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Sri Ramchandra Publishers is pleased to present the following book "Three Truths - Trillion Doubts". This book is a compilation of various clarifications regarding the system of the Natural path propounded by Sri Ramchandraji Maharaj of Shahjahanpur, India.

This book contains various clarifications given by Revered Ramchandraji Maharaj and Brother Sri. K.C.Narayana to fellow aspirants over a period of time. The clarifications have been suitably edited leaving out personal references and all the clarifications are in response to specific queries which have been raised by the sadhakas.

Readers may wonder as to the title of the book. This presentation has been so named in order to convey the meaning that there are three irrefutable truths i.e 1. The Self 2. The Method and 3. The Master and the trillion doubts are all in reference to these three truths. The cover design is based on the theme of milky way in a clear sky portraying three arms which express the three truths. And the trillion doubts are reflected by the stars in the milky way galaxy wherein one keeps searching for the three truths because one cannot see them from inside. The cover design is also based on the Vedic Upanisadic assertion "Akasam Sariram Brahma". While Akasa is a reflection of the Brahman one tries to search for and express doubts regarding the same.

We hope the readers take advantage of the clarifications provided which will enable them to have a more clear perception of the Great Masters system.

We offer our thanks to Sri.N.V.Viswanath, Sri. V. Krishna, Sri. J.M.Sarma, and Sri. B.V.S.K.S.Sastry, for having compiled the book and making it available for publication.

Hyderabad R. Radhakrishnan Babuji Birthday 2006 For Sri Ramchandra Publishers