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Following the commandments should be always perfect and then only we can say we are following the system. There is need for commitment to realise ones self- without that precious little can be achieved in sadhana. It is for you to gird up your loins as Master said.
Let the Commandments of the Master be the guiding principles of your life. Then you become lovable to the Master and Love from him flows even as we desire.
The book Practice and Efficacy of Rajayoga may be a useful study to understand the importance of following the commandments of the Master.


1. Insincerity in following the commandments is still there.
Is it not amusing that we tend to neglect his commandments though we feel His blessings!

2. I continued to reduce my activities. I have noticed an increasing tendency to be plain and an aspiration to treat my family members with due attachment.
We have all become so very unnatural it may appear difficult to become simple and natural. When the Love for God takes deep root and it starts resounding, all this becomes simple and easy. Patience and tolerance needs to be developed and our progress internally enables us to achieve these virtues faster. In fact you already have the same to a considerable extent and that will increase.

3. There is a little bit of understanding that whatever miseries that we think we have, are because we deserve them but the attitude of being thankful about them is still not there.
When we know and realise that we got rid off a samskara when we underwent suffering or misery this wisdom shall dawn. Please do read Masters' works on this topic often.

4. I rate myself as fair in commandments 5 to 7.
The commandments 5, 6, and 7 are that difficult to follow if you realize nothing happens to us unless we have ourselves created them by our earlier actions and thoughts. I know it is difficult to accept them; but if you accept them even in one single case you will find that it radically changes your state of mind and will continue the same with reference to others. Do and feel as Master says.

5. I made some headway in speaking and aspiring for truth. I think I am only treating miseries or events as per past karma and not as divine gifts for my betterment.
Karma is the logic and there is no other truth. The attitude of treating miseries as Divine gifts develops when we start thinking how kind was the Master/God in having given us an opportunity to get insulted and disgraced and other wise similarly treated that such events not only made us go deeper into the realms of humility but also made us feel the need to embrace the Master. It is this feeling that they have enabled us to think of the Master that makes us feel that these miseries etc., are gifts of the Divine. These are lessons in humility and they come to be learnt when we get disgraced, defeated, defamed and dishonored etc.,

6. When the health is not that good, remembered that all miseries as divine gifts, even though initially bothered about the pain of the body.
Health is not the only aspect. When we have possessiveness in any relationship that is the cause of misery. You need to understand this first. The concept of Divine gift is well explained in the book “Commentary on Ten Commandments of the Master available in Imperience Beckons” read it well and get a better understanding.

7. For the first time in my sadhana there was a feeling that even the bad that happens to us is for our own good and so we should accept it with happiness.
There is nothing like good or bad it is only our point of view that makes us state something as good and some other thing as bad. A sincere reading of the Commandments of the Master and the notes can help you understand things better.

8. Occasionally I feel angry which doesn't stay long. I feel I am being influenced by eeshana treyas at heart although my mind doesn't allow me to get influenced. As a result I sometimes get into uneasiness due to this conflict in some of the dealings.
We can win battles in the mind but in the heart, love is the only way.

9. I am able to make a more honest assessment of myself than before. Once a while I feel hurt by the actions of other despite trying to take them as divine gifts
Learning to ignore many reactions and actions of others is the first lesson. Patience, tolerance and fortitude are all steps before we really understand the meaning of the advise to take the wrongs done by others as ‘divine gifts’. It is good you are preparing for developing stoic attitude in life.

10. As you suggested, I am trying to imbibe forgiveness in day-to-day life. I find it not so easy, however I will continue my efforts.
Remember the act of forgiving is really the nature of the Divine and when we practice it naturally there are bound to be difficulties. But then that is sadhana.
Forgiving is the noblest of all virtues and the toughest to cultivate. Even when the heart is prepared to forgive the mind generally does not permit the same. That it is said that while evaluating oneself we should use the mind and when we evaluate others we should use the heart.

11. Sometimes I feel not to be revengeful for the wrongs done by others. However it is sometimes difficult to decide thin line between fighting back for the good & small revenge. Trying to remind myself for constant remembrance of Master. Also trying to mould living so as to rouse feeling of love & piety in others. Please guide me in this regard.
If you read X commandment you will find that we seek the Master for forgiving us for our lapses. Forgiving is the Divine quality and when we seek to become Divine we need to develop this quality ourselves also. Of course this comes as we progress in the path but we can aid the process if we also think positively about this. Forgive and see the difference in your mental state. Then you will realise it is better to forgive.

12. I rate myself as “Fair” in following the commandment 7.
Have you ever thought revenge is a delayed reaction and is really useless? It is like trying to stone the dogs that barked long back and has fled the scene. It is a useless activity and consumes lot of energy. Awareness of our being nothing that we realize during meditations should enable us to implement this commandment more easily.

Food habits in day-to-day life
It is absolutely necessary that the food we take should be of the sattvic type and there may not be any exception to this in the name of work etc.

13. I still eat chicken/fish when I get a chance. Not that I crave for them, but can't deny either when there is opportunity. Also during office gatherings, I join them for beer! I don't know how to control
I lived with a native American (a Jew) long back in 1970s. He and his wife lived with
their son and daughter. He had a house near Cleveland in over 300 acres of land. He never ate meat or any non vegetarian food nor his family members. He did not take any intoxicants and that included Coffee. He was unhappy that I take Coffee and wanted that I try instead Sanka (a decaffeinated drink). He avoided even milk saying it is non vegetarian. IF YOU WANT TO HAVE ANY THING TO DO WITH THIS SYSTEM OF PAM YOU MUST STOP YOUR NON VEGETARIAN FOOD AND TAKING ALCOHOL