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1. What is transmission?
Transmission is the utilisation of the Divine Power for the transformation of man by bringing balanced state of mind.

2. What is the efficacy of pranahuti?
Master said “As a matter of fact, what pranahuti does for the spiritual uplift of an abhyasi and the removal of complexities in a short time, independent efforts cannot achieve even in a full decade.” Power of transmission is a yogic attainment of a very high order by which a yogi can infuse by his own will force the yogic energy or Godly effulgence within anyone and remove anything unwanted in him or detrimental to his spiritual progress. Spiritual training or the attainment of higher stages is only possible by the process of yogic transmission and by no other means. This is power working through the channels of pure mind.

3. When there is one to one relationship between me and God, why another person (Trainer) between us? Can't God directly give us what ever He wants to give?
One to One relationship between soul and God is a fact. God can directly give the individual and it is true He is the only giver. But it is true He seldom does give unless one is deserving. In the process of creative descent soul got away from God (awareness) and it started identifying itself as a separate entity (ego / individuality), gathering around itself veils of grossness and so on- finally as Rev. Master puts 'Individual creation' was established. Hence, unless all the coverings of grossness (Mal, Vikshep, Avaran) are removed, ego is subdued and purified to the last possible degree (State of Negation) and the mind (Manas, Buddhi, Chit and Ahankar) is brought to a purified state, it is not possible to discern or comprehend that one to one relationship with God. For that purification, regular influxes of Pranahuti are most essential and therefore assistance of another brother / sister who is permitted by Master to assist the seeker through Pranahuti is very essential. All sadhana is one to make oneself deserving. In earning this deservancy the trainer helps. Therefore, Pranahuti aided Meditation is a unique boon to Humanity to get to that awareness of God by God for God through sincere prayer.

4. What is the relationship between the trainer and the abhyasi?
Doing is the duty of the trainer, Becoming is the duty of the abhyasi.

5. You (Trainer) are sitting with me during meditation. Is It that you are acquainting me of the meditation system or are you praying for me?
The Trainer during sittings and more so during individual sitting attends to cleaning of the heart and other centres and removes grossness which is the cause for various perversities, angularities and imperfections and strives to improve the astral condition of the abhyasi methodically. The trainer also through the process of Pranahuti diverts the Divine grace to the Heart and assists the seeker on the path. It is also true that the trainer prays for the spiritual growth of the seeker and also supports the meditation of abhyasi on divine light. The importance of Pranahuti can be understood from the article 'Spiritual Training Through Yogic Transmission' of Revered Babuji Maharaj and through the article 'Pranahuti - Its relevance in Sadhana' of in the book Bodhayanti Parasparam Vol I.

6. What about personal limitations of the Trainer?
The personal limitations of the trainer do not have any effect on the abhyasi. What he apparently seems to be transmitting comes direct from the Unlimited. It is not really the teacher himself who is imparting anything to the abhyasi through transmission, but the Great Master who does everything. The trainer must, however, have his will sufficiently developed to effect the course of the flow towards the abhyasi.

7. Are individual sittings required after introduction?
Individual sittings are very essential. Pranahuti is offered during individual sitting, satsangh and bhandara only.

8. How long do we need to take individual sittings? Is there any time frame?
Individual sittings have to be taken till the Goal is reached (Towards Infinity). There is no time frame / limit. Regular sittings with the trainer and satsanghs are essential to receive Pranahuti.

9. What about people who would like to practice the system where the trainer is not there for individual sittings/Satsanghs?
Such Abhyasi (after introduction into the system for which three individual sittings are mandatory) should continue to practice the methods, following the commandments. They may take individual sittings (long distance / in absentia) from a qualified trainer.

10. If the aspirant wants to progress slowly, can he do the practice by himself (not attending sittings and satsanghs)?
The question is something strange. The choice is that of the individual.

11. How to help an aspirant develop love and devotion for Master in an easy and natural manner and make him understand that Master is Master as God is God and we do need Master to reach Him.
Only when a person feels that he/she cannot do the work with out the help of another the question of assistance arises. Some persons have a feeling that they can do everything and only experience should teach them that they are correct or otherwise. There is no better solution for this problem than the prayer at 9 p.m. given by the Master.

12. There was a happy feeling to learn that my husband is my trainer. I can’t say why may be because I love him very much and to depend on him comes natural to me.
That is our way of life and then only the ambition of Master that every house should become an Ashram can be realised.

13. One abhyasi could never feel "Pranahuti". She believes she used to go in "sleep" like states and subsequent calmness and settledness observed were no different/better than her sitting in some corner silently and getting up after 10 or 15 minutes.
The question in this regard is whether it is really so? When a person says he/she does not feel Pranahuti we should accept the same. But for anything the yielding attitude to experiment should be there. Only when we experiment there is experience.