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1. I realized when we are told to love Him, it means Him and Him alone and nothing else. Sometimes there is this thought that if I were to be reduced to destitute, I shall be quite glad, for it is his will and pleasure. Thoughts and feeling of dependence, attachment and obedience bring sweetness to the heart. But I submit I never really forget about my self and perhaps the feeling of glamour is there also.
It is said by Lord Krishna that those who love Him shall surely reach Him. Awareness of self is bound to be there for most part of the journey.

2. We discovered that we were very severe and conditional in our way of loving each other and that we need to develop a much more unconditional love. Is it a consequence of the practice? This is a new begining and we feel like fresheners.
I do not know much about the way you look at the nature of Love. When we Love the Master with our entire being we love all automatically. Harmony and happiness are the stages next to the Ultimate and we should endeavour to be in that condition as far as possible. This is possible only when we gift our little heart to the Divine. Ofcourse all this is part of the sadhana in which we learn the transitoriness of all events and all that exists.

3. In one way I am looking for love of people (98 percent of time), and in the other way I am looking for love of master. I feel a real contradiction. What is the solution to grow in the second way? Practising seriously sadhana is enough? or do I have to do/ be something else?
Your question relating to the contradiction between love to Master and love to people is rather odd. He is the essence of all people and it is only we who try to keep Him apart from us. The meaning of meditation in the heart is to feel the presence of the Divine in the heart. There is only one way and that is the way to see Him in all and all in Him. We should endeavour to see and feel unity in all existence and that is the beginning of spiritual life. Sadhana is not just meditating. It includes cleaning, 9 p.m. prayer, bed time prayer and also following the commandments of the Master.

4. Fortunately I am quite regular for weekly individual sittings and also for both Wednesday & Sunday Satsanghs. I generally experience absorption. Some times, I feel compassion towards people known (including Abhyasis) to me.
Compassion and love if they are real are universal and not restricted to known and related persons.

5. More settled feeling. There is an attitude that Master always loves us.
Master loves all. He appealed love Him who loves all. It is our part that needs to be played and I do not think He is requiring our certification.

More on Love:

1. The love of the Master is such that he is always with us and our duty lies in making persons love Him who loves all.

2. Love Him and that would enable you to love all. Loving Him is not that difficult if you forget yourself while loving.

3. I never knew you were a participant in the chit lake program at Narsingapuram. There are more tigers in us than at Tirupati; you were worried about the tiger all because of your value to your own body. Develop love to Master and all fear melts out.

4. The love of the Master is such that he is always with us and our duty lies in making persons love Him who loves all.

5. AS a great lamented the greatest tragedy in this World is for us to stand before God and cry that God does not know we love Him. This is the extent to which our self centredness can go and that is what happens in the case of all persons who seem to cry that they do not get what they deserve. Eric From made a classic statement when he said “Immature love says: 'I love you because I need you. ‘Mature love says 'I need you because I love you.’” There can be no inadequacy in true love and development of this happens not because of child hood experiences but maturing in spirituality. In such a true love the smallest distance is too great, and the greatest distance is easily bridged. As Dr. K.C.V. puts it “I agree that I do not know whom to love, and that I want of God the capacity to love.” I agree that not being loved is worse but to feel that I cannot love God is a pathetic anti climax. If we are unfortunately not loved by others including those who ought to in our childhood, we can follow the advice of the Buddha

“Love yourself and be awake- Today, tomorrow, always.
First establish yourself in the way, Then teach others, And so defeat sorrow.
To straighten the crooked You must first do a harder thing- Straighten yourself.
You are your only master. Who else?
Subdue yourself, And discover your master.”


1. I visited shirdi shrine with my family and wherin I did not do my sadhana properly. I regret for the same.
I do not know the purpose of the visit. I had never been there and as a matter of simple discipline I do not go to places not connected with my Master. It is necessary that we travel light in our path these types of loads make our movement too slow.

2. Even though wanted to make the Will strong, it is becoming weak in Spirituality. Kindly help me.
There is nothing will in spirituality and will in materiality. Will is will only and it is the capacity of the disciplined mind.

