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Craving of the Soul

The following seminars were conducted based on this article:

Message on the Eve of His 82nd birth day celebrations at Malaysia on 30- 04-1981

Dear Brothers,

Man is generally charmed so much by the environment as he has made for himself unconsciously, that he seldom thinks of rising above it. But how this is to be made possible? When we ponder over it, we find that we have set up in us a community of thoughts, feeding it with impulses, nurtured in the nursery of the brain, views from all corners resound the same note in their ears giving additional strength, and intensifying the effect of the environment further. This helplessness of man may be treated as his defence. But I would say, when once we have realised that these are the spoiling agents, it means some diversion has come in. This may be taken as the first step towards vairagya or renunciation, and our thought is then set on something better and nobler. Our duty is to grasp it firmly and stick to it at all cost. The renunciation develops automatically in our system.

The goal of life is easily reached if we are devoted to it, having idea of our Master all the way through. There are different ways of remembering Him constantly. By devotion to the Highest, we make a channel from us to Him that serves as a path to Him. When the way is cleaned of all dirt and refuse, there will be no difficulty to tread on it. The path is cleaner in proportion to our devotion. You receive a push from the heart, while meditating on Him, to impel you on the way. The dirt and refuse are our conflicting ideas. While meditating, if you secure even a temporary lull, that means you have gone a step further on the path. You will find the conflicting ideas disappearing, when you are on your way to the path. When you acquire a state of permanency in your meditation, touching the innermost plane, the idea of the Ultimate or God becomes quite near you.

While referring to this path to the Ultimate, saints have said 'beyond and beyond'. When we speak thus, it sounds very well. But when we try to do it, things become a bit difficult, for due preparation is not there. 'I' consciousness remains far and near, and it disappears also, if we do our abhyas devotedly. There is a common error almost everywhere, that they think 'I' as an enemy. That is a negative attachment, which makes it hard and impossible. When we think of 'I', it becomes stronger by our own thought force, brought about by concentration. Try to forget the 'I', it will help a good deal. Once Divinity dawns, the negative attitude to life goes far away. The demolition of the past is a chapter in Natural Path.

When we think of the goal, its longing brings the distance in view, because we have become used to such sort of thinking. In the beginning we enter what is behind the matter, and we touch only the ground and not the Reality. The echo of voice diminishes when it travels a long distance, and then there is silence all around. I believe that this is a clue to remind us that we can get into the better state, if we enter into the life, from which silence starts. When we dive deep then we bring pearls out of it. The wisdom of man is that he should make the unfavourable things favourable. In other words, we should try to succeed in converting the whole of the material force into spirituality: and it so happens in Natural Path system, if we get a competent Master. All the fibres of our being become spiritualised, and Reality begins to radiate. I am preparing such souls that they may have the full benefit of my services.

There is every sense in living - not only in living but achieving the highest. The craving of the soul can be satisfied best, while one is living and existing. Nobody knows the shore. The beauty of the training of my Master is that spiritual life runs parallel to the life in the world, with ever increasing efficiency. Once you have decided to attach yourself with a system, where regulation of mind is the responsibility of the Master, please give a fair trial, and have your own experience after sometime. There cannot be any breakdown in spirituality, if faith and desire for the Ultimate is there. Physical or mental troubles do not tell upon spirituality. My Master unequivocally declares: 'Spirituality is my responsibility, as practice is your responsibility'.

Religion is really the signpost on way to God realisation, but you will have to pave the right way for yourself. Problems are so many with all humanity; and as such as one remains attentive to a problem, it becomes a stumbling block for him. Disappointments make us cowards. If somehow we remove the prefix 'dis', 'appointment' remains. That means we have been appointed for something; and when appointment for certain job has been made, we can never think that we are unable to do it. That means a sort of a wave is working smoothly, and you are carrying on with it. In that case, there is no idea either of the past or of the future. Be like a tiger in the realm of God, and progress is assured.

The main purpose of our Mission is to install spirituality in place of the prevailing non-spirituality, through Natural path, pronouncing Master's message: 'Awake, O sleepers, It's the hour of the dawn'. The change, of course cannot come over-night. The aim of our Mission, will, however, certainly be achieved, if its members work with love, patience and co-operation. I need such persons in our organization, who may shine out like the sun. People themselves will be attracted when they know that our method is correct. One lion is better than a hundred sheep; but we should try as human beings to do spiritual good to others. Earnest labour on Master's way shall never go in vain. Amen!