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Stages and Conditions


It is necessary for every one to realise the conditions infused into him. One should develop the necessary sensitivity which comes only through sadhana. The stages of progress reflect growth to higher and subtler levels of consciousness

85. Is Samadhi necessary for evolution?

I am telling you one thing Every one is hankering after Samadhi. But it is not at all necessary for evolution. I mean spiritual evolution. For evolution it is not at all necessary. I always speak on some basis.

86. Can you say something about Samadhi?

If it comes by itself, it is not bad. But there must be divine consciousness and with the help of that you should proceed. If consciousness is not there, it is nothing.

87. What is the special will?

It is that which admits of no doubt or misgiving. In all matters whether worldly or spiritual, a man should make use of it and try to avoid harbouring thoughts of a failure or disappointment. Though in fact it relates exclusively to spirituality, yet it does not mean that the science should not be utilised for worldly purposes. For a spiritual man the use of it is, of course, indispensable and he can utilise it whenever he likes.

88. Please explain aura?

The aura is inside, not outside the body. There are only three colours in the human aura-red, black and what is called brilliancy. The black is very bad and shows vice, misconduct, etc. Red shows a short tempered person one who is wrathful. Brilliancy shows spirituality. The colour appear along the facial outline, along the cheeks.How to read the aura? Just peep into the condition of the person when the aura, the real one inside, will be revealed.

89. I saw these colours only on the surface of the facial skin?

This was correct and this is how these colours appear.

90. What is peace and how it is transmitted?

Peace is the inner consciousness of the Being and is transmitted from heart to heart.

91. What is perfection?

When all the powers are so developed that moderation reigns through out.

92. Master, can you explain to me what the "SELF" is? What do sages mean when they say "SELF"? Is it God?

It is not God. It is other than God. The idea of the individual is in the Self. It is the result of egoism.