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Common Meditational States of Mind



1. Felt jerks during meditations.
These are common during meditation and are indicative of some knots or complications in psyche being loosened.

2. During the sittings lot of jerks were felt and got absorbed, I could also feel the flow of transmission from the trainer.
Jerks are sure signs of getting loosened in our knots and that helps us in our march.

3. Felt the intensified vibrations all thru my body for the entire duration.
This is Ajapa and when you by the grace of Master move into Brahmand mandal you will have the experience of Anahad.

4. Vibratory Sensation: Not sure what to report.
It is common for aspirants to feel the vibrations at different parts of the body like Occipital prominence, the spine, the heart, the ajna chakra etc.,

5. A string jerk was felt one time near the heart.
I think you mean a strong jerk. Jerks are common and you need not bother about them. They are only indications of some dirt and grossness being removed.

6. During satsangh I had deep absorption but had the feeling of extreme awareness internally. No disturbance from the external factors. I felt jerks in the body, happening 5 or six times, whenever I had a thought appearing. It was not affecting the absorption. Is it because of defect in the cleaning process. Sometimes I used to feel that the cleaning process is not satisfactory.
Experience of jerks is common both during meditation and cleaning processes. If you feel the cleaning process is not effectively done then do as you are advised and not as you think. This type of feeling that something is not perhaps alright is a very peculiar form of ego and doership. Please study the system properly and then put questions.

7. Felt the intensified vibrations all thru my body for the entire duration.
This is Ajapa and when you by the grace of Master move into Brahmand mandal you will have the experience of Anahad.

8. Strong spiritual force is rarely felt. The spiritual force is felt more as a very light and sometimes blissful flux, and rarely as a pressure or an electric vibration.
Feeling of force, power or vibration happens only when there is friction; so when the condition has become natural we donot feel them. Obstruction alone makes the flow felt by us. This is ofcourse a recurrent phenomena in spiritual life.


1. During the rest of the week-end, I was in a rather unusual state, it was as if I was in another planet; I was in the world, I did what I needed to do, and at the same time I was not in the world... I don't know if it will be possible for you to understand; to be more precise, I would like to explain that I did the same things than before but a great part of my self was not engaged in what I was doing.
This is what is known as Sahaj Samadhi where we attend to all daily chores and duties in an orderly fashion without much of an attachment to them. But this is only a taste and not the final condition. By the grace of the Master that day will also come.

2. There has been learning over the month that one should "naturally" get absorbed in the heart and no force should be used. It has become so much easier thereafter to stay put at the heart. I am starting to ignore the thoughts, though sometimes by the time I realize, it has consumed some of the precious moments of my meditation.
The three letters of Om, A U M has also a half a letter ‘hum’. The first letter grants us wisdom regarding the conscious activities and is called Vaiswanara, the second one U relates to the dream like state during meditation which comes under the name Taijasa and the third letter M is where there is simple consciousness and is called Prajna. During our meditations we do go through all these states and it is but natural. The fourth state is called Turiya which we experience due to the grace of the Master everyday when we meditate. We would like to live in that state but that is not natural.

3. Periods of void are being felt occasionally. I do feel as if the mind has gone off to sleep and there is some blankness thereafter.
This is the fourth state which I mentioned (else where as Turiya). But to confirm that you should be able to feel lightness and peace and any weight on the heart is not indicative of this state.

4. Sometimes I do lose the track of time during meditation. One hour just passes in a few minutes.
Happy to hear that you get into a state of absorbency often and that is what is needed.

5. Meditations were centered and absorbing on many occasions.
On what were they centred? In what thought you were absorbed are the questions to be answered if you want to progress. Neither lull nor torpor is absorption.

6. Absorbency: Felt during the entire session, unaware of time.
If you put the question to yourself ' in what am I absorbed' you may derive more insight into your true condition. Read the literature well so that you get the necessary vocabulary to express your feelings.

More on absorption:

1. It is highly gratifying that both of you are absorbed during meditation in the thought of the Master and time flies past. Awareness of the Master without any excitement or emotion is a very desirable state and I am happy you have such a state.

2. Your reports are good but it is not desirable that you continue to meditate after the individual sitting is over. You must have, I presume got absorbed and were not aware. Being aware is the sine-qua-non of good meditation. Be aware of the benevolent Babuji always whatever you including meditation.

