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A state of perfect tranquility and moderation in complete harmony with nature

136.Who is man?

Only he who is inspired with a sense of humanity. But the real man, in the proper sense can be he who makes man a man.

137.What he must be?

A thorough man in the real sense. Firm resolve and dauntless courage are the essential features of a manly character. That is what is required for the final success.

138.What do you mean by virtuous conduct ?Is virtuous conduct necessary in spirituality?

Virtuous conduct is quite essential for spirituality. Virtuous conduct does not mean that we should only mould our external life so as to rouse sympathy and love in others, but it is a wide term which includes all our actions. Virtuous conduct means that our life should be one with Nature which is always peaceful and maintains equilibrium.

139.Master, How to overcome arrogance?

Pride or arrogance constitutes an additional link in the existing chain of egoism. As a safe-guard against this grossest evil, one should, therefore keep himself directly in touch with God, through sincere prayer.

140.Master, Is it right to act in self defense?

We must never harm others but we must be right in self-defense of person and property.

141.What causes Birth ,Master?

The condition which causes birth is the force of the will which turns out into the tendency or predisposition to be born.

142.How to mould kama and krodha?

Kama and Krodha come to us from God while the next two i.e., Lobha and Moha are our own creation. We can not give up what comes to us from God but we can only modify them so as to bring them to proper regulation required for the Divine living. I may make it clear to you that if Kama is some how destroyed intelligence will vanish altogether, because it is closely connected with the intelligence centre. If Krodha is destroyed a man will not be able to proceed either towards God or towards the world. Really it is only Krodha that excites actions which is thus a necessary requirement of an embodied soul.

143.Can the recitation or hearing of Gita lead to moksha?

None has ever so far become like Arjuna by hearing the Gita for years together. The reason is that those who recite it to others are not inwardly as they really ought to be, on account of which no effect is produced upon the hearers. The reciter must have a practical approach up to the conditions related therein and should possess a strong will and the spiritual force necessary for making his voice vibrant so as to carry the effect of the sound right to the hearts of the hearers through the process of transmission. Then alone can its recitation be useful to the hearers.

1 Material world and the spiritual one should go side by side equally glittering. We should soar with both the wings if we want to succeed. It is the vague idea of the people in general that God is to be searched in the midst of forests. My idea is that He should be searched in the midst of heart. I want persons like the Spartans who liked to come with shield or no -shield and thing requires courage ;and one who has got it, is successful to know this science which is also an essential part of human life.

2. In spirituality the share goes to the really deserving and that is why I have repeatedly written exhorting to all become deserving of that thing; and for that two things are required: Love and obedience ,and both these things are interdependent.

3. The knowledge I want to impart to you all, is stressing upon you to know Him who knows all.

4. Service and sacrifice- these are the two instruments which help in building the temple of spirituality on the foundation stone of love. Any kind of service may be useful if done selflessly; but here the word - "service", I am speaking of, carries the sense of worship.

5.Meat eating is not at all beneficial for the spiritual purpose.