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Sufferings and Miseries


Total absence of sufferings and miseries in life is however impossible and unnatural .In fact they are rather meant for our betterment ,like bitter pills of medicine given to a patient to restore the health.

93. How to remedy pain?

When pain passes the limits of intensity, it becomes its own cure.

94. Master, I have been told by some other people that colds and other certain kinds of diseases are caused to come about because of our negative thoughts. It that true?

Of course it is correct also. Well, heart attack, the chief cause of heart attacks is the confusion? When you are disturbed, your thoughts are disturbed. Then comes confusion. And spirituality cleans it. It is very good tonic for the heart and the mind, very good tonic. It brings in natural order. Although it is not that man joins this mission may not have heart attack. It is not that. But this is helped by it, not to bring that thing as a disease.

95. Can I pray to God for deliverance from pain?

Physical ailment is really meant for the cure of spiritual diseases because thereby it consumes some of the samskaras and increases the power of endurance as well.

96. Is suffering necessary for spiritual growth?

No. They are also left behind. But I am telling you one thing. There have been saints in India who presented themselves before God with the petition that all the miseries of the world may be given to them. Excuse me for saying this, but you now compare yourselves with them.

97. What is misery?

All that is born of attachment is misery. Pain and pleasure both contribute to misery.

98. Is it necessary to have pain to get closer to God?

It is not necessary. It is for me alone. My Master used to suffer from great pain. He had abscess of the liver and used to suffer very much, but when he was in a very great pain he used to sing. I asked him why. He told me that when a person is in great pain he has to groan or make such noise. My master once told me that he would easily have removed this trouble in one minute. But he did not do so because he felt the pain was given by God and who knows why God had given it. So that was my master-submission to Divine Will.

99. I have adopted a Guru, why then am I having suffering?

When you did the actions which caused the sufferings, did you ask the Guru?

100.Can there be cause, which might not have any effect?

Every cause can be so provided that the field of action is not allowed to be formed. If the field of action is not there, the cause will have no effect.

101.Master,can afflictions lead to worship of God?

Some times it also happens that an intense shock of some worldly affliction converts a worshipper of matter into a worshipper of God. It is because man being connected mostly with humanity, the shock affects a depression in the line of humanity, causing thereby a vacuum. The gap is instantly filled up by Divinity which is running parallel to it. The deeper the vacuum, greater and more permanent shall be the effect there of.