3. Samadhi is of different kinds. Broadly it consists of two types called Samprajna (conscious) and Asamprajna (non conscious but yet in Turiya or the fourth state). Samprajna consists of Vitarkanugata (discursive thought), Vicharanugata (discriminative thought), Anandanugata (productive of happiness) and Asmitanugata (awareness of self). This is the classification in Rajayoga. In Asamprajna Samadhi of the letter Om it is the fourth syllable that is imperienced. (A, U, M are the three letters and the fourth is the unexpressed 'hum') I may assure you these are matters of imperience in Yoga and not philosophical discussions. As a matter of fact in our system when one reaches the condition of Anahad after Ajapa this is felt through the system.

Service and Sacrifice

1. Training program in July could not be held as there was no attendance. Next training program will be held on August 20th and there is one registration already.
Perseverance always yields success.

2. Most of time get thoughts connected with the master but sometime get thoughts of welfare of people and how can help them.
Helping others is our fraternal obligation. This help should be both in the material and spiritual planes. Spiritual service is superior to material service is what Master always stressed. Further there are many organizations that are involved in material and medical and physical service. We can always support them to the extent we can. But spiritual service is what we should do by praying at 9 P.M. as advised.

3. Difficulties in sadhna: I Need more imperience to improve orientation to serving others and to properly follow the commandments.
Please do not get into intellectual traps. Do your sadhana as prescribed and do not put conditions for the same. First get steady in sadhana and practice the commandments with sincerity and seriousness. Opportunities for service come automatically. If there is light in the lamp it automatically attracts the attention of others.

4. I beg you to help me in developing commitment to reach the goal, to be sincere in my efforts to become regular in my spiritual practices.
One can take the horse to the pond but can never make it drink. I have never failed in my duty to serve you. It is you who expect that I should do your work also which though I may be willing Nature does not permit.

5. Ego, as being judgemental towards others and sense of self seeking gratification is also starkly felt. I earnestly pray that I may never loose sight of Him. Amidst this, rememberance of Master brings heart to a humble and mellow state. Overall, in terms of feelings, I observed that weight of emotion and intellect seems to have reduced and more simplicity is felt.
Avoid this habit of judging others let that task be that of the Master only. If any blemish is observed in others I was told by the Master that I should try to remove that as a service to him. I know it is not easy; I have never found it easy; but that is the injunction of the Master.

6. Today there was a lapse on my part in reaching on time to conduct the Satsanghs. I reached 15 minutes late than the stipulated time. Fortunately other brother was available who after waiting for me till the stipulated time has conducted the Satsangh. I feel extremely apologetic for this lapse of mine and seek your kind forgiveness. I shall ensure that such mistakes are not repeated in future.
A lapse is a lapse and one's own conscience will not forgive if the lapse is with regard to divine duty willingly undertaken. You say you are apologetic and are not using the spiritual word 'repentance'.

7. Since I 'm back from India two things changed in my life: Now i am happy. Deep sadness and depressed desappeared. So everything is lighter and a source of joy. Then, I feel again enthousiasm to do the sadhana and I enjoy serving people. Doing something for others has a new sense for me. Serving Master is a source of joy. So I am more regular with the 9 pm prayer (but I often do it 7 minutes in stead of 15).
All these words give me enormous satisfaction for what ever little we could do for you. Do not bother if you pray only for 7 minutes at 9 P.M. As we progress the time spent on this prayer will increase and such should be fortune for all of humanity.

8. The difficutly is how to continue keeping motivation as Master's service and not fall for short-cut of self. I find sadhana, company of other brothers, the trainer, you and the Master helpful.
The greatest spiritual service that I am aware of is to “Be clean and perfect ourselves”.

9. Feel gross and get disturbed thoughts when people try to exploit ones good behavior.
This is a problem we should learn to live with, without sacrificing our priorities of helping others. We learn as we march in the path.

10. There is continuous introspection. There were some greedy thoughts and at the same time there were feelings of sharing more with of my earnings for the good of others. There is growing concern for others.
Who are these others? The SSS is there doing some work in the field of helping others. Are you planning to do something more than that?

11. After some meditations thoughts were on helping others monetarily and physically by reducing my personal commitments.
Pious intentions are no good. I find our own organisations offer some scope in this direction. Rev. Babuji memorial trust has helped a few to buy houses and another set of few persons prosecute higher education this year.

More on Service and Sacrifice:

1. It is gratifying that you are participating in the work of the Master. Service and sacrifice are the main pillars of spirituality and happy to note that you have them.