3. I must say that it was one of the rare times where I was not doing a practice, but offering prayer.
Regularity in practice is not to be confused with rigid compliance. Flexibility without losing the core discipline is the way. Your being in Prayer is itself a great and wonderful meditation.

More on Discipline:

1. Your meditations are of expectations rather than just yielding to the Master. Expectancy or anticipation of any condition during meditation is a positive hindrance to derive the maximum benefit. Disciplining the mind is your task and this can be done effectively when the goal is clear before your eyes and you attend to the cleaning procedures strictly.


1. From the last month, before starting any meditational practice, I am consciously attempting to orient to your kind self.
Orientation can happen only when there is close intimacy in the thoughts and thought patterns. If you are thinking about this poor and insignificant person to whom you are trying to consciously orient it may not be wisdom. Orientation in consciousness covers essentially the sub conscious and conscious levels. When matured it can be in super consciousness also. If you are consciously in orientation with me and my thoughts many lapses would not have occurred.

More on Orientation:

1. Try to focus more on the Master rather than yourself and your problems. That will improve your expansion and you would be moving towards Unity of Being.

2. The realms of the Brahmand are very vast and it takes time to cover the distance. But for that you need to be more Master oriented and less of self orientation.

3. Orientation to Master is not any conscious activity- it should be something that sustains you always at the sub conscious level.

4. It is not that much of our effort that matters in spiritual progress but the orientation of Master dedicating all that we do as his command that counts. Orientation you have in good measure and you should take positive aspect of all things. Feeling that we are deficient in any manner is not correct. 5. Keep your orientation to the goal steady and refuse to be entertained and entangled in things of lesser importance.


1. I am happy to be quite focussed in sadhana and the predominant feeling is utter helplessness and dependency on Master. I seem to understand the reassuring words of the Master that `Spirituality is my responsibility, as practice is your responsibility' better. A sense of expectancy from the Master for the effort put by me has disappeared from my thought. ‘He knows better’, is the state of mind. Now I carry on with the wisdom that let me do my abhyas and not to worry about the result.
That is some sense in all that. But there is a lurking idea that He will take care of spirituality. The quotation is not very appropriate for this occasion. Your feelings border on ‘let things happen as it should do and I shall do mine. {However the thought behind this is not that simple for the quotation has expectation behind it}

2. I contemplate on the topics and presentation of the same to a newcomer. I am confident of presenting the core of almost all topic. I feel the topics. I must improve a lot on presenting stages of progress. I will be conducting the training program for @8 Hrs including 2 guided meditations. Lately there is not much response for the training program. But I continue to do things necessary to inform about the program.
Genuine efforts never go unrewarded. By preparing for the course you are also improving your understanding of the system. I wish you all the success in this regard.


1. Meditation: (a) I could feel the dynamic nature of the system by way of changing feelings and thoughts over a period of month. (b) Predominant thought is of spiritual nature. The density of the same is of very fine nature. In a calm peaceful state, these thoughts come and go. (c) The most prominent and consistent change is related to strength of “HOLDING to thought”. i.e. Holding in terms of my attention to thought is of feeble nature and this is happening in a very natural manner. Issues that I face / activities that I do in day to day life do come in my meditation. This I call as thoughts of recent nature. Again this is feeble and it reduces further the 2nd day and then disappears. The strength is feeble and the duration is few moments. This lightness reflects itself when I handle these very same issues after I come out of meditation. Issue continues but not its effect. The feeling that this too shall pass of comes often.
These are signs of yielding and this will improve further. Insignificance is one of the states in this context.

More on Yielding:

1. So long as the sadhana goes you need to be less of a doer and that is possible only by yielding to the divine.

2. Total yielding to the Master dedicating all that is in all the five kosas of my being was the result of decades of practice. But I yielded from day one to follow the Masters instructions regarding meditation, cleaning, 9 p.m. prayer and bed time prayer. By yielding that way to the method I think I could become near and dear to my Master.

