Similarly the same thing and their adverse belief have become the part of the subject of religion. When we are out of light we fall in darkness. When we are out of wisdom we become fools. When we are out of Reality we become Satan. Now they have come down to the adverse state of Reality. They begin to imbibe that which is not in consonance with Reality. In other words animalism begins to spread into them and they begin to peep into the state which an animal has. Some times they will think 'Since I tamed this cow I began to get enough money, I tamed a horse and I have a grandson'. So such ideas are nurtured. Such conditions when observed for some time breed so many other ideas which we call superstitions which themselves denote they have no meaning. But this is the result of only gross thinking. When we take the finer aspect of grossness we begin to think ourselves spiritual. That is also a superstition. They think of what they are not really. If milk is adulterated in wine it remains no more milk.

In any religion which becomes old such things creep in and then saints come to remodulate. But unfortunate it is that such saints do not come at all times. That is because we do not call them for it. Why do we not call them? Because superstitions become in the mind of the people a religion by itself. And they are so immersed in it that they do not think what is above it. What is above the superstition is really a power which can call the saints. And that is the spirit required for the transformation of the lives of whole of the world. A doctor can cure a disease but the shepherd cannot. What is the call of the present day? Nothing but the energy issuing forth from the centre. Either it should burn us or it should embrace us. That should be our thought if we really want our transformation, for which we should come forward like a warrior in the field to test our own bravery for the task.