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1. How to mould kama and krodha?
Master said “Kama and Krodha come to us from God while the next two i.e., Lobha and Moha are our own creation.We can not give up what comes to us from God but we can only modify them so as to bring them to proper regulation required for the Divine living. If Kama is some how destroyed intelligence will vanish altogether, because it is closely connected with the intelligence centre.If Krodha is destroyed a man will not be able to proceed either towards God or towards the world. Really it is only Krodha that excites actions which is thus a necessary requirement of an embodied soul.” Therefore we have to control / modify them.

2. What is the method for controlling Kama and Krodha?
The Heart is the place of Manas (Feelings). They are broadly categorised as upper and lower level Vrittis. They are psychic in nature. The lower region pertains to the 'existential' and material aspects and the upper region of the Heart to aspirational. In the upper region of the Heart lower type of super consciousness functions. Assiduous practice of the methods given by the institute and support of Pranahuti through individual sittings are essential to live in the upper plane. The consciousness at the upper region is of the nature of altruistic thoughts and a sigh of relief from the oppressive lower tendencies like sex, food etc. Capacity for feeling (spiritual) increases / improves while one lives in the upper region. Further discrimination grows, determination becomes stronger and capacity to practice Yama and Niyamas grows. Meditation on Pt A & B are very essential to move and remain at upper. Pranahuti supports this too.

3. Why Point A Meditation at 9.00 P.M only?
Point A meditation is done prior to bed-time Prayer for not more than 10 Minutes. The thought to be maintained at point A is that "All men and women are my brothers and sisters". This helps in checking the indulgences of the mind and improprieties of conduct.
At 9.00 P.M "All are to meditate thinking that all brothers and sisters are being filled up with love and devotion and that real faith is growing stronger in them." This is to be done for 15 Minutes. Precisely Rev. Babuji Maharaj did not indicate that this meditation is to be done on Point A. however, it is the experience of the ISRC practicants that this meditation if done with attention at location of Point A, is most effective. When all the practicants meditate / pray at a particular time as given by the Master (9.00 P.M sharp), the collective and cumulative effect would be stronger and very effective. If for some reason one could not sit at 9.00 P.M on some occasions, one may resort to this prayer whenever he feels inclined to.
4. Little thoughts do come and I must have much more focus. I do feel the effect of this part of sadhana.
Meditation on these points gives us results which years of austerity and penance cannot give. Please do practice sincerely and you will see the result yourself. Control over indriyas is the key to balance and that can be easily achieved through practice of these meditations.

5. Sometimes I am very much focused, sometimes not. I have to improve a lot in Point A.
The meditation on these points is the key to the effectiveness of the system. So please do try and practice these regularly.

6. Felt the need for help from Master since the lower tendencies cannot be controlled completely by self. Felt bit sleepy on some of the days.
Very true-lower tendencies of mind cannot be controlled easily by self-effort as advocated in tradition. The method of meditations on Points A and B are the means for attaining control and moderation in this realm.

7. Many sensual thoughts but when started thinking that they were Master’s thought they vanished.
That can only be temporary. Note also to what level you are trying to degrade the Master when you adopt this method, even temporarily. Assiduous practice of A and B meditation is the only way. During meditations if these thoughts come you can as well brush them aside instead of trying to force them out.

8. Its a very common phenomena wherein the friction amongst brothers and sisters increase when the head of the family dies. It had happened in my family too. After my father passed away, there developed some issues amongst us. I have one brother living a couple of miles from my residence. Even we don’t maintain healthy relationship. Because of this kind of relationships I posses, I am finding it very difficult to suppose the thought of ‘Universal Brotherhood’. I feel that I am cheating The Divine. What should I do?
It is a very serious question. Yes, I agree that when we are not able to practice some thing in our own home how can we apply it to others. But the point of A is a knot that is formed in the flow of consciousness which takes three streams one to L portion of heart (animality), to Atman centre ( our true interdependent nature) and point A ( possessiveness). If we want to get rid of possessiveness we need to learn to share and loosen our fist hold. We cannot do this directly and therefore the method of meditation on Point A which is a positive way of looking at things. Inefficient we may be in the beginning; but by constant meditation we become effective in the meditation. As a matter of fact small family concerns which are also possessive in nature give way and we enter to the realm of the universal consciousness and live in Vasudhaika kutumbam; that is universal family. Fraternity is a concept that is brought in here to learn non possessiveness and the principles of sharing. There is no question of cheating God or any one else. We are struggling to progress and this is the most effective method ever provided to humanity. We are to be totally and unconditionally grateful to the Master for this.

9. I could not maintain the thought on point A all the time.
Meditation on point A and B are the keys for progress. These are not meditations of a passive nature and it is our duty to maintain our thought on the theme as pointed out by the Master. If we do not have that determination very little can be said to have been done to deserve progress. It is difficult as the sensuousness is not that easy to get rid off.

10. On some days I had to continue point B for more than 15 min. This was despite the fact that the cleaning done the previous day was apparently of good quality
It is enough if you do point B meditation for 10 mts. It automatically gnaws into the meditation proper. Point B meditation is not a purificatory process per-se. Here the attention is more on the glow of self that is coming to view.

11. Feel less angry, while facing day-to-day life problems.
Anger and Passion need to be controlled as much as possible. Meditation on points A and B will be useful.

12. Point A and bed time prayer was done in haste as if ritualistically. Frustration due to the sensual thoughts and my inability to regulate my mind in this aspect.
Sensual thoughts are controlled only by meditation on points A and B. It is not easy. All your life so far entertaining those thoughts and they are settled patterns of thinking and it takes time to rid off them by replacing in its place nobler thoughts. When we try to replace them with other mundane concerns it is not all that easy to control sensual thoughts. But for this alone saints and sages went to forest.

13. During first half of the month there was some frustration and felt like I was continuously fighting with lower vrittis. With Master's Grace frustration and conflict has reduced a lot, but still need more control over lower vrittis.
Frustration at what ? Yourself ? Your effort ? The lower tendencies of our mind is our making while the energy itself is what He has given. Your effort at B and A point meditations has to be more sincere and purposeful. What we should do we should. Inshah Allah is good poetry and bad practice.

14. Few times I observed that I lost awareness of body and surroundings after prayer or Meditation on Point B.
Prayer before morning meditation or bed time is placing ourselves before the Master consciously our lowly nature. How can then any one get into unawareness? Obviously you are not doing the prayer consciously with a full heart loaded with lowliness. Similarly point B meditation is an active process of willing that impurities are going away and the light from with in is coming to the front. How can this act lead to unawareness? Please follow the instructions of the Master implicitly.

More on Point A & B Meditations
Meditations on point A and B are the key for progress. These are not meditations of a passive nature and it is our duty to maintain our thought on them as pointed out by the Master. If we do not have that determination, very little can be said to have been done to deserve progress. It is difficult as the sensuousness is not that easy to get rid off.
Cleaning of the lower self consciously by other practices than what the Master has stated I feel, do not yield any great results and in fact this only strengthens our ego and also grants us a feeling we are self-reliant. Meditation on points A and B are excellent methods and we should rely on them more and more.

Point A Meditation
You cannot thrust spirituality on to any person however dear to us. Universal brotherhood, you may feel should enable us to do this. Then why only those whom we know? Why not all? The prayer on point A talks of praying for all, not only to those whom we know however good they may appear to be. The question is not goodness but the commitment to sadhana and to Masters' work.

Point B Meditation
Doing just point B meditation alone is not enough as that is only preparatory to the meditation.