3. Divine has its own ways and yielding to the Divine is the minimum requirement in spirituality. I am reminded of an old saying “Everything works out in the end. If it hasn't worked out, it's not the end.” Have faith in the Master.


1. I could not do my Sadhana properly for 3 weeks (10 days in July and 1 week in Aug), during this time I was out of country. My mind got attracted to sensuous thoughts, and inclination to do Sadhana was less. Please give me strength to maintain the balance under all circumstances. After return, immediately my orientation was back to normal and my sadhana was back on track.
Determination is the same where ever we are. If you have lapsed into indolence and indulgence it is your choice. I do not see any role for the Master or any other person in this matter. In every issue of Sathya Padamu published by us in the 3rd cover page you will see the opinion of the Master and that is the final word about it. It shall be your duty to gird up your loins and no external help is there in this aspect.

2. I am determined to remove my sloth and be deserving to Master. Kindly bless me and guide me on this path.
The mere intention to be deserving should enable you to become successful in your efforts.

3. Generally calm and peaceful but occasionally tend to flare up when contested by other family members. Basically I am still not rid of my tendency of belittling or even invalidating others & thus invite such situations of disharmony.
When you know your defects you should strive hard to get rid off them. If that is not found effective then you should pray before bed time to Master repenting for the defect and resolve not to commit such mistakes and also seek forgiveness. You can not get rid off anything simply because you wish you should make determined efforts in that direction.

4. I have decided to do my morning meditations at 6:00. I have not been consistent about the time, but I hope to change that.
Determination is the key word for success in any field.

5. I am feeling the gap between my performance spiritually and my aspiration to meet the expectation of Rev Master. When I contemplate on the thoughts of Rev Master as in “Showers of Divine Grace”, I can feel HIS level of expectation. It is then I could feel the GAP in intense manner. I have so much time free with me. Rev Brother, please guide me on how to get out of the tendency to relax as I have explained in point 1 and make myself more useful in HIS work.
You have to progress yourself before you can serve others. You were given permission to work and it is for you to prepare yourself to work. It is determination that matters and I hope you have that. In the quarterly magazine Masters’ suggestion in this regard is published in the 3 cover page. Hope you read it often to firm up your self.

6. With all humility, I apologise to you for not able to live up to your expectations. I deeply regret and repent for my wrong doings, my attitudes/notions and lack of proper orientation due to which I have missed the blessed and sacred opportunity to serve the Master at his feet. Due to my insensitivity, I could not understand the subtle suggestions that were conveyed to me which have prevented me from expressing my willingness to serve Master as his servant at his feet. I am deeply sorry and repentant for hurting you and my parents.
Sloth and indolence are essentially characteristics of Matter. Once we yield to it there is no scope of advance in spiritual life. You have realized your mistakes and that should be enough. It is necessary that there is a definite determination not to repeat the mistakes and again seek pardon. I do hope that you have such a determination. Bondages of any type and by any name have to be got rid off. Thinking some such bondages can also help you in sadhana is not correct. One can show the path but the actual travel has to be done by the aspirant only. As for help and assistance you have that in plenty. Make haste before it is too late and gird up your loins.

7. Generally calm and peaceful but occasionally tend to flare up when contested by other family members. Basically I am still not rid of my tendency of belittling or even invalidating others & thus invite such situations of disharmony.
When you know your defects you should strive hard to get rid off them. If that is not found effective then you should pray before bed time to Master repenting for the defect and resolve not to commit such mistakes and also seek forgiveness. You can not get rid off anything simply because you wish you should make determined efforts in that direction.

8. More time spent praying HIM to make me eligible to attain my Goal of having complete oneness with HIM.
Read the chapter on Faith in the book of Reality at Dawn to understand more on this subject. All are eligible to realise but few are determined. To get determined is the duty of the aspirant and seeking help of Master in this aspect serves no useful purpose. It is one of the notions we have got from our ritualistic tradition. Better develop faith in yourself first.

