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Raja Yoga


It is Rajayoga alone that can spiritually lead a man upto the highest level of approach and none else.

1. What is Ramchandra's Rajayoga?

The kingly thing in us is thought which ultimately develops, steering us to our goal. Raja Yoga is the old system of science followed by the great rishis and saints to help them in realising self or God. It was prevalent in India long before the time of ramayan. It was first introduced by a great Rishi who lived 72 generations prior to Raja Dasarath of the surya vamsh (surya or sun dynasty). He was swimming in the central region, being mostly attached to the centre itself. The state was akin to that of the present Personality now working for the change, as required by nature. He discovered due reality of the world with its cause of force in existence. He found out that the motion or stir of some power from beneath the centre brought the present world into existence. That stirring thought is in other words called "UPADAN KARAN" or "KSHOBH". It is the outcome of the power, which is similar to or identical with the thought power of man. He then took work from the thought and with it he started training. That is the basis of Raja Yoga or the king of yogas.

Ramchandra's Rajayoga is the remodeled system of Raja Yoga based on the experience of my Master.

2. You said Ramchandra's Rajayoga is a modified system of Raja Yoga? How is it different from Rajayoga?

It is not different. It is the system based on the experiences of our Master. As they say "old wine in a new bottle".

3.The special feature of Ramchandra's Rajayoga,you said is pranahuti, What exactly is it and how does it work?

It works wonders provided you test it. It is divine power used for the transformation of man. Transformation is the result of transmission.

4. Are all the methods good?

Well, all may be good, but I tell you milk is good, but to some it gives diarrhoea. So they must avoid it.

5. What is the difference between a Philosopher and yogi?

Philosophers are born in the cave of the mind. Yogis are born in the cave of the heart. So, please for mental questions, consult a Philosopher and a Yogi can reply to questions pertaining to the real craving of the soul.

6. What are the Basic Principles of system?

The system presents an easy and natural path for the attainment of the ultimate under the spiritual training, the action of the senses is regulated in a natural way to bring them to their original state. The lower vrittis are subjected to the control of the higher centres of super consciousness. Hence their perverse action is stopped. The higher centres, in their turn, come under the charge of the Divine centres and in this way the whole system begins to get Divinised. All changes in man's being are brought about in a most natural way through the process of Transmission. The Regulation of Mind is the job of the Master and not of the abhyasi himself. When the individual mind is brought to the state of Cosmic Mind, the manas assumes its real form and begins to give proper guidance. If somehow we turn the mind's downward trend towards the Base it will become quite calm and peaceful. It is only the help of one of Dynamic Personality that can turn it towards the Base.

7. Is there any punishment if the abhyasis leave the system?

No punishment. I am telling you one thing only co-operation is necessary. Here much sacrifice is not needed.

8. Can this be done by anybody in Grihasta Life?

Yes, it is for grihasta generally. Others can reap benefits by practicing it.

9. I am following another Guru for the last 8 months and he has given me a mantra? Can I follow that and also follow your practice?

I must tell you plainly that there cannot be two channels. One may interfere with the other. You may stop one and practice the other for sometime and then decide which one you want to follow. I can't understand why people are reluctant to change the Guru. A Guru is taken for one's own spiritual progress. If he can't give you what you want, then you should seek for another person, of course, you should be respectful towards him but you should tell him that since he cannot give you what you want you are going to another person.

10. How do I begin Yoga?

Yoga begins not with you but with God.

11. Some say that if you take up Yoga, you may be faced with afflictions and calamities?

This is the view of the ignorant and weak minded persons alone which must never be accepted on practical grounds. Besides, as for myself I would say that if even the whole life is to be sacrificed for its sake, it is not much because thereby we shall be saved from hundreds of rebirths entailed with all miseries and sorrows.

12. What are the important factors on the path of Raja Yoga?

The most important factor in realisation is self confidence in our own capacity and power to achieve success. One of the essentials in the making of man engaged in the spiritual pursuit is moderation. Moderation is a characteristic of nature.

13.Rajayoga, does it mean renouncing worldly belongings, Master?

I do not mean to induce any one to give up his worldly belongings and bid farewell to his domestic living but only to attend to every thing in the sense of duty entrusted to him by the Divine Master.

1. RAJA YOGA teaches us the method to be identical with the Master of the real life. If one makes up ones mind to taste the nectar of real life, no power whatever, (Maya or anything) can check him off from his determination. We do not say that one may keep aloof from Maya, but that if one exercises oneself to be one with Him then the problem of life will be easily solved.

2. Philosophy is the way of thinking, Yoga is the way of doing and Realisation is the way of undoing.

3. Unchanging condition is the true state. A man gets a condition of dead-aliveness when he goes so much away from worldliness that it appears to him as unreal as a dream to a man awakened from sleep. Complete negation is that in which we get so dissolved in God that we neither know ourselves nor Him. The object of Yogi is to get control over nature but he can get full and complete control over it only when he merges himself fully and completely in God.

4. True Bhakti is devoid of any physical or material desire. It is actuated with the real craving, a craving which when fulfilled does not give rise to another in its place but ends all cravings. It is in the true sense the reminiscence of the Homeland which is the final end of our journey.

5. Attachment with it may otherwise be interpreted as "constant remembrance" and that is what Bhakti implies in the true sense.

6. The real sacrifice is not to leave the job or office or retire to the forest, but to use your own self, that is needed in the true seeker.

7. It is striking to note that almost all the great teachers utilized THOUGHT POWER which is predominant in man. The governing principle of Raja Yoga is the Thought power.

8. Raja Yoga is a system or science followed by great Rishis and saints to help them in realising self or God. It is not a new religion. The kingly thing in us is thought which ultimately develops steering us to our goal.

9. Raja Yoga starts with meditation so that the individual mind may leave its habit of wandering about. One may even, meditate upon luminous truth or even upon a human form, a big soul or personality of calibre, provided he has selected such a Master as his guide. When one begins to love such a soul which becomes the object of his meditation, Nature's power then begins to run through him, for the great soul is endowed with such power.

10.Ramchandra's Rajayoga does not treat grihasta life as an impediment in the divine pursuit. It recognises that the worldly life and the Divine are in fact the two phases of natural life which must go together side by side in conjunction with each other. It is a process of give and take, do and feel and not read and enjoy.

11.The rays of light divine, are all rooted in the light, never for a moment separate from it. The numerous plants and trees, though outwardly separate are all rooted in the Mother Earth, and draw their sap of life from her. Let us also find our roots in the Master, and get merged with Him.

12.The Master by the application of his inner powers, awakens and accelerates the dormant forces in the abhyasi to action and diverts the flow of Divine grace (current) towards his heart. The abhyasi begins to advance spiritually, experiencing more and more bliss.