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A man of heart can be discovered only by one who is inspired with a feeling of true love.

122.What is love?

When you do not know why you love and what for you love, it is love.

123.Love is that a feeling of reality?

Love? No, it is not the feeling of reality, it is the way to reality!

124.How universal love can be achieved?

The real thing is to transfer all love to God. Remembrance of one brings remembrance of all. If I love you, I love your children also. There is a society which has been preaching Universal love for the last 40 years, but there is no success. Why? It is because of hatred, the presence of hatred in the heart. Remove hatred and love will develop by itself. So you should not work on it, but on its base.

125.Can we just think of love all the time?

"Love is opening yourself to reality".

126.Does love develop attachments?

We should love all but without feeling attached towards individuals as such.