9. Morning Mediations: But the days I was able to do it there was a feeling of presence of MASTER, absorption, vibration, deep quiet and being unmindful of the thoughts arising during meditation.
Good but Delhi is far off as the saying goes. Perseverance in the path is the method and determination is your instrument.

10. There was regular taunting from relatives and wife. As I am not known to adhere to anything for long, keeping up serious practice that our system requires became more difficult.
One has to go through these taunts and rebukes when one chooses to tread a path that is less trodden. That is a part of sadhana. Surely you require courage and determination and that you will have in plenty when you trust in the Master and his path.

11. I am unable to tolerate my own spiritual indiscipline and I have failed to back my intentions with the necessary efforts due to sloth. I seek forgiveness for my mistakes and I will definitely improve my efforts in following the practices and reading Master’s works.
My best wishes and Masters blessings are always there. Learn to be determined.

12. One feeling I remember was a strong feeling to love all irrespective of anything. I am striving but lapses point out its not easy. My trainer advised Loving the Master and sincerity in 9:00pm prayer help us.
That is good. Methods are there but it is determination that matters

13. My goal for the month is to minimize variation in when I sit for morning meditation, and read literature 1 hour every day.
Please do note that your determination to do sadhana should precede any help from others in the path.

More on Determination:

1. Convert anger into determination and your task becomes easier.

2. It is good Viveka to know our failures and shortcomings and it would be greater wisdom to be determined to follow the injunctions of the Master. Your nature is pure and it shall be your duty to keep it pure. If this is understood you can get the necessary fillip to do sadhana with greater determination. Dedicate your life to the Master and then see the effect of that determination in your sadhana.

3. Kindly study the article on Determination by the Master. As you sow so you reap is the old saying.

4. Determination is the key for success in any field. If we have to justify our human existence we need to follow the Commandments and I am happy you are trying your best in this regard. Prayer is the means we are left with when we seem to fail in our efforts. And that is human etiquette also.

5. I may say that when one wishes to attain something, one should begin by assigning total priority to the matter upon which ones’ attention is fixed. It is necessary to think that it is absolutely necessary to attend to the object of ones’ interest exclusively and that the focus on the goal is a matter of do or die.


1. Noted in my diary that deepest impressions are caused by Fears, Desires and notions of duty from our societal upbringing. In deep meditations, these do not seem to exist or bother, but whenever there is imbalance these seem to come back to forefront.
Impersonal presentations do not help me to suggest ways and means nor arrive at a method by which I can attend to the work. Fear as a rule comes when there is lack of faith in the Master and oneself. I think you should read the literature more carefully. The manner of formation of samskaras have been dealt with extensively and there is no different manner in which your samskaras got formed.

2. Felt disturbed during the meditation due to vague fears of death in the subconscious. The mind could not settle as I was proceeding on tour.
This shows attachment to body and also lack of faith in Master. This is a problem of non development of Vairagya.

More on Faith:

1. Everything happens according to divine will. Trust and faith in the Master as the all guiding principle in life is very important for us as sadhakas.

2. Determination and single pointed orientation to the Goal will give the necessary courage and also deal with the problems at home more holistically. Faith in Master and Faith in the Good is all that we have to cultivate.

3. Faith: Flight or fight; these are two are natural reactions of the lower nature of mind or animal mind. Faith in Master throws out both these emotions provided the faith is unflinching in every respect of the term. Effort done on point A meditation would be highly useful.


1. During the sitting, I felt a new kind of openness before Master for the first time. I can’t quite describe that feeling. It is as though my self was all revealed before Him and there was supplication, submissiveness, naturalness, smoothness, closeness and even innocence.
Nakedness before Master is one of the high states in sadhana;

More on Openness:

1. The work of the Master is towards more openness and expansion and that is possible only having the attention on the upper portion of the chest and this is an old yogic truth. From Anahata (heart centre) to Visuddha (throat centre) is the game of organic life.


1. In general in free times, my mind seems at rest, a blank almost. At one social meeting I could overhear talk about career, power etc and it seemed to catch my attention. Next two days my morning meditation were full of anger & competition. It subsided after a few days. However at another similar social meeting I felt at rest and with the Master.
Titiksha or forbearance is some thing that we develop as we progress in the path. You are doing fine in this regard.

