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1. In the beginning when I used to do 9pm prayer I used to meditate on the prayer but recently I have observed whenever I think about the prayer, a great feeling of love and devotion comes from the heart and I sincerely feel that every human being should develop love and devotion towards Master.
The entry to higher regions is only through this small gate. Practice it with full heart and you will see how much you are relieved of the tendencies of the lower mind and how super consciousness slowly develops.

2. Whenever I am in my house, I do this prayer for 15 minutes. When I am in my office, I say this prayer and then continue my work. I am able to maintain this thought only for few minutes. Sometimes I get absorbed in thoughts that come to me and sometimes I neglect them.
Pray and continue to pray for others and that is only way by which we move to higher realms of consciousness. Any amount of meditation for our progress can never serve this purpose.

3. Sometimes there were thoughts related to restoring humanity in Iraq, restoring sanity in media etc. during meditation and 9pm prayer.
That is not proper. You must attend to your sadhana during meditations and prayers. If you want to think about things at Iraq and what you call sanity in media that is not spirituality proper. You are deviating from the path given for developing ‘fraternity’ given by the Master when you entertain any other thought during the 9 pm prayer. You may in case you feel so do such things in other timings than the ones meant for meditation and prayers.

4. Been doing with the true feeling of universal fraternity most of the times. Sometimes the feeling of fraternity is so strong that the moment I start the prayer I am getting into the feeling of Karuna and the feeling that everyone is moving towards Him is felt very vividly & naturally with confidence. This is actually putting me in natural awareness during the day that everyone is connected and this awareness is running in the background, unintentionally, while attending to the duties.
Karuna is just not the product of fraternity. In fact the pinnacle of karuna bhava is experienced only when we forgive others. Kshama is the basis for Karuna. Maitri of course should be understood well. It is essentially the inter connectedness of our beings that teaches maitri. This is had fully when the second knot is fully awakened.

5. Some times during the day am going to this thought (universal prayer) and was able to maintain for longer durations sir. There is much more lightness after the prayer.
Prayer for Universal fraternity is not all that easy unless we are stabilized in the higher regions. But that cannot be a reason for not doing it. One needs to see, feel, envision, and will that every person (man, women and child) is developing the true love and devotion to the Master. This is one of the greater forms of meditation called as Mettha meditation in Buddhism. One needs to dedicate himself for this task whole heartedly. Then together we can bring light to the dark minded human beings.

6. I keep remembering all my friends and known people during this prayer.
Why are your friends and known people specially important compared the rest of the persons in the world? This type of thinking ruins the spirit of the meditation at 9 pm. Please practice as prescribed and any change you make is not permissible and will be of no use to you.