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Atman and Brahman

1. Felt calm and light. Felt assurance and devoted. Felt thoughts, things come and go but only Atman is permanent. Felt all are one in one Consciousness beyond the body limits.
Atman means at+man that is that which thinks and moves. Brahman means Bru+man that which thinks and grows. Atman gets transformed into Brahman. Atman and Brahman are the worst complicated terms in Vedanta. If Atman does not become Brahman there is no yoga possible. Please read the literature of Master more carefully. If need be attend the course of Introduction.

2. Atman and Bramhan: Is it individual consciousness/ universal consciousness respectively?
Atman means one that thinks and moves and Brahman means that which thinks and grows. This is the greatest explanation to these terms given by Rev. Lalaji Saheb. You can read more in our literature if necessary.


1. In Oct because of a new baby sometimes I had less sleep and felt too tired to sit for my morning meditation. On a few days I could not persist & sit.
The mere fact that you are repeating this point in this mail makes it clear that you are trying to convince yourself about your performance. It is a peculiar twist of ‘ego’.

2. I am unhappy that I have got involved in an activity that is taking away lot of time and energies. I feel I should never get into such projects again. The work on the house is going on and should be complete by 10th of December.
It is said that we can wake up a person who is asleep but no one can wake up a person who pretends to be sleeping. Apply it mutatis mutandis to sadhana and you get your answer. While the lapses are well understood by you, there is however a great ego in you that makes you think you are fit to have his blessings. This type of subtle ego needs to be curbed and hard work has to be put in.

3. During Morning meditation, was disturbed about a thought of helping somebody. After meditation, on analysis, figured out that it was my egoistic feeling that I can do something.
Doing help is not egoism. Thinking that we can do help when in fact we cannot is egoism. How can helping be a disturbing thought? True it is out of place in meditation; but that is not what you are writing. Your sentence smacks of egotistic tendency; try to know all that is, is His.

4. Sometimes had thoughts of some past deeds of relatives. When I contemplated I felt deep down, I still feel angry, for them not being truthful. I felt that there’s a block in me that feels like fighting back and not accept everyone as they are.
All these feelings are not blocks in the sense the Westerns understand. They are the characteristics of the Ego which have a tendency to stick always.

5. On the day of the sitting, when I attend to my purification, the practice is quite different and feeling of lightness way more than on regular days.
There appears to be some excitement and desire for excitement too. Cleaning is one of my routine works and I am happy with the work. Though it must be said that good notions too are rust. Efficiency in work is good but the awareness of its being efficient is one of the problems of the ego. The path in the higher regions is rather steep and every care is required on the part of the trainer as well as the aspirant and that is fortunately so in our case.

6. Now a days, at times I have become quite peevish in behavior. I make determination not to react but I fail, as most of the reactions are spontaneous. In retrospect I feel I have over reacted, over involved in unnecessary matters and have developed a very critical outlook. I have reported some of the things to you during my last sitting and since then I feel much better.
All these are symptoms of Ego in different kosas. Love the Master and stop loving your petty self.

7. Is it possible that a person is spiritually in an advanced state but his social behavior can still be influenced by prejudices? When we talk about 9th Commandment, can we say that a spiritually advanced person radiates energy such that people around him (in a certain radius depending on the extent of advancement of the person) think about Divinity, but his social behavior can still be influenced by prejudices.
Your question needs to be formulated better. When we say spiritually advanced person we are talking in a very broad manner. You are aware that there are stages in our spiritual advancement. In a person who has merged in the Master the question of prejudices does not arise. Again what we mean by prejudice has to be clear. Prejudice per se is grossness and ego and is a barrier in spiritual life. Whether a person is advanced or not prejudice is something that has to be eschewed.