2. I was severely tested by my own sister. She made a big emotional mountain about a very small miniscule problem. The shock put me in a speechless condition. Absolutely no words came out of me. I remained patient and dealt the situation firmly in calm manner. I prayed and submitted to Rev Master during these days all my feelings truthfully. I also noted that I dealt the situation without attachments.
Tolerance and Fortitude are tough lessons in spiritual life of the aspirant. It is good that you are learning them well.

3. I feel I need to develop more tolerance. Sometimes I get irritated with others’ priorities over some things.
Judge not lest ye be judged is an old proverb.

More on Tolerance:

1. Tolerance and forbearance have their own rewards. Trust in the Master and in the method are essential and things will happen as per His will. In our system we do not try to change the circumstances but mould ourselves according to it. Our system does not aim at curing anything but gives enough strength to develop higher states of consciousness.

2. Trials and tribulations are part of grhasta life. Tolerance, patience and fortitude and a host of such qualities are learnt only in the school of life and not in schools.

3. For a grhasta the problems, trials and tribulations in life are the penances and one needs to endure the same with fortitude and forbearance.


1. Concerning the feeling of connection inside, it is something there, into the heart. When I feel it, I can meditate. It is a feeling that guides me.
That is not proper. Meditation has to be done in a sincere way whether we feel anything or not. Because meditation is a time when we wait on Master/God and we cannot put conditions for the same. It also takes for granted your capacity to judge whether there is connection or not. All that you possibly can know is in the physical plane and about the astral plane where all spiritual work is done (which over a period of time percolates to the physical plane) unless one is sensitive enough very little is known. And note no one knows fully in the realms of God.

2. Satsanghs: I have mixed experiences during the Satsanghs. Some times absorbed and in some times disturbed from thoughts.
Only when you are stagnant you will have the same scene. Since you always moving in this path you will perhaps never get the same experience. Further in satsangh as in other meditational practices we are to be in a waiting mode and accept what ever comes.

3. While I strive to keep the goal clear, restlessness as in feeling of a drowning man is not there. On some days after satsang, I get this feeling of restlessness. To that extent I must own the restlessness.
Only when you are drowned you will feel drowned; imaginary drowning is of no consequence. Learn to wait for development of the conditions within.

4. Varied between settled, many thoughts, some days struggled with if I am meditating right. On some occasions thoughts of gratitude. Trainer rightly corrected me the method is given, you are following it right, there is no reason to monitor or doubt if I am doing it right.
Obviously you are not ignoring the thoughts but are entertaining them. You should follow the method as given. In this system of sadhana there cannot be any struggle with the thoughts: suppose there is divine light in the heart and continue to be in a waiting mood ignoring all the thoughts and ideas that crop up. It is better you read the articles of Rev. Babuji Maharaj on meditation carefully and also the article on Control of mind.

5. Krishnashtami: Thought of His pervasiveness in the morning. (a) Morning satsang: Feeling of Chit lake being attended Restlessness on account of thoughts related to self. Calm after satsang. (b) Afternoon: Brief moments of nothingness. Later Sadhana felt as an endevour to participate in His work than as a reason for individual spiritual growth. (c) Evening satsang: Steady and still feeling.
Orientation to the Masters is a separate subject and one needs to go into the consciousness deeper and deeper. For your information Chit Lake or any other specific point is never attended to during Celebrations of Masters’ birthdays. We need to develop an attitude of waiting with reverence through out. It is not generally Nothingness that is felt during these auspicious days but ONE NESS of Divine expression with the accompanying grandeur, beauty and harmony.

6. Rev.Babuji Celebrations: May 18 morning: There were periods of dry condition. Felt like current passing throughout the body. Feeling that nothing was happenning kept creeping in pulling out of the dry condition. Was getting in and out of the condition constantly.
I do not understand what you mean by ‘dry’. You experienced Pranahuti and what more drama were you expecting? In the celebrations our attitudes should be one of waiting and not anticipating. If you mean by the word ‘dry’ non emotional calm state of mind it is something to be glad about.

