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There must be one and only one goal so that one may not form different channels for the different goals.

32.I cannot get company of saintly persons?

Have the company of personality who has no personality.

Meditation is the Core of Spirituality. When we meditate, the Central Power we have, i.e., Thought in its Pure form remains in force.

33.As an abhyasi continues to meditate year after year will the process become easier or will thoughts continue to come?

The intensity of the thoughts will be reduced, but not in a day. Meditate longer and bring it up to one hour. Then see the results.

34.It is very difficult?

Only because you are not doing it. I can easily do am not a special person, and if I can do it you can also do it.

35.What about light? Should we see light?

Well, I am telling you it is a mere supposition that light is there in the heart. It is a suggestion.

36.What are the visions and experiences felt in meditation?

Visions are unnecessary and have really speaking no value as indicators of spiritual progress. A vision is nothing but a locked up impressions being allowed to surface by the cleaning process. Therefore all that come out as visions are nothing but earlier impressions formed in us by our own thoughts and actions. Visions have no value in spiritual life.

37.Master ,can you experience visions outside the body?

The vision of the Divine experienced all around outside is really a reflection of the inner vision. At elementary stage, owing to the outward tendency of mind, the vision seems only an outer experience. But afterwards when the outward tendency weakens the same condition seems to have reflected inwards, prevailing all within. That is then the next state. At this stage one begins to feel absorbed in himself. The condition, further goes on growing finer and finer, though the shore of the Infinite Ocean is far off yet.

38.Meditation is passive. You do nothing. How can it give results?

We meditate on the heart supposing Divine Light to be there. It means you are playing on your own heart, which is itself a sport and a work. You know you are meditating; that means doing something; and the place on which you work, the heart, is also there. And you have to reach your goal; this idea is also there, and you wait for some thing subconsciously. That means you are not inert but so busy that you are doing three things at the same time. So passivity is lost in activity.

39.Suppose impure thoughts come during meditation, what to do Babuji?

You should be unmindful. When you are shifted away you must try to come to the original thought. Our attention should be made to the main i.e. the goal of life. If there are no thoughts for an abhyasi, he must write to his Guru. Thoughts must come. Thoughts should come. If a man regularly meditates, thoughts will subside slowly. For 22 years, I suffered on account of thoughts. Thoughts of Divine can come. Thoughtlessness is wrong. To me thoughts come, but they do not disturb me. If I am transmitting to anybody, the bad thoughts of the abhyasi come to me. They sometimes affect me also, but only for a moment; bad thoughts affect me. Like as looking in a mirror, I read abhyasi's good or bad thoughts.

40.Why is it necessary to proceed with meditation at the first stage of Raja Yoga?

It is quite plain and simple. We are now gathering ourselves at one point so that our individual mind may leave its habit of wandering about, which it has formed. It is now metamorphosing its habit. Meditation is the foundation of spirituality.

41.Why we have to meditate on the heart?

We generally take the Heart for meditation. It is the pumping station of the blood. The heart sends out blood, after purification, to different nerves and cells of the body. Now we have taken the heart as the centre of meditation, the blood that runs throughout our system is affected. One's solidity due to our own thoughts and actions begins to melt away. This is the first thing we begin to gain.

42.What happens when we meditate?

When we meditate the Central Power we have remains in force. It disperses the overwhelming clouds which are greatly fried up by its force. Only an abhyasi can feel it practically. The mind is disciplined and automatically regulated. Senses begin to come under control.

43.What is concentration? Is it necessary for meditation?

Concentration is the automatic and natural result of meditation. Those who insist on concentration in place of meditation and force their mind to it generally meet with failure. The Basis of Meditation is purely spiritual while that of concentration is only the ego.

44.How to proceed with meditation?

My advice to everybody is "Seek the Being that seeks you, and not that which tends to neglect you."

45.I want to give up meditation, because during meditation the breathing slows down considerably. This leads to reduced intake of oxygen and I felt that if the oxygen intake become so reduced, it might reduce my longevity.

Look here. Your feeling is correct. The breathing becomes very slow during meditation. Your complaint is therefore genuine. I examined my own condition during meditation and found that the breathing stopped completely for several minutes at a time. This was my own experience. Then I came to the conclusion that there must be an organ in the body itself which produces oxygen inside. I do not know if I am right in this. Yes, there is an organ or some thing like that in the body which produces oxygen inside. Now I have the confirmation for it. I have just received the confirmation.

46.How can you create Laya Avastha in me?

I do not create Laya Avastha - I help ahbyasi to achieve it.

47.How do you differentiate between sleep and samadhi?

Sleep relates to matter, and samadhi to spirit.

1. Prayer is begging, meditation is having .

2. If meditation is devoid of the idea of Divine it will develop hypnotic powers and not subtleness. Sages say, 'Know thyself'. But I prefer to say, 'Forget thyself'.

3. I advise meditation on heart at the point where you feel beatings.

4. I use the word 'HEART' because it is the nucleus and creates the vibrant motion where to it is directed. This is the field for the mind to work and this is the instrument by which we develop the discriminative faculty. The subtle force works in this place for the descent of Divine energy. If somehow our thinking enjoins with it or we train it so that it may percolate the right thing and direct it towards Reality. The problem is solved.

5. For those who want to have atleast a peep into the Reality the proper method shall, in my opinion, be that which touches the inner core of the heart. The external means usually adopted for the purpose are really of no avail and do not lead one towards the goal.