2. Serve Him with love and devotion and you become a subject in the Kingdom of God.

3. I am happy that the celebrations are going on well over as it should. Any service to Master gets rewarded sooner or later.


1. Generally calm but occasionally I tend to worry over any failures in doing my sadhana. Up to the first 10 days of June, I had continuous feelings related to devotion / dedication / surrender but later I slipped down.
There must be reasons why this devotedness to Master slipped down. Analyse and then avoid such lapses and then you will be able to stay in the desired condition.

2. During last one month, I have been crying so often both during morning meditation and evening Satsangh, all the while requesting the Master to take me ‘Home’. I am lost and directionless. Only He can guide me and lead me Homewards.
I must say that you seem to be more emotional by nature. We weep when our heart is not capable of taking the feelings and this is not good in spiritual life. It is true every devotee feels like weeping either in thought of being with the Master or being away from Him. But when devotion develops into Prapanna gati things change and further on it is more natural. All these things will come to you as you practice and mature in spirituality.

3. Thoughts of school and some past. Felt it’s a blessing to receive Divine Grace. Felt gratitude for the same. Felt silence and all of a sudden was alert / attentive. Felt reverence, love and longing.
These are signs of the devotion that is maturing in you and you should be happy.


1. My condition nowadays is that of resignation. I feel that I should simply go on and on with whatever I am supposed to do with respect to worldly and spiritual matters, reposing on him, dropping off all my baggage and he will take care of everything (including spiritual progress). In Satsangh recently, I had the thought that Master knows exactly what to do with regards to the mission, I simply need to yield, submit and do my duty. There is more and more of peace and settled-ness in me.
This is not resignation but surrender to Master and that is good.

2. Lot of thoughts pass by, I do not remember any of them. Sometimes I see images but do not remember them. Once feeling of “everything is Thy will” was there. Another time feelings of surrender were there.
The words ‘everything is thy will’ and ‘surrender’ are vague. It has been explained many times the problems are always specific and only when you donot want to communicate the same you use these words. Arjuna surrender due to his inadequacy to decide on matters of dharma, Gaya surrendered to save his life etc., Why these vague thoughts are stated to arise during meditation is not clear to me. Are you suggesting to me that you have given up all efforts and are totally dependant on Him in all matters? Think well and report.

3. I also have had several experiences where I got the sense that I need to surrender. These would come upon me a various points during the day. On one occasion, I was running for exercise and felt tearful and touched by God. Everything I saw was beautiful and I felt blessed.
You are experiencing surrender in this way also. All is for our good only.

4. After meditation I feel settled balanced, calm. These days I feel a lot blessed, gratitude and devoted. A feeling that we are His serfs and here to serve Him.
These are noble thoughts and relate to the field of devotion and piety. When the idea of serf dissolves later then we can say we are in realm of surrender.

5. In 2006, I got more serious and started writing diary almost regularly except for the Month of March. I attend the Bandaras more regularly now and get inspired by the satsang and the Pranahuti I get. By Master's Grace, my wife also joined our system on 08-Apr-06 and now we share one common and beautiful goal: Complete Oneness with Master!
All this is reward for the efforts you put in and as we all know the divine showers many times more than what we really deserve. When this feeling gets established we learn the language of devotion and surrender.

More on Surrender:

1. Entertaining the very good pieces of history is a part of asrayana virodhi bhava and paratva virodhi bhava which are detrimental to keep one on the path of surrender to one and only one Master.

2. Mistakes every one commits and one learns through mistakes only. It is extremely sensitive on your part to know the problem and also solve it. I am confident that with the ever flowing Masters’ grace thanks to the firm connection we have with the Master through the Masters of the order our lapses get condoned and we are sucked into His embrace. Be confident that the goal is very near and you shall surely reach the same. Always be confident to work for the Master as it is He and He alone that gets things done. He is the doer, enjoyer and knower of everything that happens in the life of one who has surrendered to Him.


1. Lately it’s been emotional sometimes after cleaning and during prayer.
Any emotion is feeling which is not contained in the heart that is the heart vessel is small for that state. But constant practice the heart vessels capacity increases and then everything becomes balanced.