7. Attended Satsanghs conducted in Hyderabad during 14th to 17th August arranged in connection with Imperience day and Sri Krishna Janmashtami. Felt good absorbency in a few sessions. Felt happy to spend 3 days in such a spiritual environment. Absorbency in Sunday satsanghs continued to be felt at low to medium levels. Difficult to find any apparent reason. It is happening in spite of all sincerity. May be, I need to improve.
Your attitude of classifying meditations as low or medium or good is based on grounds that are purely personal and has no value. First of all you should note that on the days of celebrations one has to be in the attitude of waiting and receive what ever is granted to us. I think you suffer from many ideas borrowed from books or previous knowledge and you are trying to impose them on this system. Read the literature of ISRC carefully and dutifully.

More on Waiting:
1. Every person has a pace and therefore it is a general principle in spiritual life to wait for ripening of the conditions to work further. 2. Sadhaka has to wait or more correctly learn to wait. 3. Excited conditions and expectations are of the nature of the lower mind while waiting and serving are the features of the higher mind. 4. Faith in the self and the Master are paramount in spirituality. You seem to expect some conditions and feel sorry that you do not have them yet. In spirituality we learn to wait and not await.


1. I didn't feel anything special, except quietness.
This sentence underrates the value of Quiet which is the essential characteristic of the divine. The words “anything special except” reveals an expectancy of some other condition. Please learn the lesson of accepting what the divine grants.

2. Since I last wrote, I'm not aware of anything noteworthy to mention, but I wanted to reach out and convey my gratefulness to all that has been bestowed. The one abiding feeling is happiness and joy. Despite all the pain in the world, I am incredibly joyful -- which perplexes me a bit, but I discount it with the thought that things are happening for a reason and ultimately, it is for the best. Nevertheless, I'm aware that I may be rationalizing just to make myself feel better.
I am also happy that you feel happy and joy under all circumstances and are prepared to abide by the will of Master. What better condition in spiritual life can one ask for? Please practice the system and feel its rewards. Please do visit us when you can and remember that your brothers and sisters here will be happy to be with you.

3. I have this impulse lately to do some kind of volunteer activity.
When the time is ripe opportunities arise automatically and the will of Master is the one by which we shall all abide.

4. After meditations, a restless feeling surfaces that I need to do more.
Restlessness after meditations arise mainly due to our not being satisfied with the meditation either in quality or quantum. In either case it is not a happy feeling to have. We should be happy with whatever is the condition accepting that as Masters blessings.

5. I would like to humbly share something. I have been going through changes at office, related to new responsibilities and newer areas to handle adding some stress. I am taking everything as part of my duty. My constant effort to be in remembrance of Master is helping a lot though sometimes I feel overworked and tired. Hope to get work streamlined. I am obliged to get your kind advice.
Bhogam is not confined to the times of meditattion, cleaning, dreams but it extends to areas of family and work place. We have to learn to accept every situation as divine blessings and also accept the role of trusteeship in all walks of life. You are progressing and fast at that. Faith is most important and that you have.


1. I feel the need for service & sacrifice but I have been dragging my feet & feeling the pull of my attachments.
Wish and Will are in entirely different planes.

2. I obviously didn't understand everything... between the conscience of one's responsibility and the will to surrender to Master's will, I see a sort of contradiction and I don't know what to do. To be responsible or to surrender to Master's will. How may I manage my daily matters in Master's will? How may I be a father, loving and giving some advice, in Master's will? Is it possible or desirable?
When deep within we have surrendered to Master then acting according to His will is possible and even necessary. Many times however we think the Will of the Master should be in consonance with our Will and hence the friction. We must do our duty and that is a responsibility that is cast on us; the Divine Will is that we do our duty as a trustee of Master and not in any other relationship. Though this is difficult to practice always that is our goal so far as our daily life is concerned.