6. Concentration in that sense relates to the condition of the physical mind at the conscious level, the activity of which is temporarily subdued by the application of the physical force. Practical examples offer sufficient proof to show that those having advanced with the condition thus developed become internally so gross and rigid that they turn wholly insusceptible to finer and subtler influence. Concentration effected by forceful suppression of thoughts leaves its weighty effect upon the mind.

7. We have set up a tiny creation of our own, in the form of our individual material existence, having layers after layers of grossness and opacity. What is to be done is to shatter off those layers of opacity one by one and assume the absolute state as we had at the time of creation. This is all the gist of the philosophy of our system 'Ramchandra's Rajayoga'. We are, so to say, to dissolve this tiny creation of our making or to unfold ourselves.

8. When unwelcome thoughts arose, I just supposed them to be those of my Master. And they were off.

9. The absence of the egoistic feeling means the advent of real potent vigour. How can this be achieved? Only by linking our self with the great power of the Divine. Doing so, we go on covering stages after stages till we get closer to Him.

10.I do want that all of you may emerge as the Suns in the field of Spirituality but it is possible only if the reflection of the earth is not allowed to be cast on the sun and this is feasible only if you work out your orbit accordingly. When can be the orbit made? Only when you straighten out the movement. And when will the movement be straight? When the destination is always in full sight. And when can the goal remain in sight? When you become entirely His. When can you be His. When you lose yourself completely. When can you lose yourself? When there is no thought in the heart other than that of His. And when is this possible? Through practice. How does practice become? By love and interest. How are love and interest born? By thinking repeatedly. How repeated thinking becomes possible? Through determination. And when it possible to make a firm determination? Only then, when you gird up your loins to sacrifice your rest and pleasures and say good bye to lethargy.

11.We should pass on through family in a disinterested way doing everything for the duty's sake without any feeling of attachment. For example we go to latrine, but do not think of it afterwards. It is finished and gone. The family life is not a thing to be cursed if it is moulded in a particular way. Suppose you are compelled to do something (lawful) and do it for its own sake without any motive of your own, I will call it a disinterested action bearing no impression on your mind. We should think that we do everything even in connection with wife and children, in compliance of the order of God. In this way all our actions will ultimately turn into PUJA. This is a very easy method for connecting your thought link with the Almighty.

12.It was in accordance with the need of the time that Lord Krishna had taught the truth of Gita to Arjuna. We must be highly indebted to him for all that he put forth for our benefit, which in course of time became the guiding light to us all. It was not merely an idle discourse but the actual revelation of the very things, needed for a true pursuer of the Divine path. They relate directly to the various conditions which an abhyasi passes through during the course of Abhyas. It relates to the practical realisation of those states which can be attained by proper Sadhana. There may however be elevated souls present in the world today who may be able to give you a glimpse of it or to create at least for an instant the same state in you.

13.Concentration is not the initial step for meditation. The right course is, to take up meditation in a natural way avoiding forced restraints. Meditation is a process of thinking over and over again on a divine aspect so as to form a connected line of thought. It aims at gentle diversion of mind towards divine thought. Sadhana prescribed for this purpose by others are mostly mechanical and deal with only the physical aspect. That is why, despite these teachings the masses are still wading through the mire of ignorance.

14.Meditation can be successfully followed only when it is backed by power of Pranahuti, Transmission. It is a great psychic science by which the Master through his own psychic power awakens the dormant intuitional forces of the abhyasi to action towards spiritual evolution. In Ramchandra's Rajayoga the entire responsibility of success rests upon the Master when the abhyasi has duly submitted himself to His Charge.

15.Begin your work dedicating everything to Master. Believe that Master within you is doing all acts in home, business and amusements. Even while meditating, think that the Master himself is meditating.

16.When one sits for meditation in the first days there will be abnormal rush of thoughts. This may appear to be annoying but in fact it is not. The ceaseless flow of thought is not confined only to the meditation hours but it occurs every moment. But it is felt during meditation because at that time we try to make ourselves empty of all thoughts and ideas. We create a thought vacuum in our conscious mind and like the rush of air to vacuum, so do the thoughts rush towards thought vacuum. The huge store of thoughts lying buried in the deeper layers of consciousness rise up and force their passage into the void effecting our grosser consciousness. The mind being unregulated begins to move in conjunction with them. In fact it is not the rising of thoughts that is annoying to an abhyasi but his own over attention to them. The common but erroneous remedy prescribed for dealing with the situation is suppression of mind by forced restraints and physical mortification. The restive horse i.e., the mind may be kept under control by a sharp whip. The effect is that it is suppressed for a short while but the evil is retained. This will result in a lifelong game of contest. Hence it is not controlling of mind that is the remedy, but it is, in right moulding. The evil thoughts have to be purged out by process of initial cleaning. The rising of buried thoughts helps to exhaust the store, by effecting their bhoga. The proper course is to pay no heed to the thoughts arising in the mind during meditation and to remain un-mindful to them treating them as uninvited guests. In this way their intensity will be lost and they will cease to be a source of disturbance.

17.There are two aspects of sadhana, one the self practice or abhyas and the other the Master's help and support. In order to develop the required conditions within us, self effort alone is not all and enough. It must be supplemented by the Divine grace which is the only thing required for the purpose. The flow of the Divine grace is directed towards the abhyasi through the medium of Master alone and through the process of Pranahuti or Transmission. As a matter of fact what pranahuti does for the spiritual uplift of an abhyasi and the removal of complexities in a short time independent effort cannot do even during the course of a full decade.