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The easiest and surest means to achieve the goal is to surrender to the Great Master and become a "Living dead" yourself .

59. What is surrender?

Absence of "I" is surrender. First thing is devotion to God, Second, always feel dependent. Suppose you have surrendered to God. If the surrender is real there will be surrender to the whole humanity.

60. How to surrender?

To effect the surrender of God in the easiest way, only an act of will is required. Self surrender is nothing but a state of complete resignation to the will of Master with total disregard of self.

1. The only effective way to attach one's self firmly to the Abhyas is, to link himself with the Unlimited or in other words with one who, having linked himself with the unlimited, has attained the state of perfection. When you have linked yourself thus it means that the great personality has taken you in the bosom of his heart. Your effort towards going deep into it means you have taken up the path towards the Ultimate. That is what the word surrender conveys and which is the only surest path for the attainment of complete perfection. So long as you do a thing and know that you are doing it, it is not the right course and you are away from the level of surrender, because the feeling of ego is also there. Surrender is free from any conscious idea of ego. Everything there goes on in an automatic way according to the need of the moment without any previous or after thought.

2. The easiest and surest means to achieve this end is to surrender yourself to the great Master in true sense and become a 'Living Dead' yourself. This feeling of surrender if cultivated by forced and mechanical means seldom prove to be genuine. It must develop automatically within you without the least strain or pressure upon the mind. Even if the knowledge of this fact is retained then it is not the true form of surrender. What remains to be done, when you have surrendered yourself in true sense, is, I believe, nothing. In this state you will be in close touch with Reality all the time and the current of Divine Effulgence will continue its flow to you without a break.

3. To effect the surrender of heart in the easiest way, only an act of will is required. But the lighter and finer the will, the more effective shall be its working.

4. If one can sell his heart i.e., make a gift of it to the Divine Master, hardly anything more remains to be done. This shall naturally bring him to the State of absorbency in the Infinite Reality.

5. What else except a tiny heart can be the fittest offering for the achievement of the dearest object of life?