3. Pujya Sir, I informed in my previous report that my wife is in family way. Today we found out that the pregnancy is not proceeding and so will be aborted. Revered Master has given us the strength to face the new developments.
I am sorry to note that the pregnancy is not proceeding normally and is being aborted. All is His will. Learn to know that attachments are not sought but what we brought along with us. May Master bless you with courage and confidence to tread the path of the Divine.

4. Daughter's marriage yet to be settled.
Everything happens according to the will of God and one’s own destiny.

Owning up of Condition

1. I have been told that prefect and preceptors can keep the condition of the master. But normal abyasis need to go to sitting for keeping the spiritual condition. Off cause prefect need the same practice but they do not need the same attention since they have the gift to transmit?
Whether it is a prefect or Preceptor or an aspirant every one has to own up the conditions gained during meditations. In the case of Prefects and Preceptors there is a lively connection with the person who has permitted to work. Such a connection is not there in the case of aspirants. But if the introduction was done properly by the prefects/ preceptors namely diverting the flow of thought energy from the L level to U and the diversion of some portion of thought energy from U to Atman point and the connection was given to the master of the order the aspirants also will have the connection to the master continuously.

2. I humbly submit the diary synopsis of my sadhana for your kind perusal and guidance. I did not submit the diary synopsis for last so many weeks, a lapse for which I seek your kind pardon. Last few months of sadhana have passed without much clarity and proper focus on my part. For this state of mine I feel totally helpless and at times very depressed.
The concept of goal clarity was not well understood earlier and that is the probem. If one is determined to reach the goal clarity and focus will always be there but efforts may be lacking due to circumstances in life. Even then if the priorities are there fixed properly there should be no problem. To say you feel helpless and depressed after having moved considerably in the path is mainly because of NOT OWNING UP THE CONDITIONS GIFTED. How can any one who knows and feels the presence of the Master in the heart feel helpless or depressed? It amounts to if I may say blasphemy.

More on Owning up of condition:

1. Kindly be oriented to the sitting and note the condition during and after meditation. That alone can help you to own up your condition.

Feeling the Presence of the Master

1. For some days felt yearning/restless and past few days feeling very light most of the day. Feeling simply happy and content to feel the presence of Rev. Master. I feel as if I do not have to search for the presence of Master in my heart. He is there all over. Felt real happiness lies in expressing Divinity and sharing this unique happiness around us.
Raja yoga is different from Vedanta. God is everywhere but to realise Him as such we have to dive deep into our heart and feel Him within. Do not change the methods of meditation and make conclusions which have been arrived at by elders of the tradition in a casual manner. Meditate as advised if you seek to know the reality of the matter in this path.

2. Sometimes I feel lightness during meditation. I am able to hold my thought on divine light some times and sometimes not. Quite few times I had the thought that there is a common binding in all the human beings I feel calm after meditation. Sometimes I feel the master's presence.
What you have written is good by itself and you should be grateful to Master that you feel his presence now and then. That is a remarkable progress in a mind that is tuned to worldly matters.

More on feeling the presence of the Master:

1. If the Lord is not sought in the heart I think any search externally will be of no avail. When we search for Him in the heart what does it matter that we do so in Church or Synagogue or Mosque or Temple or Ashram?

2. Regularity of practice achieves the desired results sooner. Try to be attentive to the presence of the Master in your heart all the time and make this your past time. This method of constant remembrance is easier and even superior to other methods which are also good.


1. This time I had to travel to many places. It did affect my sadhana schedule unlike the previous visits. Next time I will arrange my trips in such a way, that my sadhana will not be affected. I apologize and seek your pardon for these lapses.
All that is required is humility and proper orientation.

2. Thoughts about Rev Lalaji’s words “Center is Yawning towards circumference” did come during contemplation. Sometimes during meditation with awareness I felt heart was filled up with deep calmness with absolutely no disturbance. I felt Rev Master has taken over my heart at such moments. This I clearly felt as HIS grace and love and the above words of Rev Master came to me upon contemplation later. I clearly understand the more I yield, the more I can feel of HIS grace. HIS grace is always there every moment but I only have to yield more. It is HIS grace that enabled me to meditate. I did not do anything which can be called my effort.
That is fine and this is in the region of humility. Though the region itself is far off you are having reflected condition of that due to your effort and His blessings.

