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Constant Remembrnece


Mere consciousness of God cures many of the evils of the mind and removes difficulties from our path to Realisation.

61.Does constant Remembrance develop naturally, or does one have to work upon it?

If there is a great deal of love it can develop naturally.

62. How to increase the constant remembrance?Is there any way?

We must think one thought, and only one thought repeatedly. The idea must be there in the heart. It should not be repeated as a sort of mantra.

63.Why should we practice constant remembrance?

When remembrance is there, the remembered must also be there close by. Master's remembrance is an important factor in overcoming the distraction of thoughts and it is indispensable for easy success.

64. How to start constant remembrance?

We take up Divine Quality and rest our thought on it. From quality we reach the substance and then reach its ultimate.

1. For constant remembrance we take up Divine quality and rest our thought on it. From quality we reach the substance and then to its Ultimate.

2. If we serve our Master and His Children too, thinking that they have come from Him, we are in a way non-attached to them, because the chain of attachment really joins our Master with His children. If this thing is rooted deep in us we will indulge in service as our duty and remember the great Master at each step. In this way the habit of constant remembrance is formed.

3. There is one great drawback in idol-worship that it becomes their life long interest and they do not want to part with it, thus creating a sort of solid block in their own hearts which is not easily breakable even by the force of their Master's will. We should come from solidity to the finer state and the method must change accordingly. The image worshippers got confined to the same effigy.

4. If the aspirant begins finding himself lighter and lighter it means that he is progressing because in that case he is going into the state that God is in; Light means the loss of the weight of one's own thoughts. To remove them, what we generally do is to think that they are all going away from the side of God whether they are in the form of difficulties and anxieties or in any other form. The best way is to treat them all as coming from Him. This is also one of the ways of constant remembrance, which is the only thing helpful in bringing about improvement in the spiritual line.

5. During your leisure hours you rest your thoughts on "All-Pervasiveness" of God and remain in that mood so long as you may have time. This may be a happy pastime as well as continued remembrance.