2. Thoughts during the day: (a) During the day in worldly life, I face so many situations and deal with others. It is HIS grace alone that has changed and moderated me to face the situations in an appropriate manner. (b) Thought pattern is very light. (c) Thought that everyone is equal and each have their own talents. (d) I am completely happy with whatever Divine has given me in terms of grasping power, brain power, judging power of material situations. I just concentrate on “NOW” and take situations as it is , instead of thinking HOW is should have been. (e) When lapses occur in behavior or any other aspect, I submit immediately to Rev Master.
These are all signs of moderation and balance and that is fine.

3. There was a lot of burden of imagined expectations of my role leading to unnecessary and exhausting effort, mostly mental. This also reduced to a great extent and there is more focus on what I can do given the situation. There is more joy.
What else be a good lesson in moderation.

4. My dependency on Master is increasing as I am going through difficult times at work which sometimes starts affecting health. Accepting everything as His gift.
Dependency is one of the conditions that continues till the end. Dependency in what for what are all many stages. Dependency while doing the work of the Master is a high stage. I am really sorry that your work affects your health. Take everything in due moderation and balance and that is the way for efficiency.

More on Balance:

1. Balance is the way of life and keeping that as your helm you will be able to swim the ocean.

2. You may kindly note that we live in several planes and our thoughts would be related to them only. To balance our living in all the planes remembrance of the Master is the way as he is present in all the planes. So be patient and work towards your goal and all assistance will be forthcoming to you.

3. Peace as you know is not the goal. Reality simple and plain is without any characteristic- it is Null. However peace is the foundation on which it rests. Peace gives us a feeling of being satisfied and satiated. But the real state is one of restlessness and it is a restlessness to maintain the Balance. The more we become Master centred the greater the restlessness. If we are self centred we gain peace and feel rest. I think you may have to use additional space to write about your conditions and confine to the format provided. In our journey to the Infinite we need to shed several layers of consciousness and it is better we are aware as the shedding happens. I donot know whether I am clear.

4. You may kindly note that we live in several planes and our thoughts would be related to them only. To balance our living in all the planes remembrance of the Master is the way as he is present in all the planes. So be patient and work towards your goal and all assistance will be forthcoming to you.

5. Love and heart and go together while rationality and intellect go together. Only when a person repeatedly experiences the sweetness of the heart and starts understanding from the plane of unity as against the plane of the intellect namely diversity, balance gets restored.


1. There were many times when my friends have made fun of the meditation that I am doing but I never felt irritated. I just respond with a smile & take such incidents as tests given by the Master. I also feel that I have developed some patience & tolerance.
There is no dearth of fools of that sort. They neither know the value of life nor the meaning of happiness. They live and move in the realm of the beasts.

2. Recently someone mentioned there’s a lot of change in me and am taking more care of them. I was very happy to hear that as I felt I followed the commandments. After reading an article in Satyapadam I do not feel happy anymore. I feel this change is because of Pujya Master and Master is expressing Himself.
If so what makes you feel that you should not be happy?

3. My sadhana has been irregular from time to time due to physical posture problems, minor health problems, work/ household related disturbances.I am fair in my sadhana. I lack goal clarity mainly due to several worldly things take priority as and when they appear.
You are aware of your lapses and it is upto you to gird up your loins and determinedly seek the goal. Excuses and explanations for the lapses in sadhana and many and plenty and all of them directly or indirectly relate to the pleasure principle that governs all. We need to give up pleasure and seek happiness and then the problem is solved.


1. Morning meditations on 2-3 days during this month were not absorbing. After this, absorbency started rising gradually over the days. By the end of this month absorbency reached quite high level. I had more or less this type of experience for 2-3 times during the earlier years also. (Bro.T.Ramarao) - Sep 2006
You are confused. 27/30 days if you feel absorbed you ought to be grateful but you have complaints about the remaining three days. Funny and terribly irrational thinking. Learn to be grateful. Absorbancy or Laya is had at several levels as we progress in the path. All states of Laya are not the same and comparing one with the other is because you have not analysed in what you were absorbed. Further comparing the Laya states with last year shows that you like to be stagnant and not progress. From a moving train you cannot have the same vision several times.

2. The sitting ended with a thought “Guru is the link between God and disciple”.
This is an elementary consciousness that is there at the first knot of viveka. When an idea has become a condition there can be no awareness of that condition and that is called laya. Laya in the thought that Master is the Link is elementary. It is because of your ego that you feel that you can do something and awareness of such a condition makes you state like this.

More on Laya:

1. You do the work and attribute it to me; the fact is you are doing the work of the Master with love and devotion which amounts to laya avastha in Him. Because of such a laya you are not able to see yourself and remember only the Master.