3. Attitudes: On observation during being silent and calm, the following were observed. I seek guidance from your kind self in improving these qualities further. (a) There is a vast improvement in the feeling of “Transitory nature of life”, but unresolved issues like the court case about the plot etc. are causing hindrance in improving further. (b) The attitude that I can plan or manage things on my own, is causing a problem in stabilising in feeling the “Omni Presence of Master”. (c) Attachment to spouse is causing a hindrance in further development of trusteeship. (d) Though compassion and empathy are there but the feeling that they have to develop further is felt.
It is all about self praising. Unless you come out of the thinking that you know everything and what you do is correct always such progress in humility cannot be achieved. You may think what ever you like but the fact remains that you are attached to dhana, dhara and putra. Do not confuse the concept of trusteeship to do anything with these attachments in the manner in which you have.

4. So far during meditations/satsangs whenever I felt expanded, I used to enjoy the physical sensations. Now I understand that it is expansion of consciousness and an opportunity for us to live in upper plane, I feel gratitude with humility. These days I feel I am knowing about our system with a fresh start and a new understanding.
It is good that you understand that the expansion that we talk about is expansion in consciousness and not anything connected with the physical. Learning is a never ending process and those who continue to learn are embodiments of humility- one of the essential characteristics of a good sadhaka.

5. I have been regular with the point A and bedtime prayer. There has been some improvement but still I see lot of room to grow in this aspect.
Humility is a virtue that develops after a lot of repentance which itself is caused by the awareness of our misdeeds. Give more importance to the night time prayer.

6. On observation, I had been doing sadhana most of the times in a mechanistic way than with my heart into it. The love and devotion part of it was way below what is required, if not zero. I have been trying to make amends over the past one month.
What were you doing and that is important to note than whether it is mechanical or otherwise. You neither state the problem nor the solution you have applied. What is this type of report and what am I supposed to say on that. You make a stupid statement that your love to Master is about Zero. Do you think that is humility; I consider it height of arrogance.

7. Have been regular attending Satsanghs. Feeling deep silence. Once the feeling that I should fall at everybody’s feet was there for quite some time, felt very humble.
Humility arises only when one understands the lapses, repents, seeks forgiveness, develops meekness, gets subdued. The idea of falling at the feet of devout is a condition of surrender to all in the universe. I do not think you are any where near that condition.

More on Humility:

1. So long as we learn the lessons we are in a state of humility and that is good.

2. Humility is good while self pity is not. So long as you know their limits everything is fine.

3. Balance and moderation is our way and I am sure you are firmly grounded in it. There is lot of difference between inferiority and humility. Please develop more humility (which itself is a paradox in expression) and try to dwell in the thought of the Master under all circumstances. As the saint Ramakrishna paramahamsa said “look at the clean wall before you rather than try to locate a few specks of dirt here and there.”

4. I hope you enjoyed the Basanth Celebrations and it must have done some good. From my opinion that should take care of your spiritual needs for some more time. Meditate with sincerity and humility rather than expect something mysterious would happen if you come to me. Bro.Madhu) – 2010

5. Humility is the region one has to have his actions and thoughts.

6. How much more would it be proper to say that “we are conducting the program by the grace of the Master?” In spirituality the most essential feature to be developed by us is humility. After all what is it that we know of the great system of the Master? We are really in the process of sharing and I do not think the word ‘training’ has much meaning. But wisdom comes as we do sadhana and you would be no exception.

7. A system has to be followed fully to obtain the promised results. Your feeling transmission sometimes and not at all times during meditations is the reaction of your system and has nothing to do with the work of the Master. He always does his duty and it is we who do not and we reap as we sow. If our lowliness is established in our mind then we can easily excuse all lapses of others. If you are not accustomed to sky watching please try to do that so that we understand our lowliness in the universe.