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The general rule is that the light should begin to flow automatically and when without being aware of it ,people begin to receive spiritual benefit from a person, then he is fit to be made a trainer

105.How do you select Trainers?

When there are four or five things before you, how do you select one from them?

106.Yes, I see. But why do you prefer one person to another?

For qualities. If a man has good qualities, he is preferred. A man can also be made to have good qualities.

107.What kind of qualities do you mean?

Sympathy, charity, service, thinking good thoughts-these are some.

108.How do trainers work?

One chief instrument of work for the Trainer is the will. The methods that the preceptors follow for the abhyasis are meditation and prayers. The other necessary methods are resorted to by the Trainers themselves for the elevation of the abhyasi.

109.What about personal limitations of the Trainer?

The personal limitations of the trainer do not have any effect on the abhyasi. What he apparently seems to be transmitting comes direct from the Unlimited. It is not really the teacher himself who is imparting anything to the abhyasi through transmission, but the Great Master who does everything. The trainer must, however, have his will sufficiently developed to effect the course of the flow towards the abhyasi.

110.What is the role of Trainer?

Trainers do good work. They only begin; it is the Master who completes it.

111.What is the relationship between the trainer and the abhyasi?

Doing is the duty of the trainer, Becoming is the duty of